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12 weeks later

12 weeks ago I had a rock thrown at my head and ended up in A&E getting the wound glued together. I was informed that i didn't have concussion and that everything else seemed fine and was sent on my way. Since then I've been to the gp for a check up and told that its healing fine, which it is, but i did have to have my mental health medication upped.

Currently I seem to be experiencing nausea, dizziness, fatigued. headaches/migraine and sick. Pretty much all the time.

So much so that I somehow managed to let it happened whilst cooking and ended up with oil on my hand.

I've never really had this all happen this frequently nor all together before, and it's happening pretty much daily.

Is this normal? Or should i visit the gp again

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Go visit your GP again. And contact Headway they can advise you. Ring the helpline.


Hi Natarie,

I agree with Lily ... go back to the G.P,.. and ring Headway before you do for a bit of advice.

Gosh.. I am so sorry to read about what happened to you that must have been really frightening.

All good wishes to you.. let us know how you go on .

Kindest Regards

TN x


Hi Natarie

The ordeal must have been scary for you.

I agree with Lily82 and TN, go to your GP but ring headway helpline first for some advice.

Thinking of you in my prayers and thoughts always.



Yes ring headway in the morning and go to GP or A&E this needs to be properly investigated. It sounds like classic concussion which is routinely missed by medics. Let us know how you get on.


Oh wow thank you all for the well wishes!

I sent an email to the headway place and they got back to me almost instantly, they've said that my symptoms seem to be rather concussion or vertigo. Which the hospital and repeated visits to the gp told me I didn't have, so I'm going to visit again tomorrow :)

Again thank you all so much for the help.

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