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Best year since BI

Since I got my BI in car accident in July 2012 things had been tough. I was lucky to have fast recovery but split with my boyfriend and my nan got ill and died leaving me with only my mum in my life. Had many times where I dreaded anything happening to her cos I honestly didn’t know who I could turn to or how I would cope. Last year we decided to move to a different area as we had nothing to lose. I hoped to get to know some more people to have something to do other than sit at home.

In May this year my mums mate told me about a BI group she’d seen advertised. It was in a place I’d never been to and I’m useless with directions so my mum came with me for first time. I had no idea what to expect but saw a woman who has a brother with BI. It was soon clear that I didn’t need one to one meetings I just wanted to get to know people so went to social time each week. I met the man who set the group up he had BI same year as me and turned to fitness to get through it which would later benefit me. In June they had an allotment opening bbq then every week we could go down to socialise and help on allotment. Also had a few days out with them. The woman got a few of us in the group in a Fitbit group tracking how many steps we did a day. It wasn’t long til it became clear I was by far the woman who could manage most walking. One of men in group wants to run a marathon so there has been talk about others doing running as well. I have never liked running never thought I would, but once I was talking to the man who set the group up about the woman encouraging me to do running. It was just conversation never thought anything more would come from it. He mentioned after he had got back from running marathon in New York in few week he would start doing some running with me if I wanted. I agreed but as he is always busy I wasn’t sure if he would and woman who works with him didn’t think he would. When he got back I asked if he was still going to do running with me. He said yes and we got started he has recently passed a personal training exam so he is giving me personal training. At first he was very cautious making sure he didn’t have me doing anything that would be too much for me. It’s been clear from start the only way we will ever agree on anything is me earning his trust so he knows I will be ok. 2 week after starting personal training I did a 5k Santa dash with my PT though he didn’t run with me he did finish and come back to see me do last km. afterwards I asked him if he would have thought I was ready for 5k if I hadn’t signed up before starting PT he said no. Since doing that it’s showed him I can manage more than he thought and I have done 1km jog and in last session did 2km that was after just over 1km and a rest. So despite him being cautious he is now learning how much I can manage.

Next challenge is big one for me. 10k in April. My PT organises one every year for Easter Sunday to mark anniversary of him getting BI. So I’m training for that hoping I mite manage to jog slowly all way. Also got Total Warrior obstacle course to do with some from group my PT not doing that tho and 3 Yorkshire peaks in June and July. Should also be walking Humber Bridge tho not sure if that will be delayed as that is one of challenges a woman from group set herself and she’s struggling with walking at min. So may be delayed as we was all only doing it to encourage the woman.

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Glad things have gone so well for you this year. You deserved a chnage of fortune and sounds like it happened. Ive really enjoyed my local headway group too.

best wishes



That is so inspiring and a lovely reflection of what can be achieved by steady determination. Well done and a happy Christmas to you and may next year be even better x

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Wow! Good for you. Glad to hear of your ability and success.


Thanks for replies yea it does show what can be achieved. The man doing my personal training is good role model he went through hell after his BI couldn’t look after himself at start had problems with remembering past, couldn’t drive, had depression, had to give his job up. Through it all the only thing he could have some control over was physical so he focused on fitness. The woman who works at the group has mentioned it would be nice to have a woman role model as well as male and as I’m the most able woman there it could be me. No idea how far this will go with me having personal training but I’m carrying on as long as the man is willing to. I’m already planning that I will jog the full 10k in April weather I will be able to I don’t know but I will do all I can to manage it.


I had a severe brain injury 4 years ago. Just wanted to say hi.


Hi how did you get BI?


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