Subarachnoid haemorrhage

After my post of part 1 hospital, I have just finished part 2 family & friends. This Vlog is to raise awareness, give information and to show hope for a serious illness. Please see the link, I would appreciate it if you could view, like and share to help others. Part 2

@KavitaBasi: #subarachnoidhaemorrhage #familyandfriends #illness #part2 #vlog

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  • Hi Kavita,

    Your story is both heartbreaking & inspiring in equal measure!

    I am 3/4 of the way through part 1 (strictly has come on.. Sorry!) ;)

    Big hugs

    Emma x

  • Please do share it to raise awareness. Hope you enjoyed strictly!

  • Hi Kavib,

    What a beautiful video, inspiring and spiritually strong. Iv now learnt what a shunt is and my heart goes out to you and your family. Keep strong and have a wonderful day. XX N

  • Thank you but please do share it to raise awareness and I'm currently working on part 3 my recovery and hopefully it will help someone. X

  • Hi Kavita,

    Thankyou for sharing. Bless you and all your wonderful family,

    Angela x

  • Thank you please do share to raise awareness as I hope it helps someone....

  • Please do watch the Vlog 3 if you have time:

    This final Vlog part 3 is to show my days of recovery as a video diary. It reflects the obstacles and difficulties that I faced and what helped me personally. Please view, like and share to raise awareness.

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