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Concussion and Sleep Issues

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In December 2018 I sustained a concussion from being knocked over by a car the USA

Days after the incident I was sleeping 13 hours, which I hear is normal however today being the 2nd February I am hardly getting any sleep, started a 6-7 hours now I go to bed at 10:30pm and I'm always awake by 02:45 and then cannot get back today sleep and spend the rest of the night getting 40 minutes here and there

I have heard sleep is important to recovery, however I am not getting that sleep and need to know how....

I also wonder if this will get worse to not falling asleep and then not sleeping at all.

I have had 3 nights of no sleep and it's not very nice, how have other people coped here ...


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Hi Lee,

Are you under a specialist at all? A Neurologist/Neurosurgeon for example as this is something that you should definitely mention in your follow up appointment.

If you have been discharged from specialist care I would pop along and see your GP and see if they can suggest anything.

It’s extremely common for sleep to be disrupted with brain injuries, especially in the “early days” that you are in.

My brain injury was almost 5 years ago and I still have terrible sleep patterns. I had disordered sleep prior to my brain injury and as a result my brain injury made it worse.

Good “sleep hygiene” can help by:

* Avoiding use of phones/laptops/iPads/televisions at least an hour before bed

* Avoiding caffeine after 3pm

Also (often easier said than done) but try to reduce any stress that you are suffering if possible.

I hope you manage to get improved sleep soon!

Take care


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Artic6 in reply to Broken_Doll

When I watch TV I have 100% blocking glasses when are orange, but without TV not sure what I am supposed to do ?

Don't like reading that much, if I do read can you do it in bed ????

I don't drink caffeine after 1pm

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Artic6 in reply to Broken_Doll

Also where I wake up early I am always sweaty and hot ???

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Woo777 in reply to Artic6

I have a the same problem, take zopiclone , if your doc will give you it x

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Artic6 in reply to Woo777

Isn't zopiclone a bit heavy duty

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Woo777 in reply to Artic6

I get on great with it , I’m limited to 4 tablets a week

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sospan in reply to Broken_Doll

Hi Lee,

What you have experienced is all so common with people whom have experienced a head trauma. At some points you sleep for long periods other times you seem to be a massive caffeine fix and hardly need sleep and are "hyper". A lot of this is due to what happens with your hormones especially melatonin.

What seems to happen post injury, is that the various hormone producing glands within the body especially in the head get directly or indirectly affected. They can either produce too much or too little hormones. This can affect mood, sex drive, sleep etc. You can also experience things like being too sweaty or cold/hot. They will fluctuate for some time after your head injury. You can get detailed blood tests to pick up blood anomalies but it is normally a specialist that will request them normally after a year post injury. Some imbalances can be cured by additional hormone prescriptions.

One thing that seems to help is to get yourself into a rigid routine; get up at the same time, set periods of activity mixed with periods of rest, set meal times. set times to go to bed.

It is quite a boring lifestyle but it does help.

All the best on your journey

I rely on melatonin.(spell check says that wrong but wont offer a correction so oh well)

I do mean rely. It helps me fall back to sleep when , not if, I wake in the night.

Function is pretty severely impaired by lack of sleep so it is important.

I tried a glass of wine in the evening, but it seemed to worsen my headache. Perhaps you would fare better.

I cant tell you what will work for you. Sadly no one can. It really is a trial and error thing for each of us.

But I can wish you all the best!

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Artic6 in reply to Miss_B_Haven

How much Melanin do you take - I tried 3mg and it made no difference

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Miss_B_Haven in reply to Artic6

There are a number I have used, Melatonin Sleep,different manufacturers. 5 mg.

I prefer the chewable or quick disolve, for those nights when I try to go with out and then fail. No water needed type.

I have no issues falling asleep, it is staying asleep that I struggle with and this has helped.

Sure hope it can help you too! Good luck.


I’m almost 3 years post tbi and have only had two full nights sleep since my accident. Both nights were completely random and unexpected. The rest of the time I can only get 4-5 hours at once, but usually can get back for another hour or so lately which is great. I thibk things are finally improving at last. On days when I don’t get back to sleep the rest of the day is usually a train wreck - tears, upsets and mistakes. I’ve tried zoplicone but didn’t get on with it very well. It did work in making me sleep but caused awful feelings and foghorns the next day. Some people take it successfully so do give it a try. I’ve tried all the herbal teas etc but find the radio is the best thing for helping to lie down and stay in bed and rest in the dark once you wake up and realise you’re not going to be able to get back to sleep. Most people don’t realise how much lack of sleep affects your performance- there should be a little wristband for the unable to sleep sonthat family know you mightnt be at your best the next day :) x

Sorry there’s a typo in my message - it says foghorn for some reason - it should say fogginess sorry :)

Had insomnia pre and post accident (concussion) so I use antihistamine phenergan, it helps me get off to sleep without being addictive (like benzodiazeines).

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