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six year on

It will be six years on november 13th since my sons Brain Injury, he was a Royal Marine serving in Afghanistan when he had a accident in a landrover, he sustained a massive brain injury, Frontal lobe side lobe and seriberum, collapsed lung broken jaw along with internal injuries. He had to learn how to talk, walk, feed himself and social behavior went out the window. Everyday i look at him and thank god he has survived, because like you if he didn't then i think I would of died too. Six years of hard work, six years of frustration, anger, tears. Our whole family have suffered so much its beyond words, i used to cry everyday, all day have nightmares, worry, god i can tell you about worry, the first time you let your son out by himself, well im supprised im not in a hospital. To all you peaople out there who has had a brain injury happen to your loved ones, remember one thing, always have HOPE. The best advise i had from a parent in hospital was to write a diary, it seems weird at the time, but after a few weeks when you think things are not changing, you can look at that diary and realise things have changed so much, from a blink of there eye to a first word they may say. My son does not remember any time being in hospital so when he reads his diary it makes him laugh.

I still to this day struggle with his brain injury, He has done so fantastic its a miricle, he pushes himself to the max and I think this has helped, As a mum we want to do everythig for them, I did for the first 3 years then I stood back and thought No this is doing him no good what so ever, so now he does most everything for himself, well almost, he still forgets to switch things off like the iron, cooker, TV, and cannot put his quilt cover on but hey if thats it then thank good. I could go on all night with my story, but one thing I can say is I would not change my son for the world he is amazing. Take care all of you x x

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rest assured yours and brian scrafice is truly admired as are all the troops courage and determination a day at a time but the sacrafice is appreciated more so in this world of injstant celebraties and uncaring lazy violent youth is best culture brian gave where others dare not tread

neil murphy


Overwelmed reading what your son has been through and the determination and courage he has shown. You and your family are also remarkable, my problems are nothing compared to what your son has been through and I suppose selfishly reading about you all gives me a big nudge to stop feeling sorry for myself sometimes. Thank you x


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