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Buzzing electric current feeling when sleeping/semi conscious

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I wonder if anyone has experienced, while on the verge of falling asleep, an electric energy current coursing through their body? I don't think its a fit but I don't know. I've had them before following cranio-sacral massage to my crown chakra, but not the entire body. It felt as though my whole body was plugged in to an energy source and was being re-energised. It got stronger and stronger until I felt panic arise and had to wake up. It didn't feel like a dream, maybe a dream within a dream. I don't know what to make of it really. Does anyone else experience these?

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Hi , I have very very odd sensations a lot of he time but particularly when falling asleep or waking up. The buzzing feeling you describe is similar to feelings I get in my head of 'fizzing' and sometimes a feeling like a large air bubble is going up the inside of my skull. I always have worse tinnitus at night, although someone told me it's probably not worsen it's just that I'm paying more attention to it when it's quiet at night. But I feel an internal hum more than buzzing. I also see weird blobs moving about when I close my eyes. It's all just weird sensations but I'm learning to live with it. I've been told it's not epilepsy so I'm just getting on with trying to accept it as normal. Hope you're able to resolve it or find someone who can explain it to you. Good luck x

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Hi Ellie, the buzzing sensation is very strong, that's why I described it as a strong current of electricity going through my body. It's not a thing I can throw off either, as in make it stop. Its only happened three times so I haven't given it much thought. The other afternoon I crept off for a sleep, and there it was again, but much much stronger which was quite frightening. I don't suffer tinnitus so its not related to that. Have you had an eye scan lately? The blobs could be related to floaters in your eyes (PVD - posterior vitreous detachment). I have them but admit I'm not bothered by them at night, so your case sounds quite unusual. x

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Yes I've had a thorough eye examination and have been warned to be aware of potential detached retina and what to look out for (the signs of it) if it should occur. Before the accident I'd have been upset at the thought of something like that, but now it's just anther 'thing' to deal with. Well if it happens it happens. I'd prefer not to have all the buzzy weird sensations though, but the neurologist doesn't know what it it. Its a case of getting used to it in my case I think. Hope you get some respite from it :)

I’ve read that you’re about to astral project. The buzzing is the soul about to separate from the body. I always think I’m about to die for some reason but just fall asleep and wake up fine. Probably had a good night out in the astral realm.

This is how I felt! Xx

i have actually expericned that 3 times last night around 1:00am

Bro this thing happened to me same ,wat is that can you explain me clear it is any desis or wat rpl soon as possible bro

it was actually really scary because i couldnt really move and it was a very strong vibration flowing within me like i was getting hit with electric shots nonstop and i felt like something was about to happen so i woke up in a hurry and everything seemed normal but it felt like it was real and i was in the same postion before it really scared me?

It's called sleep paralysis and it is vary scary. I get the buzzing sensation some times before I go into sleep paralysis. So usually I'll feel the buzzing and get up and walk around before trying to sleep again.

I just had this two nights in a row. Odd, annoying but I'm a curious person. My son also had it the same nights. Nothing wrong with our house. He, happened to mention it today during lunch. I was surprised because I had the same thing same night. I got up walked around took two Tylenol; pm and tried to go back to sleep. After according to my fit watch I had 3 hours of Deep sleep. Which is not usual for me . I am a poor sleeper. The sensation was like a buzz or humming vibration. You seem to have experienced it as well. What is it that you speak of. Is it a condition an,awakening, medical problem, brain tumor. We both had it. We are both pisces. It was very strange do not know what to make of it. ....

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Hi, I've been searching and searching for information as to why this is happening to me also. I'll give a brief short story - explanation. Last year I went to a yoga retreat.. I consider myself spiritual so I went and I had a reiki session with a practitioner in which I should have listened to my intuition not to do it.. I spoke to her about my son and his troubles with Anxiety and I told her that he thought I didn't understand him. To say the least I am not sure what happened but after I came back from that retreat I was never the same. I experience these full body tingling before I fall asleep and almost when I'm about to wake up... I honeslty believe she linked me to my son because he feels the same way. I feel his anxiety if that's what I can call it. I spoke to her and she said that we have "Awakened" and what we feel is energy!... To be honest I can do without and so can my son... It makes me nervous!... Sometimes my body is cold.. I can say the same for my son... It's Odd... I experience this Every other month for about a week until the next time... So weird!... Is Anyone going through this?...

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Hi Maya, Am feeling the same body vibration with lound humming sound which is totally a different experience while in half consious in sleep. This feel moves to more intense on concentration on it, i feel good to be with, but the fear of new experience wakes me up. I have felt it more often but not knowing the exact cause of it. Am an soul searcher with the questions of existence always lingering in mind but not into any spiritual practice.

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Same this happen to me last night. I was sleeping then I felt my body vibrate I woke up but my eyes were still closed .following after that I hear this loud ringing noise in my right ear that lasted for a quick second. Following after that I hear someone talking directly into my right ear. And woke up . But the thing is my right was against my pillow , so if my family was playing with me it would be impossible because my ear was against a pillow

Same thing has been happening to me. My body vibrates so intense it scares me awake. This most recent time I thought I was awake when it was happening and felt an uncomfortable presence and went to throw my pillow at it and at that point I realized I didn't really throw my pillow. It felt so real. The very first time it happened I was trying to Astral project on purpose but these last 2 times were unintentional. They are becoming more frequent and I have so many questions about it myself. Im too scared still to ride out the vibrations and find out whats next.

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There isn't anything to be alarmed about, what's happening, whether or not you believe in it, is that you are about to astral project. Have an (obe). The buzzing or humming is part of the separation from your body. If you only "feel" the sensation, it's just an energy upgrade. Every obe I've had starts with the loud humming or buzzing. Sleep paralysis sets in after you come back into your body, if you wake up before your energetic body is fully present.

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Is this dangerous? I’ve tried to let it go on before to see what would happen and I felt myself lifting out of my body, but once I turned over to try and see myself I got really scared so I woke myself up. I am very scared of this experience, but I don’t want to be.

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It's not dangerous, but some ppl do freak out especially if they don't know what's going on. You're having an out of body experience. Once you finally lift out of your body, you can actually go anywhere. There are tons of books out there on the subject. It my own opinion, and experience, it means your soul is evolving. I had my first one my senior year in highschool back in 2005. Sleep paralysis would be the only thing that would scare me tbh. But not dangerous. When you lift out you are in your Astral Body. The Astral plane is full of other people and entities. Try researching some of this stuff my friend, life is about to get interesting for you 😁

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Okay so the vibration/electric current feeling eventually stops once you’re out of your body? Because that’s the part that really freaks me out lol it is REALLY intense.

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Sounds like Astral Travel

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When I was at Art School (years ago) a girl was telling me how to astral travel and you can visit places you know.

I couldn’t ever manage it but it does sound great

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Lol 😂 yes it stops once you lift out. I call it the lift off phase. Once it stops I normally drop through my bed. The vibration itself is extremely loud, so I get where you're coming from. Sometimes it sounds like white noise too. Most people don't even make it to the "vibration" phase. Kudos. Don't be scared or nervous, it's truly a gift. You may even get to the point where you can lucid dream.

Wow,.. Had this Strong full Body vibrational dream 3 nights ago. Since April I've recalled almost every dream which is very unusual for me im 40 now. Back to this Vibration (1st time) . This electric vibration( no pain) started very strong and it was like a dream inside a dream when it began. Then I began to slip from my body at a 45 degree angle very hard to describe and briefly i saw an indigo sphere inside a indigo circle. Finally i was free of the powerful vibrating, i was then able to do things after that. Ill admit this was fantastic and i need to know how to keep doing this. Any advice on how to promote more of this? Fascinating indeed!.... Oh yea first time I actually "felt" inside of a dream. And when you feel this it sticks with you.

It sounds like you are already subconsciously doing it on your own. I take vitamin B6 before bed to make my dreams more vivid. Everyone has a different method, but it depends on what you're trying to do. If it's lucid dreaming you want to do, then I would recommend doing reality checks during the day, at least 10 times. For some reason, I never have my thumbs in my dreams. Every hour, I'd ask myself (is this real life?) I'd count my fingers and move along with my day. It trained my subconscious to do it while I'm dreaming. As soon as it happens I realize I'm dreaming, in my dream, and it goes from there. I've heard drinking apple juice before bed it great for lucid dreaming as well. Albeit, I haven't tried this one myself yet lol. If you want more obe's, I'd recommend doing the awake back to sleep method. I'd set an alarm around 130 or 2 am, depending on your work schedule of course. You stay awake for about 45 minutes to an hour and then go back to sleep. While you're going back to sleep focus on your breathing. Once you hit the "twilight" stage I call it, I usually imagine myself going down a huge slide. That's when the loud vibration starts and I normally side right through my bed, and I'm out of my body. It's honestly a great tool for self awareness and development. The people I've met in my dreams, that I don't know in real life, have all been different aspects of either myself, or my fears. It's a wild ride my friend.

cool, thanks for the advice.

I had a very similar experience, but the sphere I saw was red and it was glowing. I just had another vibration with the loud frequency pitch sound last night.

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I know I’m late to this conversation but this is the only relevant thing I could find to what I just experienced. I have been interested in astral travel the last couple weeks and have been actively attempting it. The ringing and roaring and electrical pulsing in my ears is so intense it feels like my ear drums are going to burst. But when I woke up I was okay. How do I push past this? This is only my second time trying so I think I’m making progress 😂

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Omgg so I'm a practicing medium, highly clairvoyant... Anyways for the first time ever 3days ago, I got up in the am, having major flare ups from my NINE autoimmune dieses, aka feeling like absolute ass! So I sit down to tinkle, close my eyes and I am overcome with the feeling that Spirit usually gives me indicating that they have crossed over and are at peace it's just an overwhelming feeling of love and peace and serenity.... Then I literally see two of my very good friends (they were really like brothers to me) that were murdered in 2020, as well as my grandmother who passed in Sept... I can feel that beautiful feeling getting stronger and stronger and the stronger it gets the further and further I can feel myself going away from my actual body, floating straight up in the air... Then all of a sudden my eldest daughter started walking very aggressively through the house causing a rumble and I had the thought oh my gosh I have to tell my kids that I love them and I forced myself back into my body and it was absolutely excruciating like once I came back to me sitting on the toilet my fingers were shaking uncontrollably.... I described it as almost dying because I felt like if I hadn't pulled myself back to this dimension I would have died.... I think it's also worth mentioning that although I am extremely intuitive with psychic abilities i don't dream if I do then I have absolutely zero recollection of it like when I go to sleep it's like black hole and that's it

What if you Might have a health problem? my fear personaly is that I died in my sleep so I get scared and wake myself up.

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why is my body astral projecting on its own though? i never wanted nor tried to do any of those spiritual things, so why is my body doing so on its own? just to be clear, this is what i experience: i wake up in the middle of the night, try to sleep, go into a drowsy/tired/sleepy state again, then right as i close my eyes a vibration surges through my body like a phone/some sort of massager from head to toe with a loud humming/ringing sound in my ears for a few seconds, i open my eyes, lowkey freak out for a bit, then get back to sleep. nightmares and other auditory hallucinations such as laughing and talking sounds also sometimes accompany this experience. is this just sleep paralysis, night tremors or am i really experiencing astral projection?

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When you leave your body, you're visiting the astral plane. Which is technically another world all by itself, with different beings and entities. The laughing ect. that you hear is just that. Beings on that plane of existence. As far as why your body is doing it on it's on, that's a question you'll have to ask yourself. Normally our souls or subconscious tried to help us out in a lot of abnormal ways. This is one of them. From my experience psychic gifts make themselves know when we're going through big changes or challenges in life. I would start by reading a few books on astral traveling. If you want nothing to do with it, I'd just repeat to myself that "I'm not going to leave my body while I sleep." That may help. Just out of curiosity are you between 21-28 years of age?

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no, i am a teenager. i also started to experience this ever since i was 9-11 years old. another question, what do you mean by help? why and what is my soul or subconscious trying to tell/help me out with exactly?

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Yes!!!! It just happened to me and I been curious about life itself been looking into yogis talking about different intelligence science and the dimensions and also my religion islam. I don't know what's going on and I've been having alot of questions the last few days.

I get sleep paralysis. I don't think this is what he is explaining. I get the exact same thing he is describing and if what I'm feeling is the same thing he is, than it's not sleep paralysis.

WOW ME TOO! Same exact incident just now happened 4:30 am

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Happend to me today 04.00 am

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Same happen to me last night at 4:00 am

same here see my post above.. Amazing.

Happened to me quite before 3:30 am

I thing earth vibration rises and try us move for 3d conciuosnes too 5d and explore more of spiritual things cuz our body is not true us and its changing times for earth and all human kind its just my opinion .

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Same thing just happened to me. Just now. I thought i was the only one.....

Hey I just saw your post about the feeling of electricity when falling asleep. I have had similar experiences. I’m fascinated by it and doing some research. Please write back here or at

I’d like to discuss further. Thanks,


All my organs felt electricity I was awake and could only see flashing lights to my right I couldn’t stand the feeling so I stood up out of bed as it shocked me all over my body My husband who was next to me felt nothing. I felt like I was being lifted with the vibration it was so strong and so scary

Hey there i'm not sure what your belief is but that sensation you felt was energy from your spirit surging inside your body. It happens every night without people noticing. What your experience was is related to the spiritual. It's nothing scary I can consciously do this myself. If you want to understand the truth of what you are then next time rather than fearing just be an observer of it you'll also hear an extremely loud bang and when it stops just tell yourself to move and you'll be spirit outside your body, don't worry you're not dead you're just finally conscious of the fact that you can actually leave your body. You can go anywhere you want maybe visit a friend that's far. One tip though before going into this you need to remind yourself that you will remember this experience. It's your choice to believe if that experience was a " dream" or real. Fun game if you're visiting a friend or family member tell them to write note and leave it out when you "spirit/energy/higher self" go see them read the note and remind yourself to read it and when you wake up quickly write the note down.

I'm almost in tears right now over how mind blown I am while reading this. I'm a newly conscious person. I've been practicing meditation, eating healthier, prayer for guidance from my higher self & a TON of reading about space and past historical events. I've never had an experience like this. I had energy at random this morning while feeding my son at 2am so I decided to stay up a bit. About an hour after falling asleep I woke up consciously in my dream, same place-next to my husband only my head was at his feet. I was watching something on TV (which wasn't really on) there were two little characters on the screen- not monsters, but similar in appearance only super fluffy & kid friendly. I immediately felt threatened by whatever one of them was saying to me or doing and I ordered for whatever this darkness was to come out of the TV and show me it's true self and when it did I was overcome with this immense shocking electricity down my entire left side of my body (which was the side facing out- closest to "it" in my dream because of my odd positioning in bed, but in reality it was safe next to my husband the whole time.) The vibrations were so much stronger than any force of electricity I've ever felt, and I remember messing with the outlets as a child. It came directly halfway into my body vertically and just buzzed for about a minute.. I was so scared because I've never had a "sleep paralysis" experience before let alone felt intense physical sensations. I was saying my husband's name over and over again not giving up but knew I was only in my head and not using my voice. I tried breathing deeper to push the name out. I tried moving my arm to touch him. I lost focus due to the fear of what was physically happening, I wish I could've engaged in the experience longer now. But in looking it up & seeing how many people just in the past month have had similar experiences, I'm certain this mass spiritual Awakening is preparing us for something big.

I too had very similar experience last night, (for the second time in three months), and felt the electrifying feeling, very similar to yours. Thought of googling to find an explanation and found your narrative so similar to my experience. I was screaming out the name of my son in the next room, but was aware that I was not making any noise in reality. I felt like I was very much conscious of the electrifying feeling around my body and was too scared to open my eyes. I could sense a light around my body like a halo passing current around my body. I stayed still and uttered a prayer, that it left me slowly. I was wondering if this could be because I was sleeping turned to my left for a long time. The last time it happened I remember sleeping in the position of a corpse with my hands on my chest. Could it be related to some force being put on the chest area? Could someone respond pls?

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Hi I just experienced this vibration or buzzing when I opened my eyes it stopped immediately I was getting sleep paralysis a while ago tho

Wow i slept with my arm crossed around my chest tooooo and that happened for my first time!

i was in the same position

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Me to I did it on purpose after reading a sura that the prophet Muhammed did it so no spell or poison would effect him in the real world

I just read a habit earlier that said that prophet Muhammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. He slept on his back his fingers folding in to each other, so no poison and magic from our normal world would ever effect him again after somebody put a spell on him .

