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Fantastic news!

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So,totally unexpected I get a call y/ day afternoon from lead nurse saying they packing sons stuff.he got a rehab place!4 hours later another call to say he was there,settled and was fine.just like that can't believe it...he has gone to the bridge in Middlesbrough.looks as though visits are going to be possible too.I'm so relieved/ happy...😊☺

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Well chuffed for you and your son x

What fantastic news xxx

Very pleased for you and your son. πŸ™‚πŸŒΈ

Oh that's great news! X

Great news D ! Just Googled it and looks like a state of the art facility. So happy for you both and keep the updates coming.... x

Thank God! There is a light at the end of the tunnel. He will improve much quicker when you start visiting. Great news!!

Brilliant news D, so happy for you. Life can now start to rebuild for you both - wishing you all the best. Nanapal x

Thats such good news; I am really pleased for you and your son x

Fantastic news, so happy for you both x

So pleased that's another step ticked off,onwards and upwards x

Oh fantastic, so pleased to hear this! Hope all goes well there xx

Oh that's fantastic news!!!! It can be a really quick move when it happens. So pleased to hear this!❀️

Fantastic news, I'm sure you will be so happy & relieved to finally see your son but emotional also. Once regular contact between you both you will start to see a huge improvement in his health and well being. Sometimes family can be the best medicine. Sending love to you both πŸ’•πŸ’•

This really is very good news. The relief must be immense.Best of luck to both of you.

So a big tick in the box on the long road. Congrats. πŸ‘

(Funny you mention location, as when I was in hospital, one day I noted how the sheets were embroidered South Tees Teaching Hospital Trust or similar. How to confuse anyone recovering from a coma and TBI! Clearly someone in authority was without a grasp on the significance for patients in the ICU. They needed sacking for that. I was actually in a location quite a few hours drive away in a different part of the country! Nowhere near South Tees area)

Look back on that now as one of the amusing anomolies. 🀣

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