I think following refers to ESA which is a dss benefit, yes?

Channel 4 Dispatches is doing a programme about the sanction regime and is looking for people who have been sanctioned and who had subsequently their sanction overturned. Please contact DPAC if you are interested and want to take part in this programme.

now from me: DPAC is a community concerned about effects of Gov Policy on disabled and unable to work, then having their benefits cut. I can't get back to them without losing this before saving it, so if you look online you should find the article, but you may have to subscribe to it. good luck, Shirley.

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  • Thanks,

    Can get on the DPAC site will subscribe later on. Must admit I am surprised at the lack of organisations fighting against unjust benefit changes. Even the mainstream major charities aren't that vocal about it. I guess many don't want to rock the boat too much and lose their government contacts.

    I was also surprised that no opposition party made a grater emphasis on the welfare system. if one of the opposition party had made a stand and rallied on equality and justice for those whom are less able, they could have reaped in the votes

  • Hi mate

    Just while I'm able to get online, benefitsandwork.co.uk as far as I'm concerned got me my pip and got me more than I hoped for.Their handbook guide to the points system was joint authored by a qualified Barrister and a welfare rights worker with a wealth of experience. I would guess that their handbook guides to the points systems have helped thousands but that would need verification. Many groups/organisations/professionals subscribe to benefitsandwork.co.uk headway Ayrshire subscribes as does cerebra and I think the CAB in I think Birmingham. On their about page it says that because they are independant that they are able to give more pertinent in depth guidance. Sorry that this message is so quick typed on silly iPod. Have to run ( not literally) for now, hope to catch up. I do recommend the aforementioned website to all.

  • Thanks been a member of BaW for nearly 4 years. Their documents are excellent and whilst they are not a guide on how to get benefits, they show people how to document their symptoms fully.

    If you go back in time on the BaW website, there are some articles where some of the disability rights organisations actually supported the benefit changes and some received payment for it.

  • Oh sorry mate. I was just evangelisin about baw. Feck. I didn't know that about disability rights organisations. I like that baw guides re. The point systems , in clear black and white, I could be wrong but I can't see another organisation doing that and that is quite flippin Central to gettin the pip that I got. (Nout to worry 'bout whatsoever I am havin a super mad day today with me brain, achieved a catalogue of errors , slept sayin sausage to the builders and said good girl well done to bank cashier for checking me balance. I've got non swearing tourettes it's gone mad today. Sometimes it's like me and my brain 2 separate things. Sorry Sospan, all meant in good humour) hope you are ok , and thanks for interesting reply. Actually I might put sospan Bach on as music normalises tourettes and brain sometimes. Wales game was crap the other day too one sided. (Am Wales fan) Take care.

  • No problem. I try and point as many people as I can to the site. I try and stress to people it is all about fairness. If you in need of support and deserve it fair enough.

    See so many people (like serial baby hatchers) whom claim benefits that shouldn't.

    We all get barmy days when we do things that really don't make sense especially the inappropriate comments.

    Have a goon one

  • I don't know what a lot of people would have done without it. It's obviously not illegal yet but maybe the gov. Will find a way round it one day. They said they're deeply unpopular with atos; no wonder as they're on the other side.

    Got the p taken out of me quite a bit behind my back with builders re tourettes (they don't know I can hear them) but two are great, two are lowlife. However I don't like sympathy so is a small matter I chalk up to experience. Yeah I don't know the goons, mate. Too young ( she says) take it easy

  • i got pip on the care element not entitled to mobility because i got an assessment score of four

  • also just seen that labtestsonline received a gold award recently, another great site that tells you all your doctors don't about blood test results, plus info about related or not conditions! think I posted not long ago I'm researching my health history from birth (68 now) as started life having a TB gland removed from neck as a baby and the conditions I've developed, ? inc spontaneous aneurysm, BI are linked.

    I wish you all well and good luck with your claims forms and claims :-)

    Shirley xx

  • My previous medical history looks like a living comment from the six million dollar man "Yes we can rebuild him". Whilst Steve Austin used to get Bionics I got ones left over from British Leyland.

    Some of the problem is that when it rains I rust - not ideal for Wales

  • "Let us rather run the risk of wearing out than rusting out" (?) Theodore Roosevelt (?)

  • Yeah I think I've seen it written that people would have more time for right wing if they weren't hitting disabled upto 19 times harder than eryone else. ...And UN have seen fit to investigate dwp for grave human rights violations as I'm sure people know.I think the news was confirm d yesterday that dwp suicides are factual.

    The gov's treatment of disabled was a very strong ly opposed with swathes of the electorateas you say and was a missed golden opportunity for gromit (miliband). I don't know what shadow disability minister is like....People didn't back burnham in the leadership contest over his welfare abstention, but his speeches said that he would oppose welfare bill once labour were on safer ground to do so....if I continue on about politics I will be going off the subject. Sorry about the number of replies today; dont be concerned, this can happen with myself then something clicks. Ac hefyd mae' r tywydd is ardderchog yn y gogledd yma this dydd sadwrn given that it's nearly hydref , felly dw I'n gobaithio that you have a good weekend. I really can't siarad cymraeg and you should've seen thee prediction text on that. Over and out dude.

  • that looks like Welsh to me, not that I know the language! it was a word starting with cym...that got me thinking that, not your typing...I keep forgetting to tap the 'world' symbol or hit it in error and suddenly I must be on French keyboard pressing all the right letters to type what i wqnt to s'y in english, Cos i konzerns zèbre thé english keyboqrd lettres que?' usuelle then the French spellcheck takes ove!

    Get my point? :-)

  • Je pense que je comprend c'est tres amusant merci :)

  • *kept sayin sausage (not slept)

  • Good call. Will pass this on. There's just loads of people on the benefitsandwork.co.uk site where this has happened. If I have understood this correctly I think that people who at the moment get their e s a refused when they are I n fact entitled to it have to go all the way to tribunal for a fair and just decision, I'm not sure that success rates at appeal are all that high at the moment with e s a but I could be wrong. Also I don't know if this relates to e s a or pip or both but apparently it's a postcode lottery. Hope I'm not confusing people, to check on what I'm saying go to the news items on benefitsandwork.co.uk Thankyou SAMBS

  • thats OK Eleanor, I came across the DPAC thing because some of things the Gov is doing now is also affecting expat pensioners, and thought it worth referring to you all, I know from your posts and replies on here, as well as how much it is affecting you all.

    I may not live in UK now, but they say home is where the heart is, and mine is with you all on this Community and others, personal health situations are never helped by any financial cuts! Shirley xx

  • Sorry i didnt know this about pensioners abroad, I always think its brave to leave the uk , (i held onto any small thing that was british for the very short time i was USA,) i hope you are doing ok there.. Im ok with the new diability benefit, but i t sure does affect others so i appreciate you posting this iinfo upto british shores. No indeed, health situtions arent helped by cuts.( i ve been so lucky with my disability benefit i dont hve the worry) thanks again across the sea Shirley x x

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