Just took a nap and I had a dream of lights in the sky all different colors and patterns and shit then I woke up I was just laying there with my eyes closed then I started like vibrating my whole body was shaking then I started seeing weird colors, crazy colors patterns I can’t even describe and like flashes of light then it stopped then it did it again I was trying to yell for my mom and I couldn’t and then it happened again and I opened my eyes while it was happening but it was so hard and everything in my from was tweaking on me. What I think is weird is that they all happened like 10 seconds apart from each other

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You are experiencing a spiritual awakening....your third eye is careful of your thoughts!!!

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What do you mean “be careful of your thoughts”?

I've had episodes of sleep paralysis since I was 12 or 13 years old. I'm now 39 and I've recently learned that I can induce that state of consciousness whenever I want, and I have for probably the last 4 weeks just for practice, and for the sake of getting past certain parts that I'm fearful of. I came across this post through googling the electric shock/vibration thing because it's something that I've never experienced in the past and it has happened the last 3 nights. For me it's more subtle sleep auditory hallucinations and kind of pre dream state...and I don't associate it with pain at all, it just feels like waves of energy. Interesting.

I’m so sorry about what you are going through. I came across this thread due to wanting to see if others had experienced the same thing I have. Exsorcism is a big word but Islamic exorcist isn’t very mystical nor horrific. All one has to do is listen to loud recitation if selected verses of the Quran and the jinn (spirit) affecting you will burn. You will actually literally feel the heat on ur chest or neck, cheeks etc as it burns. U may also feel movement like twitching vibrating itching n so on. Just keep listening to the audio daily and it should weaken and hopefully learn to stop bothering you for fear of burning. Here’s the link to the audio recording, listen uninterrupted to no.7:

Same experience... Happened to me thrice today.. This has been happening since almost 2 years now after meditation... While this happens I'm well aware of the surrounding even I came here searching for answers.. If anyone really knows what exactly this please let me know

I got the vibration from the left side too, the vibration was mostly directed to my head and some side of my left body.. it was at 04.00, i was trying to move or say something, i knew i was awake tho, i just been up drinking water, laid down for 10 min or so and this vibration shocked the living shit out me.. i dont know how to sleep rly.

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I thought it was only my own internal experience until my wife told me that she feels vibration coming from my body when I sleep. At that point I realized it was physical and not merely a subjective experience. I’ve been meditating since 2001 and have experienced plenty of soul travel over the years. It’s the subtle body waking up to the OM dance of the universe, preparing for flight to who knows where.

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Exactly the same. One time I moved my hand over my chest and the vibration followed my hand. I woke up my wife to feel it and it hid back into my chest. Then a few months later my wife herself felt it for a brief moment, then I could touch her belly and there it was. Like a tiny pulsating vibration coming out of her belly.

Your experience is so similar to mine. I saw a tiny bit of my childhood as well. I thought I was dying. Also once my body began to vibrate the electric feeling was so strong. I had no doubt I was leaving my body. I also heard tons of people cheering me on but it seemed a bit eerie and they were so loud, almost as if I was at a basketball game. Would love to learn more about what this means.

oh my goodness thank you, i dream about things and that’s what causes the onset of these vibrations. like one time this angelic like creature appeared in my dreams, adorned in flowing robes and bathed in a stunning sea foam green light, and as soon as she turned to me and looked at me my whole entire body started vibrating and ringing at a frequency i’ve never heard before, so much so that i became terrified and woke myself up. this has happened MANY TIMES in different dreams, all spiritual in their significance, and i never knew what to make of it. it happened to me again last night, and this time it was like the electronics in my room were responding to it as well. as soon as the vibrations got too intense, i would hear beeping coming from my room in my actual ears, bc i was still connected to the sounds in my waking reality. but here’s the thing- there is NOTHING in my room that could’ve been making that beeping noise! and believe me, i’ve checked. strangely, this is not even the least of my strange dream experiences. Ever feel like you’ve been catapulted through space and time it’s self, shot through a wormhole and dropped through the center of the earth at the same time while you’re asleep? Yeah, me either...... ;)

Last night for the first time I realized what was happening during the vibrations, wow so intense and they feel kind of nice btw. like a super charged back massager. I almost got out of my body but something in my life has me scared, that I thought I was dead, I felt a presence in the room but I had a pillow over my head, I threw it at the spirit as if to say I'm not ready leave me alone even though I never really threw the pillow because I was in my Astral body. I have yet to fully get out of my body and be aware of my vessel. I hope my next one I remember to say the things u recommended. Thanks.

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I’ve astral projected before and have definitely felt this vibration before it happens. Sometimes it is too intense and wakes me up before I can liftoff. However I didn’t know that the bang was associated with astral projection! Sometimes I wake up to a really loud bang and flash behind my eyelids but I never knew why.

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I get this too! I have never met anyone with this ! It start at top of head and runs down to toes and starts again

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Yes mine also! I get all tingly in my arms when I’m falling asleep , then I fall asleep or I’m falling asleep & all of a sudden I feel my brain trying to wake up my body but my body isn’t wanting to let me move or get a grip of myself I wake up gasping for air because of the fear & shock bc of how scary it is but lately it comes from head down to toes & I get so scared! Dr says, it’s anxiety disorder & PTSD ! & my anxiety disorder & depression has also caused me tachycardia so I figured that was what it was from but Dr says it’s sleep paralysis from so much stress & anxiety ! Praying for you all !!! 🙏🏻🙏🏻

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Hello.. I’m interested in your post. I have the electricity kinda noise in my head at night. I’m trying to find a source in my bedroom and can’t, so wondering if it’s actually in my ears!! But I’m also stressed and anxious atm. Would you mind telling me What did your Dr advise you? Million thanks!

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I have tachycardia and had that too where I wake up because I realize that I stop breathing its like knowing I'm sleeping but I forget to breathe like my breathing doesn't happen automatically anymore.

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Ellie, sorry I was late in replying to you. After a busy weekend my brain just wasn't co-operating in thinking, and has only just come back online!!

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I get a buzzing feeling with a sound that gets louder and louder until I feel like my head is going to explode, but what happens next is, I go straight into sleep paralysis. I always try to fight it off as soon as i hear the buzzing sound. Sometimes, if I'm lucky, it works, other times I go right into the nightmarish sleep paralysis. I wouldn't wish it on anyone.

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That sounds awful. No wonder you try to fight it off It’s surprising that neurologists don’t seem to know about it. I have a lot less trouble than you with my symptom s , so after two years of it I just do mindfulness when it happens. This carries me over the worst of it, but if other people are present it’s impossible to stay engaged with the conversation and I struggle to move past it. It always passes so I tell myself it’s ‘normal now for me’ and tell myself not to worry about it. It’s still frightening when on your own in bed at night. Or first thing in the morning. I’m so sorry you have sleep paralysis as well. That must be terrifying. Can you go back to your neurologist? I don’t think I could imagine sleep paralysis. I’ve read about it - it sounds awful. I wish you good luck with finding some help with it. x

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this is something beyond medicine, something man cannot explain or come up with a logical reason or diagnosis for

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This also happens to me. I experienced sleep paralysis just about every night for over year. I always knew it was about to happen when the loud noise would start. It just gets louder and louder until I have fallen into complete sleep paralysis. I've been looking this up for ages and your comment is the first time I've seen someone say they have experienced the same thing.

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I can't believe I'm finding people who share my exact same experience

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I experienced this. You're not alone.

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ear, and jerk jhi with the ears discomfort. Last 3 years ago, my (left), ear drift was leaked, after that I heard less than the left ear, the sound of the jig and always the sound of the noise of the pea, the uneasiness of the rotation of the peas was disheartened. Now, for a year, in a half-a-half-hour sleep, somewhat awakened, the sound of a motor engine is filled with a vapor in the head, which makes me feel very scared. It seems that something is going through the head, it does not happen if you can see the eyes. Do not sleep in fear. There is a problem of at least 10-12 times a month. 3 ENTs, expert doctors showed no benefit. All doctors give sleeping medicine. It is good to play sleeping medicine.

Hey Elenor3, this is crazy I experience exactly what you are describing, the buzzing feeling, the brain bubble, tinnitus, internal hum and even weird blobs when I close my eyes kinda like waves of colour moving around. I've tried everything I can, diet change, moved house, yoga, meditation, even psychedelics but nothing has changed, I know your post was 4 years ago but did you ever get to the bottom of this? Any help greatly appreciated.


I’d like to say there’s a solution but I’ve been told I have to live with it . It’s a recognised issue with TBI and not as unusual as I first thought. Seizures werr mentioned when I first saw a consultant, but then ruled out. Damage to auditory nerves has been suggested . Thsi seems likely as I was completely deaf in one ear for a long period after the TBI. The best help to alleviate it seems to be mindfulness practice . First to pay attention to it when it starts, listen to the sounds, acknowledge the sensations, then try to divert your focus to other thoughts using mindfulness techniques , or try disrupt the sensations with a strong smell or taste. After time, the panic that it used to cause has subsided a bit. Finding out that I wasn’t alone with it and that other people have it too definitely helped. It was frightening for a long time , equally frightening that none of the nurses in hospitals I was in knew what it was. Learning to live with it and accepting it makes it easier to cope with . It can feel very weird when it happens in company and no one else knows and it’s very distracting. I don’t try to explain to people anymore, people can’t imagine what it’s like. I don’t want to alarm people either by making anyone think I’m havjng a seizure. Someone posted a link to a website explaining what it is in one of my posts about it - perhaps if you look through you can find it . It was really helpful . Good luck

Thank you so much for replying, I have had many head traumas throughout my life so looks like this is something I may just need to live with. In addition to the tingling/humming/bubble feeling I also feel this pressure at the top of my head, and I feel like I can rarely enter deep sleep, like my brain won't allow it, so fatigue and insomnia are an issue too. I'll try and look for that link and thank you again for replying. :)

Hi :) im exactly the same with sleep / being asleep and being aware that you’re asleep and still hearing the sounds around. I’ve done all the ‘sleep hygiene’ routines. They do help create a feeling of calm at bedtime but don’t fix the ‘unable to sleep for any meaningful period of time’ issue. This definitely affects daily brain fatigue, but it’s remarkable how you can survive with such disturbed sleep for such a long time . The head pressure you describe is also something I suffer from. I worry about it less as time passes. I hope you find the brain shake website I mentioned. Take care

Wow, so I'm coming close to actually fixing this after visiting a chiropractor and discovering that my C1/C2 vertebrae have been misaligned. After some realignment I have been getting solid nights sleep, less brain fog and less pressure in my brain. Google C1/C2 atlas subluxation. I've also started a thing called the McKenzie technique which helps with the lymph system in the brain as well as sinus pressure. Such odd timing that I find your discussion then a couple of weeks later managed to almost fix things. I highly recommend booking in with a Chiro that can do upper cervical treatment and see if this helps. Looks like it's been caused by pressure on the brain stem and poor blood flow to the brain. :)

Thank you for posting about your experience. Very interesting, and really pleased it’s been successful for you. I had spinal / neck x rays / multiple MRI / CTs post accident, but no mention of misaligned vertebrae. Haven’t heard if the McKenzie technique which also sounds interesting. I’ll have a look thank you

Here you are Elenor -

Also an interesting video that shows you how much pressure is required. I practice this a couple of times a day now.....

Thank you very much

Oh no Swedishblue, not the buzzing ! ! ! I have experienced this and apparently hundreds of others if you look online. Nobody seems to have got clear answers medically but many theories abound ! Mine feels like my internal organs are rapidly vibrating/buzzing - nice !

For me, this began a few years ago when I became 'neurologically compromised' : ) Mine seems to be related to low blood pressure - my adrenaline 'emergency system' kicks in if my pressure falls below an acceptable level ( BP naturally falls when you sleep, so if it is on the low side to begin with , which mine has phases of and drops too much your brain sends a little 'boost' via a shot of adrenaline to put it up again ) From reading and experience, others also get a similar sudden 'start' with sleep apnoea, low thyroid/cortisol issues, other unbalanced hormones, low glucose, general sleep disorders, nerve damage. Medics often waive it away as purely 'anxiety'. To those medics I would ask 'Why is adrenaline used medically for anaphylactic shock/heart attack' if it has no real functional purpose other than as a fear response' : )

Another theory is that the part of your brain that transitions from sleep to wake and wake/sleep is not working smoothly. Okay, stuff you can try : having a slow release carb snack before bed if you suspect low sugar. asking your partner ( if relevant ) if you ever pause for breath for a long time in your sleep. A general blood test, including hormones could rule some things out. Since many people experience this without an obvious cause and all are still here to tell the tale, it is not life threatening and may just have to be tolerated as an annoying little 'glitch' : )

You'll find this issue discussed on various forums if you have a scout about eg :

Best wishes from 'Wobbling internal organ syndrome Angela' : )) x

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Oh, forgot, acid reflux can alert the body during sleep too x

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swedishblue in reply to angelite

Thanks very much for your comment which made me laugh!! I'm so relieved its not only me. There's lots to consider here, points I hadn't even remotely thought about. I honestly thought spiritual energies had been trying to enter my body as I live in an old cottage that might have a haunting...hahaha.

I have an appointment tomorrow to see my Endo Consultant to discuss results of some tests I've been having; ultrasounds and bloods. I'm hoping she will come up with pituitary dysfunction, hypothyroidism, anything that accounts for my chronic fatigue. I think I will mention this phenomena.

Thanks again for your very useful comments and advice. I'll be looking in to this more!! xx

I’ve just stumbled along this post, I have everything you describe going on severe chronic fatigue which is ruining my life and recently when in bed I am in a half asleep state and then I got these shots of buzzing and electric going through my whole body it stop and starts and I can’t move all I can hear when I get the tensing is strong buzzing like I’m being electrocuted.

But the tiredness and low energy is the worst ! Have you had any answers ?? I’d be so grateful for a reply

Elenor3 profile image
Elenor3 in reply to angelite

Thank you for sharing all this - it's really helpful to read. I'm having tests such as you describe shortly, but as you sit there opposite the consultant and you get the feeling they think it's anxiety related. If that was the case then why would it start when you're happily engrossed in something? They have admitted that they don't exactly knownwhatnitnis, but all they can do is test for things that they understand and therefore they have tests for. Perhaps a medical breakthrough will occur and someone will discover what it is, but immnot holding my breath. :) thanks once again, very interesting link.

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Marteeny in reply to angelite

This was so enlightening that I just created an account in order to tell you how helpful it was.

Thank you.

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Gospel1 in reply to angelite

The last week when I fall asleep my chest deep inside feels like it’s viberating. I have to fully wake up to make it go away. Sometimes I can feel light vibrations even if I am a awake.but mostly when sleeping or trying to get into a sleep. A couple of years ago the doctor had me wear a heart monitor and hey said it was normal and I wore it for a week. This has been going on for a couple of years now. It has not happened every night. It goes away sometimes for months then returns. When I am experiencing this vibration I am afraid to go to sleep. Last night I took a Xanax lowest strength there is, And I was able to sleep all night but woke up this morning with the vibrations in my chest again. I am still sleepy but when I try to go back to sleep the viberations come back again. I do have low blood sugar and low blood pressure and low thyroid I take sythroid 100 mcg for the thyroid but none of these have ever been a problem when sleeping at least not that I know of. Can anyone shed any light on why my chest or deep in my chest vibrates while I am sleeping and sometimes light viberations when awake. But most of the time when I wake up they seem to go away?

Same here.

Hi all

Yes I have experience the buzz in my head, I can explain it like electricity or a fizz the more you concentrate on it the more scary and painful it can become. I have experience the feeling many times and accepted as part of life. I had many ideas of what maybe causing it one of which was, maybe it's the 90% part of the brain we don't use coming into use. So when I had an episode I would try and move things with my mind. What a fool!!!!!!!. I started to notice other things like sleep napea, tidness hair loss felling cold even on a sunny day and being really fatigued. Turns out it was a thyroid problem. Now on the pills it has all stopped. I did prefer the idea of ESP and something amazing with my brain just turns out to be a chemical imbalance in my body. So dont be scared get a blood test. Your heads not going to pop like a big bag of blood dopped from the tenth floor. And to be quite honesy I miss my nights of trying to move objects.

Hope this helps

I know this is an older post but I figured I would chime in just in case anyone is still following. I have had simular feelings and senses most of my life. It's starts out right when I'm about to fall asleep. I can still hear my surroundings and then they fade away to the sound of a old florescent light that's about to go out. The flickering sound then begins the feeling of electricity in my fingers and toes. It moves from my fingers and toes until my whole body feels like I'm being electrocuted. I can sometimes handle the feeling and go strait into a dream or deep sleep but on occasion it gets to extreme and I have to wake up. I also get the feeling like I'm vibrating at a high rate. Simular to being cold and getting uncontrolled chivers. Thinking of having a sleep study done now that I'm older and I know I'm not just dreaming.

