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Dizziness and Shunts

I had a Subarachnoid Haemorrhage in January and a VP Shunt fitted in February. I have got steadily better over the months, been away on holiday and back to work on a phased return and feeling really well almost 'back to normal', until last Sunday when I started to feel light headed and more dizzy as the day went on. I've been to the GP who said blood pressure was OK and took blood sample but didn't think it was anything serious. I still feel a bit dizzy and just not right or rather like I felt three or four months ago. What I want to know is do the shunts need to have the settings adjusted every so often? or is it just after effects of the SAH that I will get every so often?

Any advice or help will be appreciated as I live on my own and it's a bit scary when I get these dizzy spells.

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Hello brainwave. I had similiar to you in March this year and had a stent inserted 16th. (not quite sure what SAH stands for as I've only seen it called TBI. I don't exactly getty dizzy - but do just go a bit wobbly when I stand up after sitting for a while, especially if in garden and lots of bright light from sun. I also live alone [sw france] and thought wow yes this great, I'm really good now, driving after 10 days after discharge from hospital. Thursday this week I go back to hospital to have a brain scan under a light general anaesthetic - so am hopeful they will tell me that the Stent is OK, working properly and not moved. I keep this forum posted on that one but won't be back in my apartment till the Friday as have to stay with a friend overnight Thurs or hospital won't let me out that day. Taxi [paid for by fr health system will take me there and back (approx 1.5 hours each way so mustn't drive myself.) Sounds a bit naf I know but try having a walking stick to hand for the dizzy spells, just to help keep balance, it might help


Thanks for that, SAH is Subarachnoid Haemorrhage. I was told I couldn't drive for 6 months after having the shunt inserted, I've had double vision anyway so it wouldn't be a good idea. Hope your scan goes weel.


I had almost no peripheral vision afterwards - but visited Ophthalmologist yesterday for checkup after my last visit in June. - In May/June it was almost non-existent - but now is almost back to normal - so things do improve given time. Just my ears to sort out - hearing is fuzzy especially on a telephone. Yes the driving laws seem different here and if the medics say you can drive - you can as long as you feel ok and confident about it. I had one to 2 minor bumps only where I park the car off road to start with and stopped when I reversed into the tree - It was dark in evenings but, I'm pleased to say I was always going slowly in reverse then - not that I ever reversed fast. My sideways on reversing into the kerb parking is pretty much OK now and I've seen many people make a hash of doing that anyway! Fortunately it was always something I could do well. Good luck and with patience you will get there and things will improve for you.

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Glad I'm not the only one with double vision. It's very annoying. Will it go?


you are not alone my sah indec 07 it did take me a very long time to accept the limitations that my life has to be ignoring te disability but a brain injury does leave one to become so so tired easily and swhen you push youreself as i did and still do a brief dizzy spell soon stops when i stop and do whsat i was toild deep breaths clear mind and focus on nor doing nor thinking of anything i found the best way to do this was to shut mouth close eyes and think of a the glory days whenj ibwas at my happiest and most serene


Hello i had a shunt incerted in 1993 and nerve ends quaterized over my right eye,as i had been suffering from cluster headaches.It got rid of my headaches,but left me with a very bad short-term memory problem.Also when the shunt was incerted it gave me menegitis,so i was very ill for a while.In the past i had menegitis at the age of six,and in later life had a accident where my head was badly cut and needed stiching in the tissue underneath over my right eye,plus on the outside of my head.Since the operation it has cost me my relationship i was in at the time,and has made me very quiet and withdrawn,and i rarely go out these days.But i did venture out saturday just gone and really enjoyed myself,so there is light at the end of the tunnel.You take care and all the best for the future whatever it may bring,stay positive.


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