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Applying for group 2 licence after a TBI


Hi, last year I suffered a TBI after a fall down some steps, after a few weeks in hospital I went home where I made a full recovery, I had my car licence revoked for 6 months which I now have back. I recently applied for a group 2 licence but was refused in the grounds that I may be above a 2% risk of having a seizure, I have never ever had a seizure and it has been over 12 months since my accident, my GP says she can't write a letter as it is too specialist for her and I have written to my consultant asking for a letter, has anyone else had this trouble? How did you get on? Is there some sort of independent test or assessment I can do to show I am below a 2% risk per annum? It has been 15 months now and like I said I have never had a seizure, many thanks

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I guess the question is how are they working out that your above 2%?

Epilepsy is fairly common after a brain injury though the risks demise with time.

I suspect giving the medical DVLA number a ring to clarify.

Hi, thanks for the reply, trust me I have been on the phone many times, apparently they came to that conclusion because the box that asks have you suffered a TBI in the last ten years was ticked yes (as it should be) that was enough to say I'm above a 2% risk..........

sadly having a BI and a TBI in particular increase the risk of Epilepsy is increased above normal population, if DVLA are using 10 years to, assume a over 2% risk that is going to be difficult to argue, Need to find out the exact reason if it's simply a TBI within 10 years.

I spoke with them today again, it is just the risk factor within ten years however they have now said that a letter saying that my consultant has reasonable belief that I am at 2% or below and to also say that to date I have never had a seizure will be good this space

Hi, sorry for the late info but thought you may be interested, so, apparently the average person is based on a risk of 1% of having a seizure (that is everyone) after having a head injury they put you up to above a 2% risk, % risk going higher based on the injury, any open brain surgery or any surgery intervention would put you on a 10 year ban from applying for a group 2 licence, mine wasn’t due to the fact I have haemophilia so no intervention was taken (I guess in this case it did me a favour) so no surgery means no ban, my private consultant and the nhs consultant both agreed I was no more risk than the average person 1% or below, therefore was granted my group 2, I have also just passed my theory with 94% pass 😀😀😀😀

Ooh well done on the theory test! I’m old enough that that there wasn’t much of a theory test!

Can understand their stance as I had the first seizure I've ever had 11mths after my TBI. Suspect it depends on the exact type of injury your brain encountered so should be down to a Neuro expert to support you. Good luck & Merry Christmas.

After many many months and many letters I have finally been given my group 2 on my licence!!!!!

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