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sweetpea327 in reply to Clintma

Let us know how that goes!!

This entire post is so interesting to me.

I have an explanation for this.But , a disclaimer before that. You should get yourself checked medically to rule out any physical cause.But ,in many cases, your tests will turn out to be normal.The other explanation is at a meta physical/spiritual level.This makes the most sense to me with regards to my own experiences.There are a lot of things going on cosmically.Our entire solar system is going through a patch of galaxy, which is very energetically charged.This results in our sun being overactive and releasing solar flares.So there is a lot of incoming solar energies.Cosmically, earth is going through her own ascension to being a higher vibrational planet.So you are now seeing lot of changes in weather on earth and also the polarizing behaviour of humans(look at the geo-politics that's happening) .But, human bodies are also undergoing the same changes to be able to adjust to the high vibrational frequencies.So your etheric body undergoes this changes at night.Generally many people will have these experiences between 1:am to 3:am.I, myself, have been going through these adjustments.If the experience was intense, you will feel numb, having a headache, a little disorientation throughout the next day.If you wake up while this process is happening, this buzzing slowly dies down in a few seconds.This process can sometimes lead to an out of body experience for some people.Hope, this is helpful to understanding as to what could be actually going on.

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vwyness in reply to whoispankaj

I've also been having these vibrations also, they used to come just before I slept at night but niw they come during the day or when I meditate. I can bring them on at will and can stay with the feeling without sleeping for up to an hour sometimes but then I feel drained (as if I've just had a deep body massage). I totally believe it is metaphysical/ spiritual even. I really like the feeling and welcome it.

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Philus in reply to vwyness

you should. I believe you keeping arriving at a state prime for astral projection or an OBE... I can't imagine it's medical or to do with lack or X,Y,Z in your blood etc, as you can bring it on at will. Experiment, read up on Astral Protection, head onto youtube. You may be on the verge of something amazing. I'm currently working on finding a path to this vibrational state whilst my body sleeps (remain mind aware). I'm starting to have access through learning the path to bring the vibrations about. The next step will be learning the techniques to leave my body to enter new realms / dimensions. :-)

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Bonski75 in reply to Philus

I just woke up from another episode like the one described in this feed. I agree with you about the astral projection theory. I've had it many times before and I used to fear it, but when I feel it coming on these days, I embrace and love it! It's one of the best feelings I ever had.

It usually happens with me when I go for an afternoon nap after drinking the night before, or if I sleep too much. Either way, I know now when it's about to come on and surrender myself to it.

I've watched a few Youtube vids about Astral projecting and lucid dreaming, and these days I often know when I'm asleep and can sometimes take control in my dreams, but of course it's hard to stay in control.

The episode I just had was one where I thought I was awake, lying in my bed, and I definitely was looking around my room at times, but in between that I guess I was dreaming. A half asleep, half awake state. It's always very auditory too. I remember a time a few years ago when I was in this state, all I could here was what sounded like Nazi propaganda being blasted over an old tannoy while I was lying staring at the ceiling. Very weird that one.

But anyway, if anyone is worried about this electric buzzing/ adrenaline rush, I'd say don't be. When it starts, let it continue. It can take you to whole new world of Psychedelia and pleasure I guess.

Your clairaudio must be a stronger gift than your clairvoyance. Almost sounds like you're going back in time or to someone studying that war/enjoys that kind of stuff. I know if I was to have a lucid dream like yours I would immediately be thinking I'm visiting my grandpa- he's a veteran and would always sit in his room watching his black and white TV with the old footage on and tons of books & things military related.

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Dollypops in reply to Bonski75

I'm the same. I love it too.

Dollypops profile image
Dollypops in reply to Philus

I just made an account to reply to this. Though I doubt you will see it now lol... I was going to say the same thing. When the vibrations happen to me I get total excited as I know I can put myself into a lucid dream shortly. And I start thinking up my scenarios. It's fantastic :)

Lol, love this! Had a bad one last night that lasted about 12 hours. Is there a way to check on activity in the area?

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plzz understand my feeling ,not good in English so ------whoispankaj you are right somewhere in symptoms but i am not agree with you ,what u said.

it happens to me ,when i became more aware and when i do deep meditation in any day,so i became very sensitive to all these vibration .when i am forgating dhyan any day it never happen to me. basicly your idea is right it happens during 1 to 3 am at morning.

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I sometimes feel like I’m vibrating like I’ll ask my partner can u feel that?? It feels like a little earthquake and has happened to me before but not for ages and now it’s happening a lot like every few nights so I’m going to get checked medically but hoping it’s nothing serious or maybe what you’ve explained. It’s always when I’m in bed and drifting to sleep it makes me alert and wonder what is going on.

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Philus in reply to Kykye89

read up on astral projection, vibrations relating to OBE.. you have nothing to fear :-)

Yes! Please refer to my comment above! Definitely a spiritual experience. I woke up while this was happening the other night but I'm a newly conscious person, so I knew because I could remember everything when I woke up. I was calling out some demon & I woke up scared, but also extremely proud of myself. I really want it to happen again.

I started having this same feeling when my blood sugar started getting out of whack. I can't pin it down to a specific low or high though. From what the medical journals are saying about diabetes nerve damage and this feeling, I think that sounds the most logical although it also sounds the scariest. It can last up to 24 hours at a time. For me, the feeling can go from feeling like I swallowed a small electric razor that has switched on to feeling like I have been thrown into a giant jewelry cleaner. lol. Maybe get your blood sugar checked? Praying for you and yours. Hopefully, you've got it resolved.

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I think you're right on! First, let me say I am not a doctor.

Some diabetics have what's called dawn phenomenon - even though you've been fasting for a few hours, in the very early morning your blood sugar can drop and your body will compensate and make your blood sugar rise. Diabetics don't have the same capacity to make the normal hormonal changes every morning that non-diabetics do. I would suggest to everyone that when they get that buzzing feeling (feeling like you swallowed an electric razor is a perfect description!), check your blood sugar! I get those feelings, albeit rarely, usually in my chest and legs around 4 a.m. in the morning. Good luck, everyone! These feelings are disconcerting, but probably mostly harmless considering what our bodies go through in the early morning so we can rise and start our day. However, they can also lead to discovering that you're diabetic!

Aha! This is me in a nutshell! Not sure how to get my fight or flight response checked though, lol. Apparently, it can strike at any time.

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RAM1952 in reply to sweetpea327

You can't get it checked. LOL I suffered from agoraphobia for about 10 years. Panic attacks (feeling that flight or fight response when there's no rational reason for it - you're not facing a bear in the woods, for example), are mind over matter. There is always a trigger, though consciously you may not realize it. Tell yourself that there is nothing wrong, you are not facing danger, and just let your body go through it. It's paradoxal - if you tell your body to face something, "go head, give me what you've got!", it realizes you're not afraid so begins to calm down. What our bodies go through during that "fear or flight" response when it's truly needed is remarkable!! No. 1 thought to have - you will not die, you are not going crazy. :)

Have you found a cure for the sensation? Mine happens every night now and I don't know what to do. Ambien doesn't keep me asleep but 5mg of a given does but Dr doesn't want me taking that everyday.

Hello .. just woke up from strong vibrations only in my head .. felt like my teeth were going to fall out.. this time it was painful.. so I woke and checked the internet and found ur ?.. I believe you may going thru an awakening like myself.. I think the vibration may be some kind of activation... on New Year’s Eve I had vibration (light) all over my body and could hear people around me.. mind I’m in sleep Paralysis.. I had to tell my self to relax.. I begin to float and could see the screen that is normally dark when we close our eyes turn on like a tv and the words Galatic Federation popped up ..A lot happening with me .. I have pressure in between my eyebrows and forehead everyday due to my third eye opening and tingles on my crown chakra.. anything new happen to u? I would like to know ..

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Philus in reply to Beaubeast

How are you progressing? Astral projection is very interesting, i hope you're at ease with your path

swedishblue ..same things happen to me at 1-3 am at early morning ,i am doing meditation from 2 years so this types of feeling is happening to me i feel that energy is flowing in my crown chakra to whole body is scary plzz help why its is happening....i even cant sleep ,but when i open eyes it stop...and when i close eyes it start happening.......

To all who are feeling these vibrations, check your blood sugar when it's happening!

I did. My wife is diabetic and she picked my finger. Looked good.

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I get that same weird energy/electric feeling, mostly during the night and I do check my blood sugar. (But it could be that for some!) Sugar ok. The only thing new I started at close to the same time me is Wellbutrin. I feel like if I had magic, some people should look out! lol btw just had labs done as well, and those came back normal.

I also get the "head explosions", which are totally different. Those end with the boom in my head. Btw I've heard those are common and harmless.

The energy/electric thing is weird and a bit scary. I just want to know what this new weird feeling is and if I can get rid of it. What if it's a pre-sign of something worse, like MS.

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Check to see if you have a smart meter on your house. Very dangerous. Call the electric company and tell them to remove it. Fortunate for me that I found a doctor that knows about the dangers of smart meters.Google the dangers of smart meters there is an endless amount of information out there about it. Google The Bioinitiative Report, published by bio-physicists from around the world explaining how it affects the body. Not good! If you do have a smart meter on your home get it off of your house.

Well, that was absolutely terrifying.

I had similar sensations for many months before my first epileptic seizure, although I've no idea if the 2 were connected in any way.

They came at any time in the day not just at night and they were especially associated with my jaw and arms.

I can still gets these sensations and I'm well controlled by my Lamotrogine epilepsy medication, I think it would be wise to discuss similar symptoms with your GP.

Hi, thanks for your reply. I hope its not epilepsy but it has crossed my mind on many occasions, though this has been ruled out by an epilepsy specialist. I have occasional deja vu episodes (occipital lobe linked) which the gp either doesn't believe, or more likely, doesn't think are important. They started after my sah and went on for years, but may have petered out, I'm not sure. I don't believe they are linked to the electrical buzzing body sensations though. The last one was around the time of starting this thread - one year ago, and they haven't been back.

I think you can be reassured by the expert and my pre-epilepsy sensations may have had nothing to do with epilepsy starting.

I'm lucky as I'm well controlled, when I don't forget to take my medication.

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Hi Sealuphone. I had clipping elective surgery. Unfortunately have a lot of neurological problem. One of them I started experience vibrating in my head when I try to sleep .it started 3 month ago gradually now very intensive Also I have smell from my nose and unbalanced. Can you explain more about how it started and do you have any symptoms before seizure. I have small children and worry it could happen any time. Thanks.


First, a disclaimer. I'm not a doctor and I can't state for sure that someone having these symptoms isn't experiencing some kind of clinical condition. But... I've had these buzzing/electrical symptoms for over 40 years. They feel intense and scary, like being electrocuted but without the pain. In my case, they are a prerequisite to leaving the body (having an out-of-body experience). The vibrations happen when one's consciousness has shifted to the subtle body, and that body remains in the same location (or near) the physical body. If one can actually move in that body away from the physical body, the vibrations cease. Then you will likely find yourself walking around your bedroom being quite surprised by the experience. Once the "energy" runs out, one is pulled back to the body. If you want to simply end the vibration experience instead, without leaving the body, then try really hard to move a part of your physical body, like a finger or a toe. You may feel paralyzed but will likely be able to move something eventually. If your situation is like mine, this will end the experience instantly. When this first started happening to be I found it to be quite disturbing and I hate for others to have to go through this with as little information as I had. Perhaps this post will add some reassurance that having symptoms described as many of you here are describing them, is not necessarily a sign of illness and is not necessarily dangerous. It may be a doorway to some very amazing natural experiences that our culture and medicine has yet to really address. Good luck!

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lovealwayse in reply to mur_suti

This is the exact description of what i have been going through since i was a child. Im on my path of spiritual awakening and it happens more often. Thank you for sharing so i can further research and learn more about my journey.

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Philus in reply to lovealwayse

Search Astral Projection, plenty of information on youtube, guides, reassurances

I definitely relate to what you are saying and it makes sense. When I have the shaking sensation its just after seeing visualizations right next to my bed.

What visualisations ??

They're called hypnogogic hallucinations (if you are a believer of science).

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Aliza910 in reply to mur_suti

Agree!!!! I make the most of these enlightening events.

cosmicdance profile image
cosmicdance in reply to mur_suti

you are a GENIUS!!! thank you🙌💖

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Dollypops in reply to mur_suti

You need to think happy thoughts when it happens and u can get yourself into an amazing lucid doesn't have to be scary :)

A'h thank you very much Mur_Suti. Your post is very credible as that's always been my interpretation too. I'm just too much a scaredy-cat to allow an 'out of body experience' to take hold and I generally resist succumbing. Your post certainly has given me reassurance to not panic. Have you actually had a proper out-of-body episode? Can you give me anymore information as its a fascinating topic.

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Philus in reply to swedishblue

Astral Projection... start there, head on to youtube. Enjoy... your ascending!

I just decided to look this up because it happened to me twice last night. It's happened to me one other time about 20 years ago and it the same exact thing. I was so happy to see this thread and know that other people have experienced this. Trying to explain this to anyone is so hard! I wondered if this is what people experience when they are dying. It's so bizarre!!!

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m1santhrop3 in reply to dcarr

Speaking from my own experience only, yes... absolutely

I see this is a bit of an older post, but I joined this site to respond to this. I've been on some sort of a journey as of late, and came across this post on said journey. Sorry for the book. I tried to be concise and descriptive enough to not be a painful read. Hopefully the punctuation helps ease the overwhealmth of the length as well.

I have experienced the feeling you are describing twice. Or rather, what I believe you are describing. The first time was when i flatlined in ICU after a very bad car accident (that is another story altogether). The second time, the time I want to relate to your question, was just before sleeping one night a few days later. I had a friend sleeping on this window/wall built-in shelf that was next to my hospital bed that plays a part as well.

This night was maybe 3 to 5 days after having extensive surgeries following a car accident in which I broke my back and became paralyzed. I mentioned flatlining, which was an amazing experience in itself and has a similar of energy to it. I also believe what you are describing is part of that process. Part of the process in which your consciousness leaves your physical body and travels between the physical plane and the spiritual, or ethereal plane.

This night, I was laying in that bed in pain, exhausted, and hooked up to heavy duty medication. This particular night I was covered in 2 blankets and still felt cold(month of October) as I was trying to sleep. I remember shivering with my teeth chattering, and holding on to that blanket. My medication had me so sedated that clearing my mind wasn't a very difficult prospect. Having just had the first experience, I sort of sought out a way to feel it again, and understand more. I had my eyes closed and I remember focusing on each little shivering fit I would have. At some point these shivers became a bit more immersive than just a response to cold. It was at this point that they became no longer shivers; and no longer a repeat series of shakes lasting for a few seconds at a time.

They became this immensely powerful, undulating sensation that I could not only feel, but hear as well. I remember feeling this energy coursing through me like an electrical junction. It was a gyrating, undulating energy that kept getting louder and louder until it was almost overwhelming.... almost consuming. It was so loud and powerful, yet so warm and good. It was almost a state of nirvana.

I was so distracted by this warmth and this electrical energy that I didn't think to look around at my surroundings. When I did, I was looking up at myself from underneath my bed. I had left my body again, but not like the first time. This time I knew I wasn't dead, but I knew I had left my body, though I don't know how.

I thought of my old house and instantaneously I was there. I knew and felt that I could see and go anywhere I wished. I went a few other places and saw a few other people. It was an amazing feeling. It was such an exciting and liberating feeling that I wanted to share it. I really wanted to share it with my friend Amanda, whom was staying that night at the hospital with me.

I hadn't ever really done much reading on astral projection outside of the basic idea. I couldn't ever manage to really meditate prior, so I didn't think this was anything I would ever be able to do. But I was able to do this, but I wasn't aware of how my soul engaged with others in respect to each other, and the physical/spiritual planes. This just felt so powerful and so good that I wanted her to feel it too. She had been such an awesome help, friend, and company the past few days.

I came back to my room and I saw Amanda laying there asleep. I shook her shoulder, and repeated her name like you normally would when trying to awaken someone who is sleeping. She wouldn't wake so I thought I would just pull her out of herself. I don't know if I really thought too much about whether I could or not, or how she would react, consequences, or effects, or anything like that. I just wanted her to feel it, so I kind of hovered beneath her while I was in a standing or vertical position. She was laying horizontally above me to where we made a "T" shape. I put my hands together above my head, up against her back, and began to lift her out of her body.

