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Confused & probably over-reacting (newbie)

I don't know what I'm meant to be doing for the best! Should I exercise or relax? At what point to do I go to the Dr about pains?

Last week I had a seizure; I'd had a funny feeling in my leg which I thought was tiredness but ended up in hospital :-(

After tests I was told I had a small blot clot outside the brain which had caused a haemorage inside the brain and the iron in the blood had caused the seizure.

I felt fine in hospital but on coming home cramps in my leg have increased. I should have asked more questions in hospital but at the time I just didn't feel ill and now I'm scared.

Appreciate my symptons are fairly minor but any general advise whould be appreciated???

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Hi Linda, you. Need to go to your GP, you need to speak to him/ her about any ongoing treatments and share your concerns and worries.

I have a brilliant relationship with my GP, he has told me to go whenever I need to. I have also had telephone consultations with him. Consequently because I know he is there should I need him I probably don't consult him that often and I don't worry.

He listens to me and we work together.

Hopefully, you can strike up a balance that will help you relax and get on with your life .

Janet x


Would suggest either GP or ring the consultants secretary and they will speak to the consultant. If you are getting more new symptoms you shouldn't ignore them but seek medical advice. We are just people with bi's or those caring for someone one hear and are not medically trained.

Best wishes


hi linda x we can only offer advice here but if I was you I would go back to the doctors and explain what is going off with you,my husband is a month on from his brain bleed and its only now that things seem to be coming out he tells me his body tingles sometimes legs then head then arms ? I have started to write down a lot of things now so I can keep track of them and when he goes to see doctor I can show him ,but like said go see your gp x sooner rather than later xx

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Thanks guys. I've not had an ill day in around 10 years so I know it sounds silly needing to be told to go to GP but I really didn't know what to do.

Since been in to see the Dr who has really put my mind at rest. Thanks for your support

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Glad you got the medical advice you needed ☺


blood clots are not fairly minor they kill or at the very least cause strokes. so forget the general advice and get your ass back to the docs


Hi Linda.


If you have any problems/worries following your hospital visit then you should go to see your GP.

However minor they seem, it's best to be "safe than sorry"

Please don't worry.

Contact me if that will help!!!!



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