Friends does anyone of you have a shunt?


Does any of you had a shut in the brain? How complicated is it to have one? and how difficult is it to manage life long? because I believe it will be there for life once put. Looking at my brother in law's latest CT scan his Neuro Surgeon is in the opinion of putting a shunt as he finds the patient drowsy. But we want o avoid it and have multiple opinions before taking a decision as we are worried about another surgery and the repercussions. So I wanted to ask your experiences as well. Pls share your experience if anyone has undergone a shunt installation in brain.

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  • Hi Sanju. I don't have a shunt but I know it can be a life-saving procedure for patients with pressure from a spinal fluid build up.

    There is the alternative of an endoscopic procedure where a hole is created in the brain to drain the fluid, without a tube, but it really should be the decision of your brother-in-law's surgeon.

    The surgeon will have performed countless brain surgeries and is best qualified for such a decision. Even an experienced brain surgeon wouldn't reach a decision unless he had studied the scans and history of the patient in question.

    My best wishes to you all ; I hope the matter will soon be resolved.

  • Hi my wife has a shunt had it for two years now she has the electronic one now problem with it as of yet just have to watch strong magnet which can effect it

  • HI SHutty, you mena they remove it later?

  • No its permanent

  • I have a shunt. It was the only way that my brain could release fluid to my bladder. The doctors also advised that after a while the brain/ body functions would take over and it wouldn't be needed but still there as back up. The operations done at the moment to insert a shunt are very advanced and is done quite regularly. I would take advice and trust the medical team as they are experienced in this.

    I have no issues with my shunt. I have done video blogs to help other people understand the difficulties I have been through and to give hope. Please watch and share and it might help ?

  • hi Kavita,

    Did you have any complications with shunt? did you have any memory loss initially before shunt and got improved with shunt? My brother in law is being drowsy and total memory loss for almost 1.5 yrs post his accident. Can you please tell us about the repercussions.

  • Yes I have also suffered memory loss and it does get better with the shunt and with time as this regulates the fluid.

    I have done 3 videos to explain what has happened. Hope they will help.


  • Thankyou so much Kavita, It gives some strength to our uncertainties. Haha First time I have come across with an India in this forum.

  • Hi Santju,

    I have a VentriculoPeritoneal (VP) shunt.

    I originally had/have a brain tumour located on the brain stem and because of the location it is blocking the flow of Cerebral Spinal Fluid (CSF).

    I say 'have' because during the surgery on my tumour, the tumour calcified half way through meaning it is still blocking the flow of CSF.

    The plan was to have surgery to have the shunt fitted to drain the fluid away and then I could have more surgery to remove the tumour. Then once the tumour was gone, I could have more surgery to remove the shunt but alas... That is not how it worked out in the end :(.

    The shunt does not really cause me any problems really, it feels like a thick vein or artery which runs under my skin from the right side of my head down toward my abdominal cavity.

    From 96 I had an excellent shunt that was in very good working order up until 2005.

    In 2005 I was diagnosed with a cyst in my was quite a simple operation. Open me up, scoop it out, stitch me up. But that's just it, I really did get stitched up. The surgeon SOMEHOW managed to dislodge my shunt!

    So I later had an emergency operation to add a new shunt.

    This new shunt didn't last very long at all because I had further surgery the next year , 2006, and the surgeon said the shunt had fallen apart!

    In 2008 the shunt malfunctioned, blocked up.

    And again in 2010. But not too long after this operation I had an emergency operation because after the first op I had a haemorrhage and blood got into the shunt. So the emergency op was to have the shunt completely flushed out.

    It is now 2016 and I have had no problems with my shunt. I hope that is the end of it.

    I shall add that I believe peoples' diets are a massive reason for health issues and I have changed my diet around now for the better.

    I definitely believe it is my diet that is keeping me in good nick.

    If I had the awful diet I used to have, I think I would have been straight in hospital by now.

    Hope I helped.

    Take care,


  • Thanks a ton MJ. But you really remember all ur surgical history or someone told u?

  • I remember most of what happened to me. I have quite a good memory. I wasn't in a coma for days or weeks or anything like that. The only time I have been in a coma-like state is when, and if, my shunt malfunctions.

    When the shunt has malfunctioned in the past there can be a number of symptoms. Coma, Nausea, confusion, cronic fatigue/tiredness, vision problems/vision out of focus, headaches.

    I have experienced all those symptoms before.

    I have never been abroad on holiday but have spent holidays in UK.

    I went to Wales in 2010. We planned to stay at least a week there but it ended up being cut short because of my shunt.

    I was ok for the first couple of days, I managed to go up Mt. Snowdon.

    After was when I had problems. We were in Llandudno and I had terrible headaches, vision was out of whack and felt nauseous.

    We visited the GP on our stay. The GP actually knew nothing about shunts and was getting his information from the computer!

    After that is when we drove back home to Southampton general hospital where I had my previous ops.

    An MRI scan proved that my shunt was blocked up once again. Keeping well hydrated is key for keeping the shunt clear.

    A blockage could appear in the shunt due to toxins in the blood? I think that is right.

    Hydrating yourself clears those toxins.

    It is important for anybody to keep hydrated.

    Take care,


  • My partner needed a shunt after his brain injury, it helps to regulate the fluid around the brain as his body had forgotten how to do it, so it has very much helped him. I also know a man who had a shunt put in at 6 months old - he's only ever had 1 problem with his and he's 30 now, if he didn't tell me he has a shunt I'd never have known

  • Oh sera thank u so much.

  • Hope you brother in law is doing OK, and of course his whole family x

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