I could see her raising up from her body which was still laying down. It was almost slow motion, and my perspective was all over. I could see from every angle of the room. I was pushing her completely out of her body, and at this point Amanda woke up. She instantly disappeared from my hands, and I from underneath her. I opened my eyes and I was back in my body and Amanda was sitting straight up in bed. We looked at each other and she asked, "What the hell just happened?"

I told her I just lifted her out of her body, and it scared her a little bit. I didn't realize exactly how violating or scary, or how negatively that could affect someone. But we talked a little about it from there and I apologized. We are still great friends, but to this day I have still never been able to astral project again.

This is what I think you experienced. A rare time where you are able to feel the energy that is you. That energy which is a part of everything, and everyone, but contained in your body. If it happens again try not to fight it. That energy is so powerful it's scary, but if you trust it, and surrender to it, you will pass that point of fear and into a state of almost pure loving energy. It is impossible to describe perfectly, but it is absolutely beautiful and empowering. You won't be disappointed.

m1santhrop3, you will never know how much I appreciate your reply to my thread. I lost a dear friend yesterday, my daughter's father, and I hope this is what he felt before he passed. Thank you so much.

Sorry for your loss. You are welcome, I am pleased that my story gave you some sort of consolation during such hard times. Keep your chin up, and know that he isn't really gone. He has just transcended. We never really die. We just return to the source.

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amazing story. I hope you are on the road to recovery.

I can't believe how much you accomplished in one journey... one projection. Very interesting indeed.

If you want to go back to that point, i'd recommend heading on youtube to learn about techniques to enter this state.

Even with so many useful guides, i've just finished reading this book, it gave me the more subtle understanding that only last night on my first attempt for months, saw me reaching the virbational state twice:

I wish you the most luck with your journey beyound your body.

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Thank you for the response and the link. I will definitely take a look. I have wanted to experience that feeling again since it happened, but i have a hard time slowing my brain down enough to even just meditate. Tried guided meditation as well, with no luck. But i'm sure like everything, it just needs to be presented the right way for anyone to absorb it and understand it well enough to apply it.

I wish I could experience it . If only to connect with my loved one who is in a coma vs .

Sounds fascinating. I’d love to travel lightly .

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Impressive description. Beautiful, also. I got shivers reading it...

That ondulating, extreme vibrations? Yup, I have had 4 times (including the two last nights in a row), and if it is the beggining of an obe my god... Amazing and scary at the same time.

this was the most helpful thing i’ve ever read ❤️❤️ thank you. now i won’t resist when i feel it anymore !!!

Yes i have. Its like an electric shock. Not had it for a while but it happens when ive pushed myself to the limit

I wonder if the symptoms are related to Postparandial hypotension.

It was so interesting that I had to join to comment. I've had this experience once & almost a 2nd time. It felt good, but it scared me a bit. I AM going through a spiritual awakening. This awakening came after I went in & out of consciousness in an ambulance. My blood pressure was bottoming out from some serious health issues & being given an antibiotic I was deathly allergic to. It caused dehydration from throwing up infection, etc. That night I saw 3 things. First was black like someone put a cloth over my face. 2nd was a grassy field & third was a field of flowers. I considered this a near death experience. And when I recovered all kinds of strange & cool synchronicities began to happen. I obviously was glad to be alive & I started doing research on why all this was happening. There ARE alot of planetary things going on and alot of people going through this. I was sick for over 2 months & started doing natural & holistic things to help because the doctors were ignoring my hospital diagnosis of cellulitis & I had blocked sinuses, still waiting for a surgery. So I learned that this is our minds opening up to another dimension. Its at the same time as everyone on here has these episodes. And I'm believing it's a spiritual thing. It may be brought on by health like mine was but there are also other things happening. I can "feel" others energy & moods without them even speaking. I can tell when someone is not sincere Bo matter what the words are that are being said. I've always been able to sense bad was going to happen & my intuition has always served me well, but my intuition is is the strongest it's ever been in my life. My mind is clearer. I'm more focused. And ALL of this is a wonderful thing. If what I felt was an out of body experience, WOW

It does feel good & it's only happened like 1 1/2 times but yep, I did the research, am wearing healing crystals for all my chakras & have been doing healthy things for my body from using activated charcoal toothpaste to detox soap & colloidal silver to replace antibiotics. I JUST learned today that flourite in toothpaste calcifies your pineal gland in your brain. Something is happening to many people all over the planet. And I'd we are all having spiritual awakenings here, that's AMAZING!

Thanks for sharing & letting me share!👍💞

Same same SAME on the feeling people's energies and being able to tell their authenticity when speaking to you! I have gotten to a point that I can pin point a vibe just over a text or message- does not have to be face to face. My intuition has always been amazing but I'm just now going through my Awakening & realizing im a bit more spiritually gifted than I thought. Some of us are most likely being exposed to this state to keep our heads on the right track and continue our 5D ascention. I wish I would buckle down with meditating but I don't practice enough. I feel like that would help in these experiences tremendously.

I occasionally get a an electronic current like feeling in my head/ brain at times. This happens when I am awake and can be anywhere at the time. Strange feeling.

Yes I just had this same exact thing happen!!! This is second or third time it is scary as hell. I think the pattern I noticed is it happens when I am very tired and have not slept in awhile. Either way crap feeling. I couldn’t really think of what the feeling was either but went with the electric feeling also

Swedishblue....thank you so much for bringing this ailment up. I thought I was the only one around. I have woke up to this for almost 2 years, every single time I wake up. It's horrible. It attacks all my systems too. I also have a pulsating that goes on with it. I did find out I have sleep apnea but whenever I use a CPAP or dental device, my electrical sensations get worse. It's been a nightmare. I have seen many doctors, PT and tried different meds. and vitamin supplements. I'm sooo tired of it all. I just don't know what to do. I use ice pack on my head every time I wake up and put a small hard pillow in my back for about an hour or so to slow it down then I try to go back sleep (2-3 times a night), which isn't something I look forward to because I'm going to wake up with it again. It just surges through my body like someone put their finger in a light socket. I wonder if it's because I started liquid magnesium (ReMag) about that time that it's part of the problem? I took it for palpitations and leg cramps. It worked for that but I wonder if it relaxed the rest of my body too much causing sleep apnea and waking migraines with the electrical surging sensation. Course, hormones plays a huge role in all this too. Plus I do have fibromyalgia. Many doctors want to brush off everything onto that. I just dont believe it always the FMS. Nevertheless, I hope and wish to God that there was a name, medication and cure for this. Because no doctor has really given me good answers and here I am, it's taken over my life. I take Gabbapentin but it just skims the surface. And taken at night it seems to make me worse. So if ANYBODY has any concrete ideas about this, I would be eternally grateful. I'm so glad to see everyone here!!!!! This is unbelievable!

Thanks so much!

This really is our bodies shifting into a higher spiritual state. Search "Earth 5D shift" and you can read about it. Although the feeling is bothersome to some people like yourself, once you realize that it is a normal sensation associated with our energy and spiritual bodies acclimating to changes in our environment you will get used to it and start to feel the benefits it can bring about. These really are good, good, good, good vibrations!

There's nothing good about it when it causes migraines, stomach upsets and palpitations so bad that it makes a person sick. I don't believe it's a change in our environment either. It could be a shift in our system. But there has to be a remedy for it to help our bodies to get well. None of this is to be taken lightly. Its like having a finger in a light socket and leaving it there until it feels like releasing, slowly. Sleep triggers the pulsating, electricity which is making us sick. I was hoping there would be someone that had some solid answers to help us feel better physically. It would be much appreciated.

I have had my buzzing constantly for 15 years now ever since l sustained my TBI in 2003. The only time l don't buzz is when l'm asleep. It's like a phone is on vibrate in my body. Years ago l was given medication by the GP to try and stop it, but it didn't

I'm so sorry to hear that you've been through this for so long. Do you do anything that helps you feel better? What does this condition effect on you? Have you ever heard of Lhermette's disease? I'm sure glad you wrote. 😉

This is associated with abductions and tapping into alternate dimensions when your brain reachs very high frequencies while in rem and twilight stages.

100% the "aliens" have always been here tho.

Oh my goodness!! I know you wrote this 2 years ago so you probably wont see my reply.. But i know EXACTLY what your talking about. Its paralyzing!! Literally makes you drool the more you try to fight it. It feels like how id imagine intense shock therapy would feel. Its not just by random either. Its linked for me at least to my sleep paralysis as well and its terrifying. There's something going on as we sleep that we may never know. Its like spiritual attacks. I would wake up those mornings in complete pain and feel hungover. I try to remain conscious during these and this is the reason i call it spiritual attack. (Physical as well of course) but as i tried so so hard to wake up or scream or move anything!! I could not and the waves got stronger amd stronger, i was literally thinking in my head that a pain like this to the crown of my skull will make me brain dead! Thats how i felt (hence the drooling) then it started getting harder to even think! And i tried praying and every time i spoke oit Jesus Christ it got more and more intense and i just started screaming it in my head and it all suddenly stopped and in a panic i woke up and then woke up again! Both times i woke up o was still in my bed tho!! And the first time i quickly looked out of my window and then i woke up again in the same place on my bed with my curtains swinging. Crazy stuff is going on. This is just a personal experience and opinion. I have NO CLUE what is going on but all i know is its bad. Wicked.. These attacks slowed down A LOT since i found my faith after that night and got baptized. Science can only explain so much.. Sometimes we need to look past the text book studies and look into our ACTUAL bold mind blowing history which has been kept behind the curtains.

In July of 2016 i had the most strangest experience with the buzzing and vibrations at night. It was a very stormy night, thunder and lightning was going on all night as I found out when I awoke suddenly after my experience.

It was about 3-4 am and I lay fast asleep in bed. I felt an very subtle humming and buzzing sound, almost as if I was hooked up to a electric cable. The humming and pulsating grew extremely strong and felt like my solar plexus was in a direct feed to some major powerline. Suddenly the buzzing stopped, and I was floating through a bluish purple atmosphere and I could see lights and dark formless beings around me. Next I knew I was in a room and could hear the voices of people speaking a language that I could not recognize but i could understand them. In front of me was a projector screen with a live image of a person. I recognized this person as my self ( it was a past life avatar as I came to learn) I remember the details of the character and behaviours it had done, but i will spare to write them here. I saw another image flash up on the screen, and I couldn't quite understand who i was seeing but it was a hockey player...but I do recall seeing a nametag on the image, 'Bunny', which in a conversation with family about a year later, I came to realize was a relative who had passed in the 90s.

This is where my experience ended and it was more clear and more real than anything I've experienced on earth.

Immediately upon waking, I was extremely scared and had no idea what happened. I could feel a strong connection to a being nearby and it was sending me love and telling me not to fear.

I grabbed my phone and started googling what had happened. And this is the very interesting part...

It turns out I had been going through the astral realm ( which I didn't know even existed until this night) and I ended up in something called the 'akashic records' (which I also didn't know existed until this night).

The following night the same humming and buzzing started to come back but i was fearful and fought it from going further.

Every few months since, I have those humming buzzing sensations that want to overtake me but i fight it, partly due to fear of what will happen .

I had those humming buzzing sensations try to overtake me again this past night Dec 7, 2018 but I immediately stopped it. (2.5 years after my experience).

Just thought I'd put this out there to you all. Definately do your medical dillegence if you feel something is wrong. For me I see it as a spiritual awakening experience.

Thanks for reading if you got this far. Best to you all. And Google astral projection / realm and also akashic records.

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Thank you for sharing. There is so much that we dont know about a human experience and our bodies or who we really are. I am currently having the same vibrations, three times this year. At first, i was scared. It is not painful, it's like the sensation of too much energy, the buzzying noise. It felt like i am being lifted up, and that is where i got scared. At the same time it is an amazing feeling, and i agree with you i believe it to be a spiritual awakening. The thing is that, i dont even know how to explain it to other people. It is just so weird!

Just woke up from an afternoon nap and had the same electrical experience as described above with buzzing sound, not a constant buzz but sought of fading then intensifying. I was in the space between awake and sleeping. I felt as though I was making a conscious choice to try and levitate but as I felt myself rising the buzzing became way more intense. I’m not sure why I tried levitating I just felt compelled. As it all became a bit too overwhelming I focused my will to move my body and woke up and the whole thing stopped.

I had a few episodes of sleep paralysis about 15 years ago but nothing like this.

I’m open to all explanations, there is obviously so much unknown about the human experience. Just read autobiography of a yogi so mystical explanations have their appeal.

I just started a new job 2 weeks ago which is pretty physical so have been pretty exhausted, hence the afternoon nap. Nap time was between 1 and 3 pm. I’ve been doing daily meditation for about a year.

If it happens again I’ll make an effort to go with it although it’s pretty uncomfortable.

I don’t know about all this ascension business but there is something about Paul Selig’s work that really speaks to me.

Such a trip to be in this meat suit sometimes.

This is kundalini, spritual awakening. It occurs with a ringing in the ears. Your body is recieving downloads to raise your vibrations and go to the next stage of consciousness. The condition anxiety, isn't a real thing, the symptoms are real but the diagnoses is incorrect, it's made up by 'the man' to keep us suppressed and down. The feeling nervousness you feel that they say is anxiety is in the sacrel chakra and is actually drive and love for something your doing or going to be doing. The people who experience this could achieve more than people who don't have this feeling of drive. We could take over the world with this 'wiring' of ours, be better at things than people who don't experience this. That's what they don't want you to know.





Yes I have experienced this many occasions before falling asleep, feels scary, like a big surge of energy passes through my body or head, idk how to explain it, but a bolt of energy passes through me or something like that. Most nights it's like 1 or 2 seconds, from light to heavy sensation, but it does scare the shit out of me lol idk if this is a similar situation but sounds like it to me

Hey man. I got this really strong one night. No build up though, I was just sleeping and then I literally was being shocked to the point of pain and I couldn't move and I couldn't open my eyes and I thought that somebody or something had shot me with a taser or something. I was finally able to jar myself out of it sat up look around there's nothing there. The shock was way more than anything it there had to be a source to it. I like your own got it again but it was not as strong as more localized to the Head area. But email me if you want to talk about it or have any info about it

After a quick google search here i arrive.

I believe i experienced the exact phenomenon you and other people in comments described...!

The first time was 3 years ago, in an afternoon nap, in a time when i was trying to achieve lucid dreaming, paying attention to dreams, trying to become conscious inside them, etc. I was invested in spiritual stuff, reading a lot, etc. Some months later here's another episode, again in the afternoon.

In both times i was under the impression it was a "good", meaninful thing, although for sure a tiny bit scary. As in, something to do with the energies, the chakras, even the spirit, etc.

But maybe it's just sleep paralysis or something similar and ordinary. Don't know, really.

However, these two last nigths it happened again!

Like electric waves passing vigorously through by body! I felt shaken, and my limbs felt almost numb. I wish i had someone watching over me during the events. These things seem brief, maybe 10 to 20 secs, and i actually dont remember if i continue sleeping or if i wake up.

These two recent episodes come again contextualized in a mind/meditation training i've recently commited to. I noticed quite a lot of you referred meditation and OBEs, lucid dreaming as well...

Or maybe is just a brain responde to binaural beats, affirmations, etc. I wishxi knew.

Hi swedishblue,

I saw your post. Sad to know someone else is also suffering the same thing. I am not the only one who is feeling it.

I am having this thingy for about 2 years on daily basis. When i try to sleep and when i am having a sleeping sensation, my brain starts vibrating and my brain also buzzes like an electric current has flown through my brain, something is hitting and knocking my brain and some force is pulling out the soul out of my brain.When i am having this, I sit down immediately and it stop thinking. This happens when you are going to sleep and at that time you are thinking. This is the most frightful moment of my life which i am feeling from last 2 years.

Nobody could exactly tell me what is going on with me, not even the doctors. One of the doctors said that i am suffering from anxiety. so, coming back to the situation, as i was saying it feels like something is pulling the soul out of my brain and my brain is going to explode if i don't concentrate of the current environment at the front of my eyes. But when i stop thinking, my brain stops doing this vibrating thingy. I came to know about this method by my own. Secondly, some guys suffering from anxiety told me to work hard as much as you can so that you return home very much tired, then you will not be experiencing this thing. Believe me; it happened in starting days but when i got used to the routine, the vibrating thingy started again.

It happens to me every time but several times after brain vibrating, i feel like seeing net all over my eyes. Some of my friends told me that it is anxiety, some told me to go to Psychiatrist even a Psychologist.

After this incident i lost interest in life, i don't listen to music, i don't mingle with people, i lost concentration, i lost interest in job, when i am with friends at gathering i like to rush to my room and stay there. But when i am at my room i want to go out of home and have a walk.

