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Buzzing / vibration during sleep and semi conscious

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Happens to me every night, i get this buzzing or vibration feeling during sleep, i wake up at 5am or so and i can feel it, once i'm awake it fades away! i have seen over 20 doctors and no one has any answers, did an MRI to the brain. blood work and everything you can imaging but still no clear answers, even did a sleep study but unfortunately was not able to sleep good enough. i have dealt with every theory (blood sugar dropping) took some juice during and still didnt help, took xanax and didnt help. anyone has this happen? any help would be great

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Hi Firas. Have you suffered any type of brain injury or is this unrelated to another health issue ? It sounds like something amiss in your central nervous system ; I haven't come across this before.

I hope someone will come along who can identify with your problem.... cat x

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Did an MRI to the brain, all normal, no injury no other health problems. all blood tests came normal as well

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Have you seen a neurophysiologist who uses electronic methods of investigating the function of the brain, spinal cord, nerves and muscle to diagnose disorders of the nervous system ?

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I did EEG during sleep and EEG during during the day, brain activities were normal. and it ONLY happens when i'm sleeping, once i'm up it fades away within a minute

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OK Firas, but have you talked to a neuropsychologist. They do all types of different testing to investigate symptoms of the nervous system.

I've had the same thing since my bi in 2015!! feels so awful,

I am usually in deep sleep, and it's about 3am i'm woken by the feeling of my body is vibrating and buzzing just as you describe's the pits... it's not every night ..but still happens.

It got so bad i was convinced my next door neighbor was putting his washing machine on

in early hours and that the spinning cycle was waking me up, i even went round to his home shouting to him that he was selfish pig putting his washing machine on when people were sleeping ete etc .!!!...he wasn't ..!!.

i knocked the doors of several neighbors asking them if they had something that was vibrating and waking me up??

I discharged myself from the brain Specialist (caus i felt to out of control with the treatment) but that's another story so never could ask him about this feeling :)

Anyways ...I've worked it out that it's worse when i'm stressed and i believe it's a blood pressure issue ....i think my heart is beating faster as blood racing around my body but caus i'm sleeping and laying down it makes me feel like i'm buzzing/vibrating or something nearby is giving me this vibrating feeling...

I've learnt that if i wake feeling it and just accept it as another part of this on going bi injury caus have so many problems didn't have before with strange feelings and all sorts of crap, that it's less intrusive and it happens less often?

The more you stress over it the more it seems to grows in strength ....i felt like going mad for months and still happens but much less often ....

See Doc s my one dismissed it and it annoys me . Good luck FirasDD

has your vestibular system been checked?

Have you looked into acupuncture as a possible treatment?

Hi there. Just wondering whether you have ever had a cerebral angiogram? I would have thought your MRI would have shown up any anomaly though so just an idea. I just wondered if this might be a type of bruit.

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