ESA again

I got a phone call on Friday, which I let go to answer phone coz we get so many cold calls, and it was a guy from the DWP saying they were ringing me to discuss the fact that I'd asked for the last decision to put me in the limited capability for work group to be re- assessed.

He said they were going to ring me back Monday or Tuesday this week, well it's not Monday now, so let's hope it's Tuesday coz the stress is getting to me now. I know it shouldn't but I can't help it, not slept too well since Friday, they make me feel guilty for claiming, it's shameful, days are hard enough to get through. Oh well, sorry just had to share with someone.


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  • You poor thing. It's horrible feeling so insecure about what they're going to say & do next when, as you say, life is already challenging enough.....................too much so at times.

    But try not to let yourself jump to worst-case conclusions Janet ; it might be just a matter of procedure with no scary consequences. I'm really not an optimist but recently I've adopted the 'wait & see' philosophy then, if things turn sour, I tend to go straight for the jugular.

    Honestly, I don't think you've anything to fear, 'cause if a problem does arise I believe you have the necessary credentials to fight it hands-down !

    Give us an update tomorrow, but for now please try to stop worrying (easier said than done, I know).

    Be thinking of you. Love Eileen xxx

  • Thanks Eileen, didn't think I was worrying about it but I can't settle to do anything, so must be bubbling along under the surface.

    I know it'll be fine, been through the appeal system once so I can do it again if necessary.

  • Hi Janet

    Sorry to hear they are giving you so much stress. I totally empathise with you, I have been battling the system for months to no avail. I hope they ring you Tuesday and it gets sorted asap.

  • Did they not leave a contact number if they did you could call them and at least have control of the conversation if you know what I mean

    Good luck

  • Hi Janet,

    I documented on here my own struggle with the DWP, a struggle that has re-emerged since I moved in with the Baroness and mini Barons.

    If you need any help with your own DWP woes, don't hesitate to ask

    Andy x

  • Thanks Andy, I'm ready for them now today, yesterday wouldn't have been a good day anyway, weather changing so dramatically always puts me on the back foot.

    The worst that can happen is I have to go to tribunal again, and even worsterer( not a word I know!) they leave me in the limited capability group and for the next 6 months I have to attend workshop thingies or apply for jobs, then next July I get my pension, then it's all over for me, so not so bad really, it'd be worse if I was younger.

    They really need to sort this out though for people in our position, it's a disgrace!!!

    Love Janet x

  • Tell me about it!

    They really are an utterly inept bunch of idiots. I've had to chase up the last three payments I received after nothing appeared in my account.


    Good luck, Janet, you'll get there...

  • They can't help it, thankless job, they're only following instructions, I wouldn't like to do it. They must get a lot of grief from the claimants, the guy sounded beaten down and weary on the answerphone last week, still he chose to do the job!

    Thanks for the good wishes


  • Oh yeah, I quite agree. I have absolute sympathy for whoever I'm talking to, if they're telling the truth. It's the lies I find difficult to stomach.

  • Yes, there's no need for lies, I don't do it and I expect those I'm dealing with to be truthful too, we'd all be at work if we could, this is no fun xx

  • Precisely

    Good luck x

  • Hope today goes ok Janet. Kx

  • I'll post the outcome xx

  • If I know I'm getting a phone call I put it in my diary and on the day have a piece of paper near the phone with whose calling, what time, and the agenda. Otherwise I'm a gibbering wreck and start stuttering, can't find the words etc. basically a complete waste of time.

    Remember, you'd rather be in a situation where you didn't have a head injury and have to claim benefits so don't feel guilty.

  • Absolutely,I'm like that with phone calls, have to be prepared, well I am today! Thought it was sneaky, ringing me late Friday, that would have been dreadful . Thanks for the support x Janet

  • Thinking about you Janet ; hope it's a good outcome.

    Off to hosp. now for x-rays so catch up later. Best of luck !! xxx

  • Thinking of you here too Janet... Hope it goes well.

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