Hope this would help you.

Cheers to life and middle finger to anxiety

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Had a quick zap mostly while trying to get to sleep,has flash with it-sometimes when a sound has woke me.

Hi everyone,

This is an old post but I can still see recent replies!

I too get the vibrating sensation all over my body right before sleep paralysis, which I only ever get when falling asleep rather than waking up. Is that the same for everyone else?

I also get an audio buzzing sound when trying to get to sleep which is very loud and so startles me back to being fully alert again. Sleep paralysis doesn’t follow this type of buzzing. Anyone else get that?

Also, has anyone else had unexplained strange symptoms during the day? I have a few including dropping sensations (not lightheadedness) and ‘brain fog’ moments where I can’t concentrate on anything at all, I can’t even spell very simple words! I would love to hear if anyone else has other weird symptoms and if they have any answers. The doctor has run some tests but found nothing so far.

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Cats23, I have the same strange symptoms during the day when this is "flared up". The dropping sensations-like being pulled down a bit, sometimes feel like I'm walking on a boat, brain fog, inability to find words. I have been diagnosed with atypical migraine with aura. Most of the time there is no headache like with a normal migraine. I do get pressure/congestion on left face. In the last year, I've woken up a few times either with full body shivering, or a feeling of electricity running through my body. I was also recently found to have severe problems in my neck spine on the left. I tried a cervical epidural, but it only slightly helped. They think the migraines are being triggered by my neck. I've tried many migraine preventative meds, and was just switched to another. I also have horrible ringing in my ear/head, that gets louder/worse when everything else is worse.

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Hi Dizzylizzy68, this is interesting - I’ve recently been wondering if it could be some sort of weird migraine. Funnily enough, I have muscle knots all across my left shoulder and into the left side of my neck. Do you find that the symptoms during the day are worse if you are tired? I have another doctors appointment in a week and a half so I will get back to you if anything else is mentioned that could cause/treat this!

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Absolutely worse if I'm tired! Ask your Dr about vestibular migraine and do some research on it. There are preventative medications that you can take that help most. As far as the sleep issues and tiredness, I personally would ask for a clinic based (not home based) sleep study. There could be sleep apnea (which makes migraine worse) or even a condition such as periodic limb movement disorder. This can manifest as numerous tiny micro twitching in muscles all over as you are trying to sleep, which feels like all over "zinging". I think I may have this, and am trying to get a sleep study approved. Sometimes the only symptom one realizes is non-restorative sleep. Other symptoms can be waking up with the feelings described in this thread- like electricity flowing through body. For me, I feel like my body is all ramped up, almost like it is pulsating. I will actually feel for my pulse in the neck, thinking that my heart must be pounding or racing, but it isn't! I read on a doctor's website that this feeling during sleep could be a symptom of anxiety or periodic limb movement disorder (and possibly other sleep disorders).

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Hi, sorry for the delayed response! I’ve been to the doctors a couple of times since and he’s still not sure what it is, I mentioned unusual migraines but he wouldn’t be happy with that diagnosis until other tests have been done so I’ve been referred to neurology. Are you any further with finding treatment?

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Hi Cats23, well the good news is that vestibular, basilar or atypical migraine (many variants, many names) WON'T kill you. The bad news is that it can be challenging to treat, involving lifestyle changes and trialling migraine preventative drugs. Your Dr is absolutely correct to send you to Neurology as atypical migraine is a diagnosis of exclusion. They must rule out other disease processes first and will usually do a brain MRI. But migraine is very common, and it can often change from the "normal" type, to a more subtle, ongoing dizziness, ear ringing, cognitive dysfunction, etc. A neurologist should be able to sort this. Diet changes, regular sleep, sometimes stopping female hormone meds all can help. Also the use of migraine preventative drugs. I mostly observe the diet triggers, but am having issue with my sleep unfortunately, and that's a big trigger for me. I take 2 migraine preventative meds now. I was well controlled on one for several years. Physical therapy for my neck and jaw has also helped. But so far, no "cure". It is something that must be managed, and typically will have (hopefully!) long periods of remission with proper treatment. Good luck at the Neuro!

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Hi Dizzylizzy68, I finally had my neurology appointment yesterday and he thinks it could be migraines but with something else like a sleep disorder as you mentioned, possibly narcolepsy (but not with the full loss of muscle control/falling asleep at inappropriate moments), so I’ll be going for a sleep study, EEG and MRI. Have you managed to get a sleep study approved or had any improvements?

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Hi Cats23. I just wanted to let you know that I've had the same symptoms. Symptoms started about 8 yrs ago and many have disappeared as time moved on. Doctors found nothing wrong with me. I am 100% healthy! Here's what's really going on.... This may sound a little "woo-woo" to you, but what I have discovered is that I, along with so many others that I know who are experiencing the exact or similar symptoms, are all going through a Spiritual Awakening. Please Google "Asension Symptoms". I'm sure that will bring you comfort! I'll bet most people reading these posts will relate to many "ascension symptoms". I also posted responses to several people here 5 days ago (8/1/19, I believe) & gave an explanation as to what is Exactly going on. Breathe, relax and believe that you are healthy! The mind is a Powerful instrument and can manifest healing, but it can also bring in "symptoms" as well, so maybe watch your thoughts as you explore. The "Vibrating" & electrical charges of Energy surging thru people is Real. We are being "Activated" by our Guides, which means they are extending their hands to us, sending in loving, healing energy and prepping our bodies so that we can hold more Light. I've received so much information over that last few years, I could literally write a book about all this. The future is changing. The entire planet is going through a vibrational transition. People's bodies are being adjusted in order to handle these higher energy frequencies. Scientists are beginning to notice these transitions as well. Check out my other posts for further explanation. I hope this reply gives you some peace of mind :-)

Hello:) this happens to me quite often. I have looked into it and the Astral Projection / lucid dreaming Phenomenon & the difference between the two has lead me to believe this is what is occcuring. Your conciousness (soul) can be separated from your physical body, (Atral projection) , and before this projection of the soul happens, your body enters a state of vibration. Your 3rd eye is awakened. You are entering another realm with different Beings. Possibly can see and hear them through your 3rd eye (not physical eye) I know this is a lot to take in, but do some research on the two topics.

When I was 33, I unfortunately received a text message that one of my very close co-workers had died in a train to vehicle collision. She was 29, married a year earlier, just bought a home and had a 3 month old daughter. At the funeral someone giving a speech said “this was part of God’s plan”. Something struck me and I though this was the most ridiculous thing I had ever heard. After this I spent countless hours researching religion, physics, earth science, evolution, psychology etc. trying to gather all knowledge about existence. I wanted to know the truth of everything no matter what the outcome and without bias. About a year later when I was 34, one night I had an experience. Nothing like ever before. I was coming out of a dream and it felt like my body was vibrating, as I was drifting back to sleep, I could still feel this vibration, it became very powerful, pulses of energy that I could not only feel but hear as well, The energy coursing through me like an electrical charge. It was an energy that kept getting stronger until almost overbearing, along with a fast beating sound or feeling. A base beat in my chest as if a helicopter was flying directly overhead. I felt an urge to push through with everything in had (if that makes any sense) to release an energy. I felt the strongest surge of energy that I’d ever felt, i felt like I was a nuclear weapon that had just detonated. I looked down and my body was made of tons of light particles expanding outward. I got a feeling that I cannot describe, a type of energy I couldn’t imagine feeling. I feel that I went through much more that night and forgot a lot of details but all I remembered was being in space, then meeting with a hunter gather like people about who knows what. Then falling through space into a imaginary world of huge flying colorful fish and landing in a crayon yellow river, floating down the river with these large fish for about 100 yards, then waking up. Sounds kinda wacky. I don’t remember any verbalization in that state. That morning i felt like a new person. I seemed stress free and everything seemed so clear to me. I slowly started realizing everything that I had ever been told was, not a lie, but rather misguided information and felt my mind had been brainwashed in a way and I had been snapped out of that train of thought. I was able to look at myself from an outside perspective. I was totally selfless and full of love. I was believing this whole time success was achieving material wealth, that I always needed to win at whatever cost, that I always needed to produce, needed to fit in, that a lot of things imbedded in my brain at a young age were socially constructed and not naturally derived. I had put so much stress on myself to achieve a certain job and status. I was living a life on a schedule and not living in the moment. I had this dream feeling one other time about 6 months later, feeling vibrations, however the beating feeling woke me up because it felt like a heart dysthymia. In time I find myself now slowly falling back into the routine I once followed. I felt so free, but realizing I have a mortgage, student loans and taxes. I am somehow a new person in a strange world. I see my old self in almost everyone I encounter. Everyone’s problems, wants and concerns seem so trivial to me now. I’m still trying to figure out how to incorporate what I learned from this experience into my already forged life.

I had this happen to me the other day... Was laying in bed in and out of sleep and all of a sudden it felt like electrity was going through my whole body? I couldn't move, say a word or open my eyes.

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I also felt this electricity and also vibrations. I tried to relax, started to fall back to sleep, felt a rush of energy, I was not afraid and went with the rush of energy. Crazy experience...

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It’s such a relief to know that many people have gone through the ame thing! Nobody I know has had sleep paralysis or any problems sleeping.

I have very vivid dreams and I can recall them sometimes


I’ve felt this before but it will happen at night. I just had this experience it was 10:55 AM and it was the strongest yet.

I was laying on my stomach, with my head turned to the left, my arms under my head and I heard a loud buzz. I couldn’t move (I’m getting used to letting it just happen) but I decided to open my eyes. I saw these gold/glowing rings going around my body, coming up above my head from my feet, each ring had a low buzz and vibration to it and the feeling was real intense. I just woke myself up and it stopped and the noise stopped.

Before this I dreamt of roaming around the house with no pants on.

Hi, it happens for me if i sleep late night watching mobile. Leave mobile or laptop aside, sleep early, and exercise daily to overcome this problem.

Hi, So i get this buzzing/vibration in my upper body only (arms and neck) happens couple hours after sleep (or immediately if i nap) I have seen about 20 Doctors and no one has the answer yet. did a sleep study, seen 3 neurologists, 2 Cardiologists, and plenty of family doctors and no one has any answers. Blood sugar dropping was one of my concerns but then when i wake up in the middle of the night while it's happening and take some juice still does not go away. i measure oxygen level and blood pressure all normal. it happens now every single night and i'm about to go crazy. the only thing i'm thinking now is that stress hormones are releasing when body is at rest. anyone has any possible answers please write me back.

I am a very spiritual person, and this has happened to me 2-3 times. I really do believe it is your soul trying to leave its body. The first time it happened to me. I focused in on the LSD- like hallucinations I was seeing and it made the “electric current” much more intense the more I focused. I reached a point where I felt my entire consciousness separate from my body and all I saw was white like I was standing in a white room. There’s a mirror at the food of my bed and in the white room it looked as if I were on the opposite side of the mirror because when I looked to the right I saw it and I also saw mirrors spinning up above me like a clock.

This sensation just happened to me moments ago so I decided to search it online and this time I did not see any hallucinations but felt the current and felt as if my body were going upside down and right side up. I also heard a repeated sound in my head sounding like it kept saying “you” and it was popping. I do believe your soul leaves your body when you sleep and it goes into other realities in which you call your dreams. I believe this based on one personal experience I had where I had slept over at a friends house and it seemed I woke up prior to my body waking up and I felt my consciousness spiral into my body at in insane speed and I woke up. That made me believe my soul travels while our bodies sleep and repair themselves.

Ok so this started happening to me about a year ago with the small vibations through my body and the felling of being sucked out of your body and so on ........ but does anyone know how to make it stop the past 30min i have been fighting to stay awake because this time it was different i started to fall asleep but then i see someone in the corner of my eye and i cant move , an a brighr flash blinds me and then the scariest thing happened a loud screeech awoke me with the feeling of a lightning bolt bouncing back and forth in my my head ,it actually hurt so bad that my head and ear drums are still throbbing 30min later someone please help

You maybe having a spiritual awakening

i am also feeling the same senstaions since three years . for the first time i was very scared ...but now i am in habit ...i know it will last for a minute or less still when it starts i get frightened i try to console at that time "its all right it will end soon" but i can't help ....i can think during that time understand starts when i am about to sleep or in the phase of sleeping ...sometimes it feels like i have my eyes open and i can see everything around me which are actually correct ...but when i suddenly wake up after that electrifying experience i realise that my eyes were not really open also feels like something is pulling me up and my legs are moving upwards makes me feel really scary ...but in reality my legs are not going up ....i just feel like this

when you get that feeling try to pay attention whats running around you. i get feelings like i get shocked in the ankle, nauseous and confused, do you? i noticed it happened every time my refrigerator,HVAC or anything with a certain vibration or sound would come on then get a little better when it goes off. if you happen to notice this going on with you ,please let me know. thanks

hello< om having the same problem. has anyone ever noticed what was going on around them to trigger the feeling and does it come and go and make you nauseous and confused out of nowhere then go away and worse when standing flat footed?

Hi all. I see that after a long time this conversantion is still going and more ppl are having this experience. I was desperate to find one like this. Just to find out I'm not alone. As when I talk about this to my close ppl, they do listen, but I feel they understand it only as dreams.

I will share my experiences as well. Not sure how long it will end up to be, but I will try to discribe with as many points that others can relate or even learn about it. It will contain details and what I believe inner/soul movements that led me to and through it . Please, feel free to comment. As this "thing" fascinates me and I would love to know more about other ppl experiences, progress and insights.

My first exp. happened about 2 years ago. It came shortly after my sudden shift from blindly unspiritual victim ego driven sad and deeply unhappy person. One day out of the blue I decided to change something about my life. I had no idea why or what. It felt like very natural and easy decision. So I changed my job. Might seem unlikely thing but later in my journey I found out it was an act of self love, which I hadn't felt for 30 years. After that a LOT of synchronicities started to occure. And "dreams". Which were nothing like ordinary ones. Visions and voices upon my awaking. One whispered a poem in my head that contained a title of a book, which I could never even heard of. I bought it that day and it really spoke to me.

And then one night I felt this buzzing in my arms. I was concious but asleep. In my head I was reasoning but couldn't and didn't want to wake up. It took me down a tunnel. It was amazing drive and I wasn't scared at all. At the end of it was a personal message/hint which I had to work out after I woke up. I was so intrigued by this dream I started to search acording to this hint on google. The search was very intuitive and there were no doubts about what I was doing. It led me to a passage from the Bible where God is assuring not to be affraid of his plan.

Then this buzzing stopped for more than a year. I even forgot about it.

The second time it was a transition from a dream where I was on a bed in a room that had a beatuful feel to it instead of detailed visuals. The door kept opening and nothing was coming in. I closed it couple of times but then I felt something coming in that I could not see. It was "telling" me to sleep but I heard no voice. I did not want to. But then I just had no choice and "fell asleep". It all went completely dark and this energy was in my entire body. It was not harmful nor did it feel malicious but this time I got scared as it was loud. More I feared it louder it got. To the point where the sound got really high pitched level and I couldn't bear it anymore. I woke up. But strangely enough I felt super calm and even grateful for feeling like that. I could still feel the energy fading away.

Third one was also very intense. I was walking down a dark street where I saw mostly silhouttes of things. Then by a huge entrance of a building there was a silhuette of a man which I sensed was my long dead father to whom I had never forgiven many things to that point in time. (I believe it wasnt really him, like his ghost or something, rather my notion or feeling about him that I carried with me all my life). Immediatelly I felt the presence again. The one from the room. I knew I had to "go" again. Before I had a chance to even try to refuse I fainted and it all started again. The darkness, the buzz, the sound. It got even stronger this time. For the first time I tried to talk to it to let me be. But as I was opposing it, it went louder. Then suddenly I saw many images (photo-like) one after another. It was very very fast. There were some animals and men. Lots of diferent faces. I stopped fearing, curiosity had won. I asked it to get slower as I couldnt catch up with the pace of it. It slowed down and I could see last 2 faces. Uppon awaking as my whole body was vibrating I felt a genle warm touch on my face as if someone was stroking me. But very curious thing about it was that it removed a tingling hair feeling from my cheek that I could alredy feel as I was waking up.

I had many more of these "dreams" which unfortunatelly I don't keep any journal of. So after some time I get them a bit mixed up as they were not as detailed as those ones above. I just pick some points.

* Fighting it as if physicly brought me to a dream where I fought air literally. It really felt like fighting myself in a kind of mirror.

