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Seen a Neuropsycoligyst four years on

Last week was the first time i ever seen a neuropsycoligyst 4 year on from my brain injury, I ve not yet received his report. But as he was speeking to my dad he was saying when i speek its like i take a gap after every word, anyone know what this would be called or why it happens obvi i had a brain injury

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iam gusseing its congative,if youre speech was affected,sounds like you are doing fine,pepole speak at differant speeds anyway


No one has ever really mentioned it before so its hit me, like what the hell is he talking about? I am doing ok, although diagnosed with a fue things and I have my niece to thank for that as i reacted to her during coma, and then pritty much signed myself out as hospitals are boring and done recovery at home.


wow! sorry it hit hard hope you contiue to reacover,are you in touch locally with headway?


Not been in a while or maybe this year, just a group of older people, nil really my age but have meet ppl age group and it really just shows in my eyes how more lucky i am coz i can walk fine due to my nieces


Hi Andrew. Speech & cognitive disorders are common after brain injury. Perhaps your speech might improve with speech therapy but your neuropsychologist will know the best course to take.

My speech is constantly interrupted by poor word recall which is apparently due to frontal lobe damage after a brain haemorrhage.

It would be unusual to escape with no impairments after a brain injury and all we can do is try to minimize our issues through brain exercises (reading, puzzles, crosswords etc) or get help from a therapist.

I hope the report will throw some light on your condition and give advice on managing & possibly addressing it.

Best wishes, Cat x

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Thanks, not really seen many people probably due to the fact I signed myself out but has been said I've had better recovery doing so getting straight back into life.. I'm seeing all these people due to my court case as I had fell over a pothole, so as u can imaging I've not heard of it before and my psychologist have only been students, although I demanded last week to see proper people that have degrees and not students so I see the nhs failing their duty


I can formulate my sentences but do have word finding struggles at times. Like Cats, mine is due to frontal lobe damage so I'm stuck with it. When I am overwhelmed with cognitive demands (which is usually relatively minor things) and I am cognitively fatigue my speech slows down and the gaps between words increases. People who are regularly in my life know the signs of me having a bad day because they hear it in my speech before I even get to say so. Other people can have speech problems if there cerebellum at the back of there brain has been damaged which I think can happen in situations like car accidents when the brain gets bounced/shaken from front to back.


It affect every aspects of cognition...thinking organizing memory learning new things ect


My daughter - same as you all above really.

She gets her words mixed up sometimes.

I did get her to speech therapy and her speech is much better although she speaks slowly and deliberately as she's thinking what she is going to say and there is a slowing of her processing.

Also when she's tired her speech slows even more and people have told me they struggle to understand what she is saying as speech is a bit slurred.


well i think you all sound very posative! and determinded to keep comunicating! hubby stutterd for a while after his op but its gone now


My front lobe is too damaged due to the head hitting the ground and shaken back and fourth, as well as temporal and pariental lobe and the pituitary


Hi Andrew,

I have a tendency to stutter, especially when tired.By stopping and silently mouthing the word to myself I find I can sometimes correct it.I can also go blank on words and have to find an alternative with similar meaning or describe the object I mean.

I appear to have short term memory probs and am easily distracted.

My partner had a stroke and his speech and swallowing and short term memory were affected - he still slurs more when tired. So speech seems like a common prob with the brain.It sounds like you may process things fractionally slower than before but it is no bad thing, if you have clarity and can be understood : ) x


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