Weight gain since my TBI

I was in a RTA 10 years ago, since then I have gained 10 kilo's in 10 years. I have been to see an endocronologist and my blood has been tested for many different conditions and all of my results were 'normal'.

I saw my GP this week, we chatted about my weight issue, it seems that my metabolism has changed since my TBI. I asked him if my metabolic rate could be tested, he said it was not possible :-(

Am I unique with this issue?

If not PLEASE tell me of you experiences.

I am hoping I am not alone

Take care

Helen Xx

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Not alone. I put on a stack of weight but it was because I didn do as much activity due to being to tired all the time. It was also due to gabapentin but I got that changed to lyrica and it was better. I am over weight by about 2stone. I am a bit more active now because I'm on my feet for longer each day.

I think it might be down to getting older too, either way it's stable now so not too worried.


I get tired fairly quickly so I don,t do the exercise that I did do, so I have put on a good few pounds.


I have put 5 kilos on in 2 years I put it down to my inability to exercise. I used to be on my feet all day in my job, now all I do is sit all day if the weathers bad, a short walk, 1-2 miles if it's ok and then if I'm not too exhausted. I'd swim most days but for the trip to the pool, if I have to take public transport I'm too exhausted when I get there, don't know what the answer is.


Hi Helen, nothing to do with my BI a year ago, but I was diagnosed about 10 years ago as having an underactive thyroid - hyper - or hypo thyroidism, can't remember which one I have - but was about mid-fifties, had gone through menopause, stopped smoking and was treated for depression (put on Prozac) so any one or all combined could have contributed. Menopause 1st, plus weight increase depression 2nd, (spent a lot of time sitting around but not eating much) stopped smoking still no increase in food intake initially but could then taste the flavour and ate more of a meal than I left, weight still increasing and then diagnosed with thyroid problem but Thyroxine didn't help stop increase.

Not till I arrived in France 6 years ago did a doctor here monitor me regularly and has adjusted my dose over the years so the regular blood tests have helped him do that. In UK was a once a year blood test, phone for result - was told it was ok. never saw the doctor and lived on repeat prescriptions only!

When I had my BI, over the months I totally lost my appetite and have gone from 13st - 83kg Jan 2013 down to 55kg last September - 2 weeks ago was weighed again and am now 61kg and have dropped from 20-22 UK size sown to approx size 14. Its inches and bulk I've lost a lot of - not surprising as have spent months living on Weetabix. I've also had a lot of stress over the year, a lot of which has almost gone . in recent weeks due to other life-changing factors I've got sorted- but like the others didn't exercise much if at all - but weight loss does help the knees and hips more when walking. I've added to the weetabix and suddenly developed a craving for mars bars and/or chocolate biscuits. In the last 2 weeks I have actually cooked 3 dinners for myself, small portions that I still don't finish but at least the appetite is improving.

I'm sorry your doctor is discounting other possibilities - its your blood perhaps needs testing it won't give you a metabolic 'rate but will give an indication of what your thyroid levels are. So just ask yourself about your age and the other factors I mentioned, I'm not saying they are the cause in your case but you wanted the nuts and bolts and there they are. I hope you manage to find an answer and get some tests done. Shirley xx


My wife had her tbi 3 years ago and went from a size 12 to a 14. Trying to build up her stamina is very hard due to tiredness, balance problems and scoliosis. Recently been looking into "Be Fit and Be Active" (Google them), they do "Sit and Be Fit" exercises too, aimed at the less mobile. They did a taster session at my carers group and it was amazing how much of a workout you can get.


Join a walking group like the 'Walking for Health' walking group within City Council. There's about 36 walks all over Bristol. As it's certainly helped me as they do varied lengths and suitable for abilities for walking pace. Check out the Bristol Walk for Health walks in my area then check out your area when you can see what is available to offer... bristol.gov.uk/page/health-... they offer led walks by trained walk for health walk leaders and also have have measured routes for you to explore on your own. bristol.gov.uk/page/health-... Good luck.


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