Buzzing electric current feeling when sleeping/semi conscious

I wonder if anyone has experienced, while on the verge of falling asleep, an electric energy current coursing through their body? I don't think its a fit but I don't know. I've had them before following cranio-sacral massage to my crown chakra, but not the entire body. It felt as though my whole body was plugged in to an energy source and was being re-energised. It got stronger and stronger until I felt panic arise and had to wake up. It didn't feel like a dream, maybe a dream within a dream. I don't know what to make of it really. Does anyone else experience these?

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  • Hi , I have very very odd sensations a lot of he time but particularly when falling asleep or waking up. The buzzing feeling you describe is similar to feelings I get in my head of 'fizzing' and sometimes a feeling like a large air bubble is going up the inside of my skull. I always have worse tinnitus at night, although someone told me it's probably not worsen it's just that I'm paying more attention to it when it's quiet at night. But I feel an internal hum more than buzzing. I also see weird blobs moving about when I close my eyes. It's all just weird sensations but I'm learning to live with it. I've been told it's not epilepsy so I'm just getting on with trying to accept it as normal. Hope you're able to resolve it or find someone who can explain it to you. Good luck x

  • Hi Ellie, the buzzing sensation is very strong, that's why I described it as a strong current of electricity going through my body. It's not a thing I can throw off either, as in make it stop. Its only happened three times so I haven't given it much thought. The other afternoon I crept off for a sleep, and there it was again, but much much stronger which was quite frightening. I don't suffer tinnitus so its not related to that. Have you had an eye scan lately? The blobs could be related to floaters in your eyes (PVD - posterior vitreous detachment). I have them but admit I'm not bothered by them at night, so your case sounds quite unusual. x

  • Yes I've had a thorough eye examination and have been warned to be aware of potential detached retina and what to look out for (the signs of it) if it should occur. Before the accident I'd have been upset at the thought of something like that, but now it's just anther 'thing' to deal with. Well if it happens it happens. I'd prefer not to have all the buzzy weird sensations though, but the neurologist doesn't know what it it. Its a case of getting used to it in my case I think. Hope you get some respite from it :)

  • Ellie, sorry I was late in replying to you. After a busy weekend my brain just wasn't co-operating in thinking, and has only just come back online!!

  • Oh no Swedishblue, not the buzzing ! ! ! I have experienced this and apparently hundreds of others if you look online. Nobody seems to have got clear answers medically but many theories abound ! Mine feels like my internal organs are rapidly vibrating/buzzing - nice !

    For me, this began a few years ago when I became 'neurologically compromised' : ) Mine seems to be related to low blood pressure - my adrenaline 'emergency system' kicks in if my pressure falls below an acceptable level ( BP naturally falls when you sleep, so if it is on the low side to begin with , which mine has phases of and drops too much your brain sends a little 'boost' via a shot of adrenaline to put it up again ) From reading and experience, others also get a similar sudden 'start' with sleep apnoea, low thyroid/cortisol issues, other unbalanced hormones, low glucose, general sleep disorders, nerve damage. Medics often waive it away as purely 'anxiety'. To those medics I would ask 'Why is adrenaline used medically for anaphylactic shock/heart attack' if it has no real functional purpose other than as a fear response' : )

    Another theory is that the part of your brain that transitions from sleep to wake and wake/sleep is not working smoothly. Okay, stuff you can try : having a slow release carb snack before bed if you suspect low sugar. asking your partner ( if relevant ) if you ever pause for breath for a long time in your sleep. A general blood test, including hormones could rule some things out. Since many people experience this without an obvious cause and all are still here to tell the tale, it is not life threatening and may just have to be tolerated as an annoying little 'glitch' : )

    You'll find this issue discussed on various forums if you have a scout about eg :

    Best wishes from 'Wobbling internal organ syndrome Angela' : )) x

  • Oh, forgot, acid reflux can alert the body during sleep too x

  • Thanks very much for your comment which made me laugh!! I'm so relieved its not only me. There's lots to consider here, points I hadn't even remotely thought about. I honestly thought spiritual energies had been trying to enter my body as I live in an old cottage that might have a haunting...hahaha.

    I have an appointment tomorrow to see my Endo Consultant to discuss results of some tests I've been having; ultrasounds and bloods. I'm hoping she will come up with pituitary dysfunction, hypothyroidism, anything that accounts for my chronic fatigue. I think I will mention this phenomena.

    Thanks again for your very useful comments and advice. I'll be looking in to this more!! xx

  • Thank you for sharing all this - it's really helpful to read. I'm having tests such as you describe shortly, but as you sit there opposite the consultant and you get the feeling they think it's anxiety related. If that was the case then why would it start when you're happily engrossed in something? They have admitted that they don't exactly knownwhatnitnis, but all they can do is test for things that they understand and therefore they have tests for. Perhaps a medical breakthrough will occur and someone will discover what it is, but immnot holding my breath. :) thanks once again, very interesting link.

  • Hi all

    Yes I have experience the buzz in my head, I can explain it like electricity or a fizz the more you concentrate on it the more scary and painful it can become. I have experience the feeling many times and accepted as part of life. I had many ideas of what maybe causing it one of which was, maybe it's the 90% part of the brain we don't use coming into use. So when I had an episode I would try and move things with my mind. What a fool!!!!!!!. I started to notice other things like sleep napea, tidness hair loss felling cold even on a sunny day and being really fatigued. Turns out it was a thyroid problem. Now on the pills it has all stopped. I did prefer the idea of ESP and something amazing with my brain just turns out to be a chemical imbalance in my body. So dont be scared get a blood test. Your heads not going to pop like a big bag of blood dopped from the tenth floor. And to be quite honesy I miss my nights of trying to move objects.

    Hope this helps

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