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Fantastic news

Hi everyone, sorry I have been a bit busy at late, raising awareness of Brain Injury week etc.

However, I hope you don't mind me sharing this heart warming news....

One of my clients went for a job interview!!! She has come such along way and faced horrible prejudice, (people believed she was a drunk due to her coordination). She started going to a job club and computer club and is now waiting to see if she has a job. The manager interviewing her said "she inspired him"!!!

Well, I can say she is on top of the world. To be able to look back and see how far she has come (also to stick two fingers up to the negative people in her life) is so great and amusing.

So just to say, tell those doubts and fears to 'Do one' and you never know, you might just inspire someone xxxx

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YES! good luck


Always good to hear a success story !! x


Wonderful news and congrats to both you (for the obviously brilliant support you provided) and to your client for actively participating in her recovery.

Wonderful stuff

Love n hugs



Absolutely brilliant news and brings back faith in humanity


It is great to hear such a positive story. Congratulations to you both. As you say, raising awareness of head injury is very much needed! People often stare when I am flagging and in pain, often people think I have had one too many Pinots! I wish, drink I can no longer tolerate after my TBI. One glass justs seems to 'sit in my brain' stating where should this go, the connection is lost and worsens my headache. Do other find alcohol has a similar effect?


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