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The esa roundabout

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Well an update on my esa assessment. Having told them I need an home visit as attending a strange place will set off my anxiety and panic attacks which will result in them not getting a proper assessment of me.

I had to obtain a gps letter to verify my need for a home visit. This made me have to cancel my assessment appointment, which the esa were informed.

Due to not attending the appointment ( which they knew I wasn't able to)my esa was to be stopped unless I could give good reason.

This I did ( I already had) and was upheld. The received my gps letter stating why I needed a home visit.

So another appointment has been arranged........At the same place as originally arranged.

So here we go again. I have to get conformation from my gp why I cannot attend and need a home visit.

I wonder if I should just attend and let them have to deal with my agitation and panic attack. I don't fancy the aftermath of this and I don't see why I should have to subject myself to this.

I will update on this chase the appointment game


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Hell's teeth Pax, it's enough to send a person over the edge ! There'd be a massive sigh of relief if there was a policy change to ditch the bureaucracy & switch to common sense ! (fat chance)

So they've had confirmation from your GP but need it again because they've failed to pay attention the first time ? Ggrrr……….

Hope all the rigmarole is over & done with soon and your ESA's sorted. Cat x

Good grief, honestly, I despair! Good luck on the roundabout, you'll get there in the end...

I had an esa assessment a while back I did go to the centre but went with my mum. Went through all the questions then had letter saying I had been taken off esa as I was fit to work. Well based on what had been noted down I would have been fit to work only it was completely made up. None of what had been wrote had been said by me or my mum.

The appeal procedure was complicated my mum dealt with that for me I wouldn’t of had a clue what to do. Luckily after the appeal I got back on esa straight away.

All I will say is be honest and let them see where you struggle as for home assessment I can’t say if that will help or not (obviously you will be more comfortable which is good) I think it probably depends on the person you get for assessment some will be honest and help others won’t. For me I’ve had assessments for pip and Blue badge and all have been ok and I’ve read others have had problems with them so no one can guess how any assessment will go. Good luck.

Holy mother of god, you just couldn't make this up!

Are they really that stupid?!

It's almost a question of who needs help the most, they obviously have a short term memory issue on their computer system.

Let's hope you get get to speak to a hooman bean soon and common sense will prevail x

Thanks all for your support. I decided to clear my head and head for the coast at the weekend with the grandkids.

Well cleared my head but now physically done in. As for the assessment they are still looking into it.....whatever that means.

Thanks again


If your letter is from the Health Assessment Advisory Service you might try e-mailing the Customer Relations Team and also write to them. I'm not saying this will make them become competent but worth a try, make your complaint at the same time.

If you incurred a loss due to their negligence (benefit stopped), ask for compensation.


Address: Customer Relations Team

Health Assessment Advisory Service

Room 4E04, Quarry House

Quarry Hill, Leeds LS2 7UA

Their info page

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paxo05 in reply to sealiphone

Sorry for late reply. Have contacted Leeds and they are looking into it. My benefit has resumed ...Until further notice...But just seem to be going in circles.

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