* I can usually feel as if someone was touching / grabbing my feet and ankles. Last time I was "fighting it" it started to pull me up to the ceiling by my feet. That was super scary. Someone mentioned that in comments which I really appreciated to read. :)

* In later occasions I started to be able to realise I'm actually dreaming on which I normally wake up (sadly) But once I managed to fly, but only in that dream. I haven't experienced OBE.

* I'm a woman. I noticed those buzz dreams occur shortly before my periode. I believe it's due to hypersensivity.

* I noticed they don't happen when I'm very tired. Usually when I'm well rested and have additional afternoon nap.

* I can never will them to come.

* I have a strong belief that it has nothing to do with the physical or mental health. At least in my case. As I see no paterns.

* I do meditate, but I was never able to achieve this. I still have a lot in my mind going on to prevent it.

* I believe what's happening is that our higher self is touching our concious points when it's allowed by us. Some ppl (as I feel myself to be) are reachable only in the dreams (at least for some time). I hope so. :)

* I always find some kind of message in them. Very personal. In form of assurance if I'm doing something right or a hint on what to do next. But usualy very subtle and indirect.

* As I mentioned above. Self love and faith are big aspects of those dreams. As well as futility of fear.

Well, if any of you got this far please let me know what you thoughts are. I'm looking forward. And going to have a little nap. ;D

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I have had this buzzing feeling pretty much every day try and relax when it happens again because your having a OBE there is 3 stages too this buzzing,

Vibrating, and last is out of body experience trust me its cool when it happens when you see your self sleep😁

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Hi! I have also "vibrated". It's happened about 8 times in the last year. The first time this happened, I was fully awake and began vibrating on a massive scale. The best I can describe the sensation is like this: picture lying on a metal table that begins vibrating at an incredible rate that makes your entire body surge with electricity. It felt as though all my cells were vibrating! Crazy experience! I know many may not be experiencing the vibrations in such an overwhelming way but for me it was intense!! After about 30 seconds, I then literally began being pulled out of my body. At first, I was scared. I thought I was being "abducted" & I said "No...!" And immediately I swooshed back into my physical form. I was still vibrating though. And as I laid there, wondering what the hell was going on, I prayed and said... " okay, God, if this is something beneficial for me to experience and if this experience is full of your Love, then I'll allow it". As soon as I gave "permission", I swooshed completely out of my body and seconds later I opened my eyes and was floating in the Universe. There are a lot more details I can give but I am going to cut this short. Bottom line, this experience was the most REAL & peaceful experience I've ever had. This was not an OBE. This was something slightly different. Since that first time, I have been on an incredible journey & have received answers as to what is going on...not only with myself but with the entire planet. We're in for an incredible, amazing ride!

I got spiritual vibrations in my head, and there was a high pitched ringing in both of my ears. I left my eyes closed. But it was really loud. I was able to control the pitch, so I naturally made it higher. I saw some swirls in my mind. I was not able to move my body freely, it felt like it had vibrations and it was numb a bit. I look to the right and see a black small spirit looking at me from 1 to 2 feet away. It didnt feel evil, but I still prayed for protection for me and my loved ones. This experience happened again after the first one.

Hate to burst a few bubbles but it's a neurological issue, not a spiritual one. There's plenty of info on parasomnias (sleep disorders) like Exploding Head Syndrome (not as alarming as it sounds) or Sleep Paralysis, online. I have a rare degenerative motor neuron disorder and get all these weird symptoms and more but sadly it is nothing more exciting than my brain/neurons misfiring due to an chemical imbalance here or my wonky genetics there. I'd far prefer it to be something as fun as a 'spiritual awakening' but science triumphs in the evidence stakes this time round. Anxiety also makes it far worse, so calming activities before bed are useful - try magnesium as well. Meds can also be culprits; anything that plays with serotonin, GABA or calcium channels, are likely to make matters worse - antidepressants, benzos or things like Pregabalin, Gabapentin etc. However, in all first instances, it's advisable to see a medical professional for a work up - don't just assume it's your third eye opening 😏

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I’ve realized the person who tells you they have the answer and it is most certainly not any other possibility is usually wrong. This type of thinking has held science back in the past. Example. Einsteins biggest blunder was telling Georges Lemaitre his physics on red shift in the universe was atrocious, later to find out 2 years later he was wrong. Science is ever changing. 🤔

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Podkin, I agree as I unfortunately took gabapentin for seven months and then quit cold turkey. It’s been a year now and thankfully all the withdrawal symptoms except this have gone. Although I won’t discount the spiritual stuff I have to say in this instance (for me) it’s definitely a neurological issue. Unfortunately no one seems to know how to fix it except going back on gabapentin which is absolutely out of the question. Weed seems to be the only thing to knock me out but unfortunately it’s not an option as my job won’t allow it.

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In your case, you may be 100% correct. However, for others, it may truly be spiritual. I know that is the case for me, at least. I have vibrated about 8 times in the last 3 years. I don't take any medication, drugs, etc. I am of sound mind. The 1st time I "vibrated", I was pulled (with my free will permission) completely out of my body and opened my eyes into a new, fantastic etheric reality! It was a paradigm shift for me & completely unexpected. I now have answers as to why these massive vibrations are occurring within tons of people throughout the planet. I hope you are doing really well. I wish you Healing. I was actually paralyzed at one point in my life because of a virus that attacked my nervous system. I was literally dying but through Faith, I was miraculously healed, leaving the doctors completely baffled! It was Awesome! I hope you also heal Completely and I wish you a Great, fulfilling life! :-)

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I started with in my 30's with the exploding head syndrome then lucid dreams in my 40's. My dreams would be in a familiar setting but I would be able to tell that something was not correct and once I noticed that I was then able to change the dream to anything that I wanted. To me this was driven to my deepest desires. Once you knew you were dreaming you could do anything. My trouble with this is that I was unable to stay in this state but for such a short period of time.... but a VERY VERY GOOD TIME!!! Now in my late 40's and maybe a bit more stressed in today's world I get a mix of the electrocution/shaking and normally followed by a really bad dream and other times I'm creating the next best movie with a mix of lucid dreams. I also can wake up from all of the above and go back to sleep and pickup where I left off multiple times. Not worried here because there are some good points but it is really odd though.

i did experience the thing.. im not sure if mine is the same with yours. what happened to me is when im dreaming, the agenda is changing and then i started to feel the high vibration inside my head. im not sure where it is but it was inside my very head. it vibrates in quite high ampiltude. after experienced it several times, i finally have a way to wake from it which is i have to try to speak because when its happening, i know that it was a dream and if i speak in the real world, i would awake even if its only a little voice. eventhough, i have to put a lot of effort into it in order to bring out my voice out and it is tiring. there are times when i was tired of it and wont continue to try to speak because it was very tiring and finally let the thing goes on. i dont know why when it happens, the situation always make me scared, like if there were ghosts and thats why i would struggle to wake up and make the end of it. due to the vibration that it happened, sometimes i can even control for it to occur. sometimes i can even make it happen myself. just create the vibration inside my head and keep it increased and cling! it happened..

I've had this buzz in my head that surges me awake sometimes. When I'm falling asleep it shocks the back of my brain and causes my hearing to surge with it too(my fans always on when I sleep). Well tonight kinda broke me and I needed to find out what the hell was going on.

I was laying in bed. Falling asleep. And I start getting these head shocks I guess. It would shock me back awake. It would keep me from sleeping. But I fell asleep anyways. Well it persisted into my dream. In my dream I had to get out of bed to stop the surges. So I did. Next thing I know I'm seeing through my eyes lying on my back on the stairs level with the ground below me so that only my neck and head are touching the stair. And I can't move at all. I keep getting those shocks. I can't move my body and my head is stuck looking at the faint image of the stairwell. I kept thinking I have to get out of here. I have to sit up. What's happening to me? Why can't I move why are my legs off of the stairs. What the hell is going on? Last shock hits me. It jolts me awake and I'm left confused and terrified. Someone please help!

Omg! I had just fallen asleep.... about 45 min in and I was dreaming that I was laying in bed on fb. I started to hear a VERY loud electrical Buzzing sound. The felt it start to take over my body. Slowly working it’s way up from my toes to my head. I was laying on my stomach. Then...: I felt as if my whole body was vibrating. The electrical currents were running though my body and I was scared. I tried opening my eyes and waking up and all I saw was bright lights right in front of my face. Then I felt immense pressure on my back. Then I felt as if hands were going under my body and lifting me off of my bed. I started to attempt to scream

In Jesus name! But my tongue was stuck on the side of my mouth. After my 5-6 attempt I said it and it immediately

Released and I could sit up. My left ear was in pain (the ear that was off of the pillow.) and my entire body felt cold. My back was in so much pain. I’m so thrown off and freaked out.

I have this buzzing feeling everyday i try my best to hold it but it freaks me out where im forced to wake up its to intense to control anyone has advice for this

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Hi! I just posted a reply explanation under the name Yelliw Tulips. It begins with: "I KNOW EXACTLY what is happening to the majority of you & it is nothing to fear. In fact, what's occurring is EXCITING!!"

Please check it out if you're still feeling "freaked out" about your experience. :-)

Ever since I was in high school (about 15) I’ve had this weird sensation. I would either be just about to fall asleep state or just waking up state. What I’m about to describe has happened over 100 times to me. It went away for awhile but it comes back every now and then. I’m 28 now.

If I was falling asleep, I’d get this urge like something was going to happen. Like I could feel the moment I was going to have a nightmare. But I would be COMPLETELY conscious. Sometimes something would trigger it. Specifically, one time I pictured a scary old ladies face and it triggered the sensation immediately. I was so scared that I would try to stay awake. I mean this happened almost every night.

I tried to sleep with I iPod ear buds in one time and it still happened and I could still hear the music.

It felt like I was panicking. I couldn’t move but like something was out to get me. One time I took a nap in the middle of the day with my gf at the time and I heard whispering. Almost like chanting over and over again during it. Over the years I have napped or been asleep and tried so desperately to wake my partner but it’s like they don’t even know. I used to ask my gfs to check my heartbeat if they woke up at night and wake me up if it was really fast because it was probably happening.

It happened so much to me that I got used to it and it didn’t scare me as much anymore. I had come to expect it. I started researching other people’s experience and I feel like everyone had a different answer but no one was truly RIGHT.

There were a few times that I feel like I was exploring my house and it looked really dark and I could see spots of shadows floating. It was so scary. Sometimes I would be halfway in the ground with an obscured view of my room or house. I tried praying when I was really scared and it seemed to get worse.

All of the above would happen when I would just be waking up as well only I couldn’t sense it coming. I mean, it was happening so much it almost felt like if I nodded off to it, it would happen EVERY time. So I would desperately try to kick myself awake. I was so familiar to the sensation and scared of it at one point that I would also have nightmares about it and I couldn’t tell the difference between the real sensation or a nightmare.

Well last night (June 3rd, 2019) it happened again only different this time.

I was lying in bed (I had just fallen back asleep last time I looked at the clock was 12:06am my dog woke me up barking outside). I suddenly felt like I was at work (I open at a gym) hearing gentle 80’s pop music and I remember thinking “oh no I can’t see my gf”. Seeing my gf next to me during the experience gives me comfort. Then suddenly everything was pitch black and I was flying straight up really fast. I mean really fast in a straight line up. I remembered one time, I fell through the floor during this experience and was able to feel like I was flying. It was so fun. Anyway, I remembered that and tried to mimic it but it didn’t work this time. No matter which way I tried to fly, I was going straight up. It was pitch black but I could see what looked like broken lines like you see on the highway. I struggled to fly away from the lines but it was like I was being pulled up.

Then I stopped being pulled and it was like I was stuck in place in the air. I then felt a MASSIVE surge throughout my body. I have felt surges, almost like tingles before during these experiences, but this was MASSIVE. I couldn’t move. This was all I could feel. I felt like a teenager again with all the fear again and gently said “help me, God” and it ended IMMEDIATELY. I woke up and went straight to the clock and I’m sure it said 2:46am. While still laying in bed, I ran my hand over the hairs on my entire body and all the hairs were standing straight up. But here’s the really weird thing: after all of that, I looked at the clock and it was 2:06. And I could feel a presence in the room. I’m not a scared teenager anymore but I still feel uneasy about it which is why I came to read other people’s posts for comfort. Remembering I am not the only one who experiences this comforts me but also makes me sad that other people are losing sleep and maybe even scared.

Anyway thanks for reading my story.

Hi! Don't let this scare you! Everything is good. Thank you for sharing your Amazing story!!

I just posted (8-1-19) an explanation of what is occurring under the name YellowTulips. Check it out if you're still feeling unsure of what happened to you.

Well just now I woke up and googled what I had experienced to see if I could find anyone that had had the same happen to them and I stumbled upon this ..what happen to me is not exactly what happen to you but somewhat similar. I was almost asleep u know where ur between awake and asleep then out of nowhere I heard a loud clap I recall it sounding so real and so loud and fallowing that loud clap I felt a surge of electricity go thru out my whole body it felt so real as well.

I just had a weird one guys but similar to this. I was controlling things in my dream and the more I focussed on it the stronger the vibration became. I was like creating an orchestra for whatever reason in my dream and when the music started playing it felt like the most intense feeling of electricity ever and the more the music played the more i was slipping into what I can only describe as sleep paralysis. It was weird tho because the music was nothing I've ever heard before it was beautiful and more vivid sounding then anything in real life. That is what shocked me out of it. The shear reality and beauty of the music.

Wow, Liam! Sounds to me like the "music" you "orchestrated" was of "Celestial Realms", hence the beauty in it.

I just had a weird one guys but similar to this. I was controlling things in my dream and the more I focussed on it the stronger the vibration became. I was like creating an orchestra for whatever reason in my dream and when the music started playing it felt like the most intense feeling of electricity ever and the more the music played the more i was slipping into what I can only describe as sleep paralysis. It was weird tho because the music was nothing I've ever heard before it was beautiful and more vivid sounding then anything in real life. That is what shocked me out of it. The shear reality and beauty of the music.

I KNOW EXACTLY what is happening to the majority of you & it is nothing to fear. In fact, what's occurring is EXCITING!! Over the last 3 years I have "vibrated" on a Massive scale at least 8 times! At first, I searched for answers & found nothing until a year ago when I laid down for a "healing hypnosis" session conducted by my lovely & talented, sweet daughter, Davina. She is a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapist (QHHT) currently practicing out of Wilmington, NC. (You can find answers & peace, etc through her blog & website: Miracles happen through her!! Check it out!) For the majority of you, this is Not a medical condition. Instead, this is part of a Spiritual Awakening! I am going to assume that most of you FEEL, or are beginning to feel, a Connection to your Higher Self? And to maybe God the Father/Prime Source Creator of All? If so, do you feel there is a fire burning beneath your feet that says, "There is something inside me that screams I AM meant to do Mighty things!! There is a purpose within me that transcends the world! I want to help lift mankind out of their difficulties! I want to help transform this beautiful planet! Etc...." If you are "vibrating" & experiencing these type of thoughts, then what is occurring is "Activation". This may sound a little "woo-woo" to some of you but I am telling you the Truth. are all going to begin to see people on a massive scale experiencing this & using these type of terms. YOU people are the Forerunners to a Global Massive awakening, so Rejoice when the "vibrating" occurs because "Activation" means that your Guides are extending their Healing hands to you...they are bringing Light Codes into your body. These loving Light Codes are opening the cell structures, just slightly, & changing the composition of the DNA in order to "upgrade" the body so that you all can receive more Light, Joy, Knowledge & Guidance for your next important steps on this earth. Again, if you feel led to, check out Davina's website. She has answers & links to other websites who are trying to assist people in stepping out of the confusion this world plagues us with so that we may instead step into our True Selves and feel...maybe for the first time...Wonderful about our selves & hopeful for the Bright Future that is 100% coming!! I hope this message helps you all feel more relaxed. Please feel free to ask me questions. I'll help in whatever way I can. Have a Wonderful, healthy day!

YellowTulips, it seems as if you found some deep perspective with these experiences. I also think it is something more than a medical issue. About 3 months ago I felt these vibrations for a fourth time in 2 years. Every time is random, I cannot bring it on at will. All 4 times the experience was beyond my normal comprehension. However, the last time was the first time I realized I was conscious and not in a dream state. Were your 8 experiences random? Can you think of anything (time of year) etc. that brings them on for you?

Nope, completely random!! :-)

In fact, in the last 3 months, my son has now "vibrated" twice, and a friend of ours, for the first time, vibrated as well (3 times over the last month and a half!) These were all random events...nothing to catapult the body in that direction. They both, however, are on an ascending, spiritual journey, trying to connect with their Higher Selves & their purpose on this earth. When our friend vibrated for the third time a couple weeks ago, he actually SAW one of his Guides enter the room!!

