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Talking about my TBI

Thanks to a 'phenomenal' recovery and support from the Wellcome trust i am due to speak at a number of events around the country about the cause and effects of my TBI. People have been kind enough to say that they found the talk helpful and entertaining and i'd love it if some of those that read this site could get along to hear me speak.

My talk is called 'what's going on in his head?'

I'll be doing the following dates:

29 June 13.55 Lancashire science festival, Preston lancashiresciencefestival.c...

16th July 19.30 Addenbrookes clinical school, Cambridge

19th July Cardiff science festival, Cardiff

10th September 15.00 British science festival, Newcastle britishscienceassociation.o...

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Wld ave lvd to. But i live in newport so i cnt get to any of them.but well done doing it


Thanks ricozoe. Cardiff your closest i guess.


Perhaps they might produce a podcast when the tour is done? It would be interesting to hear the talk


now that is a good idea, and even if they dont, then i think skipper53 may be able to record it via a webcam from home, and cover the same things their speech was about, i think that would help a lot of people


Good for you -glad to see someone who experienced TBi making

others more aware of the problems! Have you thought about addressing

medical students/nursing students etc at colleges and uni's as i am

sure it would give them more of an insight? Preston is my closest but am away

on that date!


Have a date to talk to students later in the year and hope to do a bit more of this. I am looking into possibility of getting the talk on video too. This is my job as well as a personal passion so i have to be a bit careful about giving stuff away. 28 months on and man it feels good to be able to do this stuff


Where in Newcastle is this event being held? I would love to come along to hear you!


Newcastle show is at Northern Stage and will be followed by a panel discussion with some leading neurosurgeons and rehab consultants. Details will appear soonish on the british science association website


Thank you for the information, I'll definitely be there to hear you!


get someone to video you,and post for those of us that are still house bound,thank you and good luck xxx


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