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August ABI currently in hospitsl& rehabilitation feeling frustrated and isolated

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I’m iin HOSPITAL AND REHABILITATION following surgery gone wrong and a burst anuerysm and significant ABI in August new here looking to interact with others who can relate to my problems feel quite isolated and lonely in hospital at the moment I like chat about my experiences as it does make me feel better and les lonelywhen I talk

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Everyone on here is very friendly

many have been through similar operations

Looking at your profile You certainly have been through the wars

And it shows how much of a fighter you are

What part of the country are you in some people will have been through the same rehab route

Take lots of rest and never give up take care

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Cwar90 in reply to philbou

Thank you for your reply it’s veryeasy to forget all the things I have actually achieved I need to try my best to remember I am in the north west of England

Hi and welcome.

Chat whenever you want.

There are usually some of us around.

I know there are a few night owls if you happen to feel like chatting at 2 or 3 am and there are members in different parts of the world.

Looking forward to hearing more from you.

Not much of a night owl myself at that hour I’ll be definitive in the land of nod after a long day of rehab but happy to chat to anyone from anywhere at any time :)

Here we are. Anything in particular on your mind?

Feelin my rehab and recovery is very slow seemed to have plateaud this makes me emotional seem to cry a lot more than I used to

Don't worry about the plateau's.

Think of them as being the time you need to make the thing you have been learning (and can do now when you concentrate) become automatic.

This period of your rehab is like building foundations for a house.

I think any crying and frustration you feel is a perfectly natural reaction to the changes you are experiencing.

Believe in yourself and keep your goals realistic.

Tackle your priorities first.

Keep going. Make sure you get good rest so you can avoid the boom and bust so many know too well.

Glad to have you around.

Keeeeep chatting.

( Sorry had to pinch that one from strictly come dancing)

Hi I'm michael from northern england suffered 2 aneurysms had coils quite a few as I had a second bleed during surgery but I'm ok dealing with the issues that that throws at you believe in your carers and keep strong

Hi Cwar and welcome. I had a SAH coiled in Dec 2011 and also live in the NW. I was treated at the brilliant Salford Royal & had 2 months of 5 star treatment.

I do empathise with the isolation although mine's self inflicted as my fatigue gets in the way of any social life.

I see folks a couple of times a week & walk out daily for the exercise (30mins or so). My days are spent mostly on chores, reading, crosswords etc., but my biggest pleasure is from gardening.

Look forward to seeing you around m'love. Cat x

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Cwar90 in reply to cat3

Hi cat thank you for your advicei read whilst in hospital and I colour I always have an an interior project I’m focused on toowhen I’m discharged I have lots that will keep me busy and a dog that will keep me active

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cat3 in reply to Cwar90

It's good you have plans in place for when you're discharged, but get all the rehab offered and test out your resilience gradually before taking on anything too demanding. Stick to looking after yourself and walking your pooch before taking on too much. We're always here to talk.

Take care, xx

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Cwar90 in reply to cat3

I go on home leave every weekend until discharge so I am just slowly building myself up and trying to sort my house out so it’s suitable for me to come homand easy for me to live and as you said taking all the rehab tips and advice I can xx

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cat3 in reply to Cwar90

I'm glad you're having the chance to re-acclimatize to being back at home ; it's less of a shock to the system after the safety of hospital/rehab.

Will you have anyone at hand if needed when the time comes ? x

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Cwar90 in reply to cat3

My partner lives with my but I’m lucky as he’s going back to work my mum will be coming to stay with me she used to be s nurse so can help with anything I need really I’m very lucky to have that support available hopefully I’ll be home soon as there has been talk of my discharge I’m going to access my local headway also on discharge toon

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cat3 in reply to Cwar90

Brilliant......and I'm so glad you'll have support m'dear.

Keep us updated.... x

Hi, I am a carer, not a sufferer, but sympathise completely with what you're going through. My husband hated rehab, was always trying to discharge himself. You say you're in the north West? Perhaps you were in the Walton centre in Liverpool? Very good. Not so much the rehab in broadgreen though! All the best x

Hi yes I was in the Walton centre for a few months then I moved to a rehab ward closer to home I’m the same I could of easily discharged myself a few times I find the whole process very frustrating doesn’t help that I am an impatienttient person as well before all of this I know rehab is for my own good and is going to give me the best chance at recovery and at a ‘normalish life

Hi, I think we all can sympathise and empathise with your feelings of frustration and isolation. We have all been there at one time or another.

Frustration, easily said, difficult to change, but you have to go with the flow, keep out the rapids.

Isolation, being in hospital is isolating. I went from a job that involved contact with loads of people to nothing.

I had a few visits, some more genuine than others, but they dried up.

I tried to keep social contact's, but found, that people were scared of me. My ability to think had changed, and my tolerances had reduced. For a time I had a supportive environment, but the balance changed when people joined that didn't know me pre BI.

Then I moved from south to north of England. People are genial, but in six years, I haven't broken into a clear social group.

A lot of my social life is now on line. So if writing help's you, you will always find someone to chat with here.

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Cwar90 in reply to Pairofboots

That’s exactly the same as me, gone from an extremely sociable job and I’m a vet sociable person absolutely love chatting to people too nothing Im lucky I do havehave visitors will see if this drys up when I go home

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Pairofboots in reply to Cwar90

I hope you get back to practice, the job you love. If you aim for the stars, you might fly, aim for the sky, you better learn to swim.

I was a lead nurse in a mental health Trust, my specialty was violence reduction, so everyone from domestic to Chair knew me, even if sometimes I couldn't quite remember everyone.

But staff mainly, but even some of the patients, knew me to be fair, straight talking, and trying to make things easier for all.

I fell into the category of good guys, that stepped out from the ivory tower, and if needed would muck in with the best of them.

I couldn't return, but I am glad I had my moment.

I’m also a nurse but in the community I’m worried that I won’t be able to go back to my job

The length of the hospital stay got frustrating for me too. I finally was released and had offsite rehabilitation (physical, occupational, and speech) periodically.

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