One of the main things I've learned is the more you "get out of your way" and push your "chattering mind"/the "ego mind" (that worries & fears & doubts, etc) aside, and instead just "Go with the Flow", trusting that God/Source has your back, the more you elevate in consciousness and That's when you're able to "Connect" and feel more like your True Self and that's when true peace & Joy & "Miracles" come into your life! There are soooo many experiences and things I'm learning...I wish I could tell EVERYONE!! (I even have crazy pictures I've taken that prove we are not alone but are guided) And this spiritual journey can be So Easy!! All you need to do is just BREATHE and move forward and Think GOOD Thoughts. Don't let your "mind" guide you, instead let all decisions be guided through the love that comes through your Heart. If this is resonating with or intriguing anyone, I'm going to throw out some key words that may assist if you Google them...

"Synchronicities", "Ascension Symptoms", "seeing repeating #s, like 11:11, 2:22, 12:34, etc", "QHHT", "the New Earth" & "Allison Coe" (on YouTube), "ECETI", the URANTIA Book (My favorite Awakening's packed with Amazing info)! If anyone wants to talk to me or email me, you can through my daughter's website...

and then she can pass on my personal contact info. I just want to be there for anyone who wants help or insight. Hope you all have a great, fulfilling day!

Hello YellowTulips, whereabouts in the States do you live?

Just outside Wilmington, NC!

I'm not sure if you're aware of this website?

I'm not aware of it! I'll check it out. Thank you!!

Yes! I started my spiritual awakening in 2017 but the vibrations every night started in 2012 and have been ramping up and getting stronger ever since. I have learned how to harness the energy when I wake and I can use it as a healing energy like Reiki in my hands. You can read my response to this post down below. This is definitely part of human ascension and enhancement of the collective consciousness awakening. It is nothing to fear or try to get rid of. On the contrary you can use the energy to calm your body and heal yourself if you let go and stop being afraid of it.

I’m just now seeing your response. Beautifully said!

Hi Swedishblue! You're the one who started this post 3 years ago, right? Thank you for doing that!! It's obviously led so many here who are searching for answers. :-)

I live just outside of Wilmington, NC

Greetings from Hampshire, UK! Yes, I started this thread on 'Headway' which is a brain injury website in the UK. 99% of the respondents haven't had a brain injury, but neither do I believe that my experience relate to one. I had vibrational episodes a long time before my head injury. It always fascinates me to read other people's accounts and beliefs. Thanks for replying.

Hello, I have an answer! In my case definitely and maybe yours, it is most likely an issue called Dsyautonomia or related to a "POTS" syndrome. (ANSWER: Sleep with your head at about a 45 degree angel above your heart. Like a slightly upright hospital bed). Which is a automatic nervous system disorder and/or a form of orthostatic intolerance. The development of symptoms that come on when standing up from a reclining position, and that may be relieved by sitting or lying back down ( in my case and in some others, the opposite, from down to up). Link of SOURCES at the bottom. Here is my story;

When all this vibrating first happened, I was really freaked out. Thinking it had to be practical things at first like the air condition machine, washer/dryer, micro earthquake, and of course the most rational, the paranormal lol. This vibrating issue was happening 3 to 4 nights every other month or so over the past year. But then over a few more instances, and a little of my own tests during those episodes, I found out it was me that was vibrating, not my environment. So, I had to do the good ole process of elimination; This only seemed to happen at night when I was laying down. But then when I got up, it stopped. It had to be something with that action. That lead me to more "official" medical sources. And so, I looked in to stuff related to the systems that are being activated and/or affected with that action. And thus, my rabbit hole began lol- My "vibrating" issue for me, was immediately resolved by keeping my head at about a 45 degree angle above my heart when sleeping. This is essentially tricking the same system that was tricking the rest of me, which was giving me episodes.

Understanding this and how it worked, resolved my short term vibrating issue almost immediately. I am doing this nightly till I can get proper treatment. The most common "relief" and symptom treatments (as there is no cure) are attributed with positive lifestyle changes (i.e. diet, exercise). I was searching online for answers but there really wasn't anything but these forums (before I found my source), with everyone still guessing as to what it could be. So, having done some research, and being validated with resolving my own personal issue, I had to come back here to post. I saw this forum when I first searched myself. Hoping this will help the next "me" -


"Google search"- POTS syndrome

"Google search"- Dsyautonomia.

("The Encyclopedia of Neuropsychological Disorders" edited by Chad A. Noggle, Raymond S. Dean, Arthur MacNeill Horton. Pages 269-271.)

The link will be below (copy/paste);

I'm, months later, sleeping at an angle...have the "vibrations" stopped? Also, do you see repetative numbers? 11:11, 2:22, etc? And do you get these vibrations running through your body during the day now? Does it feel like gentle, sprinkling rain suddenly racing through your body? When you're outside, if you close your eyes and face the sun, does it look red behind your eyelids as would be expected, or do you now see colors? Greens, yellows, etc?

Well mine body has been vibrating for 2 yrs now. it isn't like and electricity. It just vibrates in a low level frequency. Strong at night but have experienced it in the day time too. If I nap in the afternoon, if I am concentrating I can feel it but less noticeable. It is definitely stronger at night either in my back if laying flat or laying on my stomach can feel in my chest. BUT I have experienced this vibrations in hands, feet and other area but definitely more common in my back and front.

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I get this also.. Low vibrational.. Constant even during the day... If I nap I feel it more then when I'm actually sleeping at night. I can feel it before I open my eyes... I feel it right now in my arms and back...

Energy flowing through you. Kundalini awakening! Look it up plus Ascension Symptoms

you may be experiencing you body going into sleep paralysis

I have experienced the same for 3 nights at exactly the same time between 3:00 am and 4:00 am. This happens when I am just about to sleep. The first day I thought it was an earthquake since I thought my bed was vibrating. It hasn't woken me up from my deep sleep but whenever I am about to sleep or semi awake I feel this vibration.

Same! It's Energy flowing through you! I posted an explanation (5-19-20)

I have been experiencing electrical pulsating every single time I wake up for over 3 years now. It's scary because it comes on so hard that I feel like I'm going to have a heart attack or stroke. No doctor has been able to identify it. I've been to so many different doctors, even a holistic/alternative doctor, tests, meds, PT, Aternative methods and strategies, 5 sleep doctors, diets, sleep strategies, things for migraines, relaxation techniques (makes it worse), classes on Brain Training, massage, cranial sacral two different technicians, nothing even touches it. Most of the time it makes it worse. Spiritually, I'm exhausted there too. How hard do we pray? God, where are you? Going to church is out of the question because all this happens when I wake up, even when I doze. If I feel like I'm getting ready to doze, I can feel it coming on. And on horrible days it lingers all day. Im thinking about going to an acupuncturist. I am hoping she will help me. Some people experience this once in awhile, I'd say to them to feel blessed because this contantly happening will mess your whole life up. Spiritual awakening? I just don't believe it because all the positive words in the world wouldn't make this go away. Plus even accepting it still causes havoc on my body. If I take meds. it just puts me to sleep and then I WAKE UP TO THIS AGAIN. It feels like the whole body pulsates with electricity surging through my body. The more I sleep the worse it gets.! I have suffered horribly. It feels like someone is torturing me. Is there anyone that has answers to fix this? Pleeeeease help me!!!!! I'd be eternally grateful

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Do you feel cold? I get it too through out the day.. I mostly fell it on my back arms.. Makes me feel nervous. People say it's an "Awakening"... I mean isn't it suppose to feel good if we are being closer to the Creator. I've just joined looking for answers as well.

Yes the same thing keeps happening to me at around 1:00 am but I let the buzzing get stronger and I woke up in sleep paralysis

Your mind is "Awakening"; your body becoming "activated". I recently posted an explanation about this (5-19-2020) It's happening to so many around the globe right now. It's really cool & nothing to fear

What you are feeling is your energy body. If you have heard of your chakras these are the energy centers of your body that hold this energy. This is a normal function of being human. It is nothing to fear. In fact by enhancing and learning to harness and heal your energy body you can heal ailments in your body and feel stronger over time. Sometimes a person feels their energy body buzzing as their astral body is leaving or returning during sleep or dreaming and because you are not usually fully awake you may be aware of the paralysis that occurs naturally during sleep to prevent you from acting out dreams or sleepwalking. Lucid dreaming allows you more control over this.

Currently, we are going through a collective awakening of human consciousness on this planet and this ramping up of our energy bodies is part of that process. Ways that you can empower yourself so you don’t feel afraid is to know that this is a normal part of you. Learning how to lucid dream can help you have more control over it and to pull yourself out of the paralysis if that happens. You can also learn to harness your energy which can be healing for your body. Examples of this include Reiki and Yogic energetic experiences like Kundalini.

The bottom line is that these experiences are normal healthy aspects of being human and upgrading our consciousness. It isn’t anxiety or pathological as doctors may have you thinking. Your best bet is to take time to learn about this and quell your fears. Knowledge is power and taking control of these new experiences of being human can be very healing and empowering.

I like this response. Thank you.

Yep! Completely on target!

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So what if you feel these vibrations on a daily?... This happens to me every month or so for about I week I can say... I feel the vibrations while falling asleep amd when I'm about to wake up. Not so much in my dreams... I feel them through out the day... More so when I'm home then when I'm out. More in my back and left arm...

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When you IG me and we talk, I'll explain why you're feeling the energy on your back and arm!

I have been researching for over 2 years. Having felt these vibrations 6 times. I came across Robert Monroe’s work. He was a business man and broadcaster who started to have these same vibrations when he was around 40. He was scared at first and went to his Dr. multiple times. He also wanted to know the truth and started a lab and scientists to study this in detail.

I think i kind of know what your talking about.

Last night when i was asleep i felt like my brain was being electricuted. And i can even hear the buzzing sound of electricity running through my ears. I could hear sounds and voices like being patched into a certian psychopathical communication network. But what has me alarmed is it felt more along the lines of a seizure but it didnt effect the rest of my body

Hi Cristy! What you are most likely experiencing is called "activation". I posted about this months ago and then recently (5-19-2020). When falling asleep, I also begin hearing people speaking. It's right before I fall asleep and only lasts a few seconds up to maybe a minute. I'm used to it now, doesn't bother me and it's not every night. It comes in spurts. The reason why you are "hearing voices" is because you are tapping into the Collective Consciousness. You are becoming Telepathic/clairaudient. I know!! Crazy, right?! But this is the Truth! Your mission on the earth must be big then. We are all entering what's called the "Ascension". More & more people are experiencing phenomenas, miracles, etc. Even though everything seems turbulent in the world right now, the future is BRIGHT!

Like many others who have responded, I also have felt the same thing periodically for a few years now. Im 32 years young. Your description of the electric waves flowing through your body getting stronger and stronger is on target with my experiences. Also like you, I get scared when it becomes too strong and wake myself up. For me, it's mostly a sensation. It almost feels relaxing. When it starts becoming too intense, I freak out because it almost feels like whatever is going to happen, I wont have control anymore. That's where the fear comes into place.

There has been times when I tell myself, whenever it happens again, I will allow my body to reach that "peak", but every time, a massive amount of fear comes over me. Like maybe I will die? I know that sounds silly. I wish I knew what it was. If I ever get the courage to allow it to take over, I will respond back to this thread and let you guys know what happened.

Hi! Please refer to the post I just posted. It may help bring in some clarity

This happened to me last night. I’m 37 years old and in relatively good shape, with minimal health issues. Nothing like this has ever happened before. A Google search took me here and I create an account just to reply because I was so surprised by the numerous comments I read. Last night while I was trying to fall asleep, I was in a state of consciousness completely awake. As I felt myself slipping into sleep, I suddenly felt an extremely strong powerful feeling coursing through my entire body coming through my chest down my stomach through my hands, almost like the feeling of going down a roller coaster but extremely magnified. It was highly exhilarating. There was no buzzing noise, it just literally felt like this exhilarating power was coming through my body out of my hands. I know it sounds ridiculous – and I was aware of it and I tried my best to open my eyes and I could not do it. I just started praying because I didn’t know what else to do and then I could hear my own voice barely coming out of my mouth even though I was trying my hardest to pray out loud. I finally was able to literally pull my eyes open. I didn’t feel frightened, just confused at what happened. I will never forget that feeling. So baffled as to what it was!

Hi! Please refer to the post I just posted. It may help bring in some clarity

Also, my body has "vibrated" many's a surreal experience. Definitely exhilarating but can be scary if you have no idea as to why it's happening to you. A family friend has also had these electrical surges/vibrations occur to him (he's 23, perfect health). He knows it's a spiritual thing...he's received insight and confirmation on this. Your experience sounds EXACTLY like his....the power flowing through your body, coming out of your hands! His hands felt HUGE! And prayer is BIG! No wonder you weren't scared. Prayer brings in peace. If anyone else reads matter what belief you have, please, everyone, ask for matter if it's to Jesus, God, teachers from the Universe or to your Higher Self....just ask for clarity, ask for the feelings you're experiencing to smooth out so that you feel peace. Even sit down and journal your experience. You'll be surprised how much clarity will come through if you just sit down, breathe, ask for guidance, and then write out whatever thoughts begin to flow into your mind. You will receive the assistance and answers you need 🙏🏻

Girlvibes, Nic19833 & to so many others who have posted....

What you are probably experiencing is called "activation". It is part of the "Ascension" process everyone is going to experience. You are just experiencing it a little sooner than most. A few months back, I posted a description of what I'm talking about.

The first time it happened to me, I was consciously awake and my whole body began vibrating from head to toe. It scared me at first. I thought I was being "abducted". LoL! After about 45 seconds, I began to rise out of my body. I guess this is similar to what an outer body experience might feel like but I was fully awake and was definitely not "dying". I freaked and said, no!!!! Scared. But then thought about it (my body still vibrating) and realized maybe this is a "spiritual" thing. And if it is, then that's Awesome. I prayed and said to God, "if this is part of Your plan, then I ALLOW this to occur." And as soon as I gave permission, whooosh...I went flying out of my body, FULLY CONSCIOUS and aware. And suddenly I was in the cosmos, earth below me, stars all around. Crazy, I KNOW! But it was the most REAL, crystal-clear experience I've ever had. What happened next was fascinating but way too much to write.

If anyone is curious and would like to talk, I'd be more than happy to tell my story. Absolutely Amazing! Bottom line, since then, I've had many miraculous things happen in my life & I've learned so much... information "downloaded" into my psyche. It awakened things within me. I'm now clairvoyant, clairaudient, etc! And what I've found out is that the "electrical surges", the "vibrations"that are occurring to so many on the planet now, have to do with the cell structures and DNA opening up to receive LIGHT/ information/ knowledge from the cosmos etc. My son and a friend have since "vibrated" as well, multiple times. This is REAL people and EXCITING. And my heart dies go out to those on this thread who are experiencing complications due to brain trauma. I just want to tell all those that Light is coming, and it WILL help heal all of you.

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Hi my name is Maya and I've been searching for someone with a similar experience... I feel the vibrations and so does my son... He's so much more advanced then I am.. He has experienced sleep paralysis and what he tells me is that he has traveled. He's 19 so not so little anymore. I on the other hand Do Not! Enjoy it!... Makes me feel nervous.. As my son suffers from Anxiety I swear I feel what he feels and what he feels doesn't feel good. Please help lol we have a friend who helps us out with spiritual but we have to make an appointment to speak to her and I'm so confused and not enjoying this experience that I start looking for my own answers. Is there a way to close it?... I feel it every other month for about a week then it goes... I'm trying to follow the patterns, trying to see what sets it off. Trying to understand. Can you please help. Thank u it would be very much appreciated 🙏


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I will help you!! I want to send you my contact info but not sure if it's a good idea to post my phone number here for all to see. LoL! Do you have Instagram? You can contact me there! My IG name is cloudyantonucci (others may contact me there as well if you are truly seeking answers). We can talk, text, email... whatever you feel comfortable with. My son is 22, by the way, and our family friend, who also "vibrated", is 23. I'm sure they'd also be happy to reach out & talk to your son :-)

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This is amazing!... He too would be so happy to hear this 🙏💜

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Good!! So we will talk! 😁💕

i love this so much you just helped me so much usually this happens to me when i’m experiencing spiritual dreams but usually i don’t let it take over bc i get scared bc i realize it’s such a powerful force but now i can’t wait for it to happen again so i can finally let it take over, this has been happening to me for the last 2 and a half years so thank you so much for your insight!!!

