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12 weeks lockdown


Got my head round not seeing grandkids my son who moved home to help me through it decided to get himself a puppy he's wanted forever he said you won't. Be bored now you can train him before I go home lol

Now it's like having a kid about the house madness

His name is fish

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As if the changes to life aren't enough to cope with........... at least it can be a distraction.

I think its a wonderful idea. We are getting a puppy today too - a lurcher/bedlington/whippet. I can't wait!!

That's cute All I can say is good luck and remember they don't have teeth puppies have razors lol

We’ve got a bedlington/collie/greyhound lurcher. She’s going to be 12 in August but what an amazing character she is. You’ll have such fun

I know we're in for an amazing time. Our previous lurcher (Slipper) was aged just 7, and put to sleep on new year's eve after a confrontation in the garden with a muntjac. We're still grieving her loss. I know there won't EVER be such an intelligent, fun, fast character as her, but we need to move on.

I agree they give so much back to us x

Just remember anything with Belington are escape artists, the run like lightning, and climb like a monkey. Good luck.

Thank you I'm gonna need all the luck I can get it's morning nap time at nursery so sneaking down to make a cuppa lol

Stopping mind going crazy that's for sure

Here she is about to arrive at her new abode


Wish I could post the video of her in the car on the way, but I don't know how to do that.

I don't either

Absolutely gorgeous x

Aww bless

How is it possible for a puppy to be that cute!!!???

Please can you let us know the puppy's name?

Thank you so much for posting, we all need uplifting stuff at the moment. 🐕😀

I'll go first and tell you our puppy's name. It is Teasel...like the plant.

Welcome to world of owning a human, Teasel,( From Trudie Da Dog.)

I ready many if you're post about trudie da dog makes me smile often

she is very teasel-ish!

Sorry it's fish

ahahaha...does he swim? sorry couldn't resist

Trust me wanted to batter him already lol me neither


he's such a cutie. There's your entertainment and exercise sorted for 3 months.

Very true

stay in and save the NHS...as they keep harping on. My advice; watch Fish instead of the news!!

I don't get time to anything he keeps me one my toes my dog tyson loves him


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That's why I did it thought it would cheer people up his name is fish

The puppy's name is fish my son wants another in couple years he's naming it chips he's a idiot lol

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What about Mushy Peas!?!?!😂

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That'll so funny shouting them in public

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Posted a new post on home page this morning antics at nursery ie my room

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