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Need advice on how to move Mum


Hello, this is my first post.

Mum has Normal pressure Hydrocephalus (can't be shunted). Most of the time she's fine, but she's recently had a very nasty infection and the doctor increased her steroids to 6 times her usual dose. She's just down to her usual dose today.

Although she's over the infection, her NPH symptoms are very severe, especially her movements. She's launching herself at furniture, instead of sitting down steadily. She's grabbing everything as she walks (she has a walker to help her) regardless of how safe it is. Several times this week she would have fallen had I not held her and prevented her from carrying out her actions.

I can't reason with her because she simply doesn't understand that she's putting herself at risk. When I say that she almost fell she shrugs as if to say "so?" (This is also a symptom of the NPH).

I just don't know how to transfer her safely anymore. I'm feeling very anxious because she's an elderly lady on steroids and could easily break a bone as she throws herself around. I've got to move her to bed later on and am dreading it as I've run out of ideas. She's been previously assessed by the OT but when I asked for ideas to transfer her they said it was out of their area of expertise!

Who can I go to for help? Thanks.

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not sure what N.PH satnds for,however i used to work in supported housing,it sounds as if mum could use a move to full on residentail,with more care,iam aware that care is expensive! be happy to sahre some tips on how to look for a good place.and rember to take of youself as well!

Thanks Razyheath, NPH is Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus. I'd rather get extra Carers into the house than put her into Residential Care, as she has a full programme of activities that she enjoys.

I'm not sure what you mean by 'transfer' Margaret. Are you meaning the moving of your mum around the house and into bed, or transfer to a residential home ?

Sorry, I'd like to offer support but just a little confused. xx

margaret26 in reply to cat3

I mean transferring her from walking to sitting in a chair, or from walking to getting into the car, or from the car to her wheelchair etc. Her difficulty is with sitting down in the new place safely. Thanks.

steve55 in reply to cat3

moving from one place to another cat ie chair to a wheelchair or chair to bed


You could try ringing the physiotherapy department of the nearest hospital for advice.

Explain your situation and concerns.

You never know you might hit the jackpot and get really good advice about keeping yourself safe too.

You can get a sort of turntable. It's a heavy duty metal circle with an upright at one edge and a grab rail on top of that. If your mum can stand on it holding the can title and turn it to the right position for your mum sit down.

They can be got on eBay a lot cheaper than the disability shops.

Hope this is of some help

Love n hugs


I agree with Random above. I've seen these turntables in use at hospitals and nursing homes and they're easy and efficient to use. If your mum would be able step onto the turntable the rest is straightforward.

They're available for between around £12-£30 on Ebay.

Good luck Margaret ; I hope this helps. xx

Thank you! That definitely sounds worth trying. I think Mum panics when she has to let go of her trolley and instead of holding her chair arm like she usually does, she's thrashing around trying to grab onto anything. So if she had a grab rail to hold on to that would be fine.

This really could be the answer, I'll go and have a look on Ebay!

Hi Margaret

I'm sure the support you should be getting is from an occupational therapist.

Please get in touch with them again and ask to talk to the head of the department. I cannot believe it's out of their area of expertise. Let us know how you get on.

Good luck xx


As you are acting as a family carer, have you thought of looking for and contacting your local Carers organisation? They are there to help you, the unpaid family Carer. Ours in Powys has have been great, listening to my wife when she want to scream or cry and she has had some counselling through them. They may be able to give you advice o how to get support and training / aids for helping your mother move safely

Try searching online for Carers Trust where you can search for your local organisation. Or look for "support for Carers" in your area online.

margaret26 ok first of all what im about to say youre not going to like. i used to teach manual handling and the first thing i used to say to my students if a resident is going to fall let them, dont take a chance on damaging your back, i know it sounds harsh.

you dont say from to where youre transfering her until i know that i cant help you or you could contact older person services at your local council and ask for someone to teach you the manual handling skills you need.

one thing you dont do is the bear hug, where you are stood in front with your arms under their armpits..... you could damage them.

yeh that would be the best thing OLDER PERSONS SERVICES AT YOUR LOCAL COUNCIL.

please let me know how it goes


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