Memory/facial recognition exercise: Caricature #12

Memory/facial recognition exercise: Caricature #12

I am not going to bother with the post title 'OFF TOPIC...' Now.

I know there are people out there who cannot solve my Matt-bat puzzles or guess my caricatures but I am not simply posting my art for no reason. There is reason and that is that my art I post is exercise for the brain. The caricatures are for Memory and facial recognition as the title suggests and the Natt-bats are for cognitive thinking.

So if you still think I am simply posting art, your dead wrong.

Anyway, who is this actress?

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  • Haha, glad I read all of your post cos I thought it was a male!! Eek...

    Love your pics Matt

  • Thank you Rachey :).

  • I've got to admit that this woman does look a little mannish, especially as a caricature :).

  • At first when I saw this I thought Tracy Emmin !Not an actress and I know you didn't know her so .....Sharon Stone ?

    Love all the puzzles-even if I can't guess we have a good laff ! : )

  • Sharon Stone is wrong.

  • Fair dos,Glenn Close then ?

  • Nope.

  • Since you have not shaded in her hair am I to assume that she is blonde ?

  • Bingo!

    You are to assume she is blonde :).

  • By joint effort (yes,other half involved now !) ;Meryl Streep ?

  • You both got it wrong.

  • Glad you are liking th puzzles :).

  • Uma Thurman???

  • Yaaaaaaay ! Well done. x

  • Hahaha makes up for my Paul Daniels :-/

  • Haha, makes up for my Paul Daniels :-/

  • Was it Paul Daniels or was it a Koala bear? :).

  • Hee hee definitely koala bear :-)

  • Michelle Pfeiffer ??

  • Good guess but you are wrong.

  • Madonnas? Known best for her singing, but she is an actress too

  • You're right, she has acted too but it is not Madonna.

  • Kate Winslet ?

  • Another good guess but wrong again.

  • Someone above put Uma Therman, I think so too. ?

  • Yes, it was Rachy, and I agree. These actresses all have quite similar characteristics don't they ?

    Meryl streep ; Uma Therman ; Michelle Pfeiffer ; Kate Winslet . . . . .

    Or else they all have the same cosmetic surgeons ?? :o

  • Haha, bet they do! :-/

  • I thought it was a man before I read everyone else's answer. Thought reminded me of pop star from long long ago but couldn't think who, a man though. Think can read caricatures to be many people, could be.

  • Yes,unless faces have really distinguishing features I find they all blend in.

    I tend to recognise the people I meet out dogwalking by their dogs,not their faces ! x

  • Bon Jovi?

  • Are you still going to put something that clearly identifies them from posts that tell of our BI situation, asking for support or info etc please Matt. If you label as you have this one then I clearly know what your post is going to contain and it gives me the choice of not reading it if that is best for me. I wouldn't want to start avoiding all your posts as there may be others, as I think has been the case in the past, where I have had meaningful conversation with you. However, as you know I am one of them that has such memory and facial recognition problems that I have no idea of an answer to these caricutures or the other art quizz posts you did. For me it just often reinforces the decline in my intellect abilities post BI and at times I need to stay well away from things that I then absorb as my stupidity and of being 'dumbo' now which does now't to try and scaffold up my self esteem.

    Please don't take this as an anti Matt post - because I think you are very gifted with your drawing/art abilities and as you may recall I enjoyed looking at your profile of work and especially liked the bulldog in his coat (I think that is right??). In fact if we knew each other in the real world I would get you to caricature my son. What I personally can't manage is the 'quizz' bit of things even if it is to help facial recognition and memory as I know mine ain't gonna improve anymore now and have been told that by a BI team. They say that my memory has to be supported so it manages and no amount of eg going to the shop without a shopping list hoping I can improve my remembering will not do so.


  • Kiera nightly

  • Uma Thurman is the actress.

  • I loved both the Kill Bills (but the one with less fighting more/coffin scene = which?) with Uma Thurman in, she is SO good! The coffin scene is like I was in operating theatre only I was suffocating and couldn't move to save myself (they'd given me paralysing drugs) like she does. Couldn't watch it at start (trapped = trigger PTSD) but later LOVED that scene = she escaped, saved herself (which I tried so hard to do but failed = felt like torture) - and the music is PERFECT. VERY clever man the director, can't remember his name, it'll come after I post probably.

    Oh and refusing to let me eat/drink pre-op was too: STARVING hungry and wanted nice cupps - or 3 instead of silly IV fluids = weren't necessary.

    Trapped & prisoner in where I live, have been for 8 months, nightmare, freezing, can't cook/eat properly. Have tried (30 pages!) explain this to landlord (and others) in letter but nobody givesa toss: I know I'm lucky to have a home and money but I can't buy what I need and NO choice or quality and NOT fit for me how I am and my BRAIN how it is. Think NO places set up for me and how I am = DESPAIR, trapped, awful. Only unlike coffin scene the walls are invisible,like glass walls that nobody sees, trap me inside, suffocating but psychologically = why I can't do art and lots other things, plus my hours different from 'average'/majority = not FREE to do as need and want/choose.

  • I saw the first Kill Bill film but not the second and I saw that a long time ago, only once so I have forgotten most of the film now. I should watch it again sometie and the second part.

    Quentin Tarentino is the director of those films. He would actually make a good caricature, he has an interesting face :).

    I dont like the 'Nil by mouth' thing before surgery. As I have weak muscles in y face, I cannot naturally press my lips together which makes pronouncng some letters/ words a chore.

    Also, I get dry mouth/lips a lot. Normally when I am out walking, I'll chew some chewing gum to keep my mouth moist.

    One year when I had an op, 2006 or 2008' my mouth was so dry and the nurse gave me a cup of chips of ice wear I could pop one in my mouth to moisten my mouth but also it is not too much liquid to consume either.

    You can't eat or drink much before an op because if you did then you could awake feeling quite ill indeed.

    One year, in 1998 I think, I made a freind with one of the kids in the ward and my mum treated us to a Burger King. He was sneaky and he did not tell her that he wasn't supposed to eat or drink because he had an operation the next day. He got into trouble and his p had to be poponed until the day after.

    Lying littl bugger haha.

  • Well done to everyone who thought Uma Thurman-I never would have got this ! x

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