I am so glad my words were able to help you!! Thank you for telling me. I hope your next experience is amazing! 💗

I fell it spiritual to but still get a little scared lol . Do you get the very loud earth sounds to . I was told it’s our national DMT sending us home for information. I’m loving my experience I would love to make a breakthrough with it just as you have xx

Hi! I hear frequencies and vibrations constantly. For me, it sounds like alternating, high pitched melodic tones in the air over my head (not tinnitus). I'm not sure if it's related to the Shumann Resonance, "symphony of the spheres" or something else. I haven't heard of the idea of it being DMT but maybe! And I hope you do make a breakthrough!! So fun! Just relax into the process. When the timing is right, your Guides etc will open all doors for you to experience whatever is of the utmost benefit to you on your path. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me! 💗

That's amazing! Really beautiful! So happy for you!

Yes mate happens to me often before I sleep sudDen vibrations it sorta hurts my whole body but I believe this is a transformation into the spirit world or dream world then I'm straight into a dream thinking it's real or if I have a sudden thought of ancestors or some spirit guides my body vibrates and I get ringing noise them I'm dreaming

Lots of great stuff on this thread. My buzzing bothers me only because it is interrupted. It stops & starts again. Very frustrating. Any insight?

I’ve had this for a while now but sometimes mine comes with what I call loud earth sounds buzzing and Wirling but as soon as I bring my attention to breathing it stops. It wakes me up from skeep

It's so comforting to know there are many others going through this, and many of us seem to all be extremely spiritual.

Mine started when i was a child, it used to be a fun experience then. I used to fly to so many places and would remember every single thing i did! But then It stopped for years! up until 4 years ago when i felt the huge electric current going through my body! but instead of the fun things i remembered, it turned pretty dark! every time i hit paralysis, i used to see this scary old looking woman! and ''shadow figures''. Now, every time i feel myself going into paralysis i get my self in such a state as im scared with what im about to see! I just wish i could overcome the fear and learn to enjoy it again like when i was a child! I get sleep paralysis around twice a week, sometimes it comes with intense vibrations, and other times i only feel them a little!

I just had that happen to me just now. I don't know what happened. I was listening to a guided sleep hypnosis. Fell into a deep sleep. I had ear phone on. I wasn't even dreaming. I just felt like I was being electrocuted from head to toe. It actually hurt. I have been speaking in tongues lately. I'm trying to find my spiritual path.

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Speaking in tongues can also be called Light Language (Celestial Language). That is so cool! I started speaking in light language about 4 years ago! If you allow it to flow, eliminating shyness about it, which is what I had to overcome, then you’ll begin to Connect to Jesus...the Universe, and amazing insights will begin to pour in and miracles! I speak several LL now and am grateful & incredibly blessed! I wish you the same

I hope you are doing well and this reply finds you comfort. The vibrations you are feeling are the beginning stages of having an OBE (out-of-body experience). Do not fear this, but embrace it as necessary change in your life. If you have not experienced the OBE yet then you will need to do some things in order to make this happen. The first and most important is to not fear this process. The fear barrier is the hardest to overcome, but necessary to let go in order to receive the message as it was intended. Read a few books by Robert Monroe, the pioneer of OBE's. You will be enlightened to find out what "WE" are capable when we let go of fear and open out minds. Higher consciousness awaits you.

Thank you. Truly. First book by him ordered.

I’m so glad I found this chat. I’m someone that has always experienced all sorts of phenomena in my sleep and awake all my life, but recently it’s been this strange and powerful vibrating and buzzing as I’m trying to sleep. It started about 3-4 months ago and I’m in a way starting to get used to it with how often it happens. It kind of exhausts me so when it happens a lot I wake up to so tired as if I didn’t even rest. It does frighten me a bit but since I’ve had other things happen throughout my life, I’m not too bothered by it. I tend to burn some incense or sage and it calms down enough where I can go to sleep. My lucid dreaming has also increased and in regular life I’m running into more people that are sensitive to energy and such. Wonder if it’s correlated at all? Probably is. Important thing to remember is we are more powerful than we know, and we can handle all of this. Stay calm and call on your own peace and strength and you will be alright.

Lucid dreaming, vibration episodes, and meeting like minded people is definitely a sign for you to travel outside of this "reality". Let these vibrations happen and find comport in them. Try to relax deeper and deeper while maintaining the focus that your mind is still awake, but your body is asleep. The brain doesn't like to share consciousness between the borderline state of sleep and wakefulness so its important that you train yourself to always be on the cusp of this state of awareness. After you relax into the vibrational state and go deeper into relaxation you want to try to separate from your physical body. You can try things like the "roll out" method or the "sit up" one, but not with your actual body. "Think" that you are rolling out or sitting up and you will or simply say in your head "roll out". Keep trying this and you'll surely get the hang of it, however, once you achieve the "Out-of-Body-Experience" (OBE) you can never turn it off and it will forever be a guide in your life. Enjoy this experience and you can do wonderful things through it like help yourself understand or help loved ones pass beyond when they depart the physical world.

I know this is late but this has been happening for 3 years (since i was 15) and all the time except im able to move and open my eyes and it usually happens when i get depressed or the day of an argument and i usually just go to sleep when im upset. At first i thought it was a seizure but i remember the last time i had one and i wasnt able to see anything or control myself so i knew that wasn't it. So today i got into one of those arguments and i took a very short nap. After i woke up (I was very sure that i was awake because i heard my parents talking and my dog running around i was able to move a little and open my eyes) I felt that vibration and it started in my head and then moved to the rest of my body. So i was like "you know what, im tired of being afraid of this" and i started to wonder what would happen if i stopped fighting it for a moment and so i did. The vibrations got stronger and i closed my eyes to relax myself (which made it somewhat manageable) and i started to feel relaxed and scared at the same time and i also started to see blue lights and i was able to see without my eyes bodys eyes and felt like i was going to die. But i wasn't done and i still wanted answers so i kept going (at this point i was terrified and i felt like i was doing something wrong and like i shouldnt be doing it) Soon i was able to turn inside of my body (if that makes sense) And the scariest part was that I KNEW that i wasn't in my body completely because i felt it and seen that my bluish arm was out of my real arm and i could lift my head out of my bodys head and i freaked out and ended up "waking up/ moving my real body" even though i was already awake??? And after that experience i can definitely tell you that it was REAL. It was like i was 2 people at the same time.

Great job allowing yourself to push the fear away as much as you could and then allowing yourself the experience! I know you don’t know me but I feel like telling you, I’m so proud of you! It’s huge what you did. I’ve posted several times here explaining my experiences.. The first time that happened to me, I freaked at first but then thought: what would happen if I just allow myself to flow with it? And so I mentally gave permission that if this was for my highest good, then allow whatever is going to happen next. As soon as I did that, I swooshed out of my body, fully conscious, and opened my eyes. I was inside a small vessel hovering in space, the Earth below me. Okay...I understand that might sound terrifying to some people, but no! It was the MOST AMAZING HAPPY EXPERIENCE I’VE EVER HAD!! Reality shifted. And from that day forward, I’ve been given so much information! I could write books on the knowledge I’ve since learned. And my life has turned and has been amazing! You, “Pink Fanta” have been given a gift. Open it and flow forward, unafraid, and seeee what happens 💚

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Hello! I'm going through the same thing. Just about an hour ago I felt the vibration/energetic buzzing all over my body. This is the third time it happens to me. It scares me less now. The first time something similar happened, I was laying down but awake. I saw how my ceiling fan, edges of the wall, TV, dresser, etc. in my room all buzzed in a gold/ chrome color as if full of energy. I couldn't really move i was just staring until it went away. The second time, I was asleep and it woke me up. The energy was felt all over my body and it almost made me extend/stretch my body, my toes were pointing out. It wasn't voluntary. Today I had two in a row. I usually have a headache after its over. What do I do if I have another one?

Thank you.

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Hi! Simply relax and breathe. Nothing...absolutely nothing bad is going to happen to you. If you feel yourself becoming scared, and if you believe in God, then just say a little prayer to help bring in peace. I did that in the beginning and I instantly felt His peace. This is not coming from any negative source. I want to strongly emphasize that. These energies are filled with love for you and are simply elevating your physical body. That’s amazing you were able to see a golden/chrome color in the room. Wow!! I’m curious what that was. I have a few thoughts on what it could be! I hope this response finds you in good health, and if you’d like to reach out again, I’d be more than happy to respond/talk.

I don't have a brain injury or anything but I've had these sensations my entire life it wasn't until I became adult but I started to play with them.

Especially after my dad died because I notice in that state of mind i could literally felt my father nearby.

About 25 minutes ago I got off of work and I took an afternoon nap.. i lay down and instantly I started getting the feeling and I just let it go. And rode it.

Well I figured this is the perfect time to try to talk to my dad because I'm in between spaces right now and this is usually When I can communicate with him.. its been a while since I actually made the effort. Usually I fall asleep hard.

So I'm laying there and home alone I could feel him next me and I could feel him rubbing my hair

Also I can hear him telling me that he is there anf he can hear me. And he sounded like he was coming from a weak radio connection far away..... .. milky has been missing for about a week and I figured for validation I will ask him where it is at.

It's missing and my 5 year old lost it.

I tore my house up many many days looking for the Mailbox key

So I asked him and it took forever to make out who is being Said to me

I kept hearing "bee hearse" like a bumblebee hearse..

And it got clearer and clearer and I realized he was saying beaded purse.

After I understood that..... I don't know where the h*** the beaded purse is.

I heard


OK trunk like the trunk of the car...luggage trunk...?

So when I am in this state of mind and state of being I'm really disconnected from the world and more connected with myself it feels like.

So after I woke up I was just Recapping everything from that about 45 minute experience

It wasn't till just before It started writing this post that I remembered beaded purse and trunk.

I went out to the trunk of my car and lo and behold inside of a hoodie pocket was a beaded purse

Inside of that beaded purse e was a missing $20 bill some coins my mailbox key lipstick and a photograph.

The last person to have that beaded purse was my 5 year old when she went with her that to a friend's cabin in the mountains. I didn't know she had a beaded purse because a family friend get for that beaded purse well on her trip to the mountain cabin.

And the $20 had been missing for quite some time I don't know how long she's been holding on to that.

But inside of the trunk inside of a beaded purse that I didn't know that we had..there was my mail key.

When I heard be the purse I thought of a completely different beaded purse one that I got from a thrift store recently that was really pretty and I knew that 1 was in my office and I did check there but there is nothing inside's just for decoration. So I use the fuzzy half away awake and asleep state to communicate and get to know myself a little better and also to make a connection with my dead father..

So I don't think that this is just a physical body phenomenon I think there's a lot more to it but this is just my experience and ended up searching for info about the feeling that I get and falling upon this post because I know I cannot be the only one in the world who is able to communicate with their dead loved ones well in this weird sleep awake state.

As well and other things.

I have had terrifying experiences too. But iv learned how to manage those. .

I get this vibrating too but, not when i'm falling asleep, only happens when i wake up in the middle of the night, i don't know what it is or why it happens, i just get up and go pee and maybe drink some water, lay down and go back to sleep, all the while vibrating. i didn't know that anyone else had these experiences, i have never heard anyone talk about it. when i bring it up to people i know, i'm immediately ridiculed, so it is refreshing to know i'm not the only one.


I have similar experience , during the day my viens are bulging , and I can feel the blood flow in them , also feel internal heat in my body , at night when I try to fall asleep I am getting these strange current energy vibrations in my body , when I touch my arms or head or even mattress thee vibrations are more prevalent and it's doesn't feel comfortable , when I have fully woken up they are gone ,but the blood flow in my body is the same as still feeling the internal body heat , no heating system is on and it's not hot weather that's causes it , as it happens all time no matter what weather.

I can suuuuure relate. I have had this electrical vibrating/pulsating coarsing through me like a railroad train whenever I wake up for now 4 years. Its maddening. One therapists said that its a Nervous System Dysregulation. That Somatic Therapy could help it. Another doctor says that its MindBody Syndrome. But then I have had 6 diagnoses for this. "They," I feel, don't really know. That's the kicker. I've heard it's Cortisol Awakening Response (CAR). I feel that CAR and the Nervous System Dysregulation is the closest it come to. One could cause the other. It's in the hippocampus in our brains that triggers the sympathetic nervous system to be set off when we wake up. Our brains are stuck in this mode or routine from some nerve dysfunction. It's a horrible thing to wake up to. Mine is usually going on when I wake up. I sure hope someday there's a true answer for this. Maybe someday we will find the answers right here. I believe we are the frontiers of something good.

Hi sorry this is soong since you posted but I just saw tbis.. was actually looking to see if anyone else experiences it.

I dint know what it is but it happens to me a few times per month and its kinda freaky but worse thing thats ever happened is that it gets so strong ot wakes me up. Used to scare me but I've gotten more used to it. Good news is, I don't think its anything serious, as I dont have any heath conditions or seizures or anything. I find that most times it happens is when I'm just starting to doze off and then it feels like a slight buzz that gets worse and worse until I feel like electricity is cursing thru my body.

I think it must have something to do with the process of falling asleep, maybe a form of sleep paralysis or something?

I also notice that it happens when I'm half in and half oit, like listening to a video and my brain is more awake than my body? Wish I was more help, but I would love to know what this is, as when it does happen , I can think quite clearly and I'm so curiois.

I experienced exactly what you described last night, not once...but 3 times. Exactly how you explained it.

For the past year, I have been listening to Solfeggio Frequencies. These frequencies allow your mind and body to relax and promote healing within. If anyone is having problems sleeping, I suggest to look into Solfeggio Frequencies. The one I listen to every night before I go to bed is called "River of Serenity", you can find it on YouTube. It plays for about 8hrs. I dont know if it will work on everyone, but its worth a try. A few of my friends have applied it and they are getting very good sleep. If anyone would like to learn more about my experience with solfeggio frequencies, just ask. Have a blessed day.

I have experienced this same thing for going on 2 years now. It is becoming more frequent for me. I’ve looked into it a lot and the only thing I could find that people described sounding EXTREMELY similar is astral projection/OBE (out of body experience). It is your body remaining conscious while drifting off to sleep because you’re actually aware that you’re falling asleep. So you’re entering the early stages of astral projection/having an OBE. You may feel cold on the outside, like you’re floating, buzzing in ear, and vibrations of body. I’ve noticed the vibrations increase the longer I let it happen. The way I stop it is by shaking my head or my hand.

I read about half of this whole webpage and no one has said this so I made the account to. I had night terrors since a child - body frozen and a presence holding me down or creating a thickness / density around the face. I also had some other extremely freaky stuff happen waking for a long time which... I don't even like to talk about. My own thoughts hyper amplifying and exploding. The Catholic Church has no good answers, of course, and the local mystic store said I was being called to be a Shaman. I didn't want this, at least not being open to these entities. The daytime stuff I stopped by asking the entity what it wanted. Acknowledging it like this actually just made it go away. A mushroom trip about 20 years ago showed me that I was composing my body of murdered animal flesh, that I was what I was eating, and that my body was a channel then for these spiritual parasites which feed off fear energy. I went vegetarian and ultimately now vegan for the last 15 years and when I cut out the meat the night terrors stopped. They fell off very fast within 6 months and it took a few years (the body remakes itself) to go away. Several spiritual traditions, including actually Christianity as it was represented in the Essene Texts, told their followers to abstain from eating animals. I think some people are more "trans-dimensional" . If you are open, your body is like a tuner, and not always "soul locked". Like a radio in between stations the chemicals released at sleep are neurotransmitters which change the rate at which electrical impulses transverse the synapse. Most people's frame rate keeps them solidly in this dimension. A small number drift. A dimension is arrived at from the rate of perception of "reality" in combination with the "objective reality", which is just energy vibrating. The combination of the two gives the resultant frequency. This is aliasing, like when you see a hubcap start to spin backwards as a car slows down next to you. The refresh rate of the rods and cones in your eyes are generating a new frequency. Such is the whole nervous system. Perhaps its just the cortisol or other chemicals released in the killing of the animal or perhaps its fully integrated into their flesh and excretions but these creatures are in horrible torturous conditions. If you have "sleep paralysis", this electric buzz with it or otherwise, it can only be a positive move to exclude meat or all animal products for a time and see if it helps. In 6 months I was sleeping so much better.

Hiiii, I know is a very old post but I just felt the same thing last night... twice!!! One after another, and I had pain on my upper left arm, like a needle sensation, like if I just had a flu shot. Idk, but I woke up” in panic and sweating, unable to move -or even to try- because of the panic. I was completely awake when I got the second one, recovering from the first one and trying to fall asleep. Then had very strange and scary dreams... any thing anyone can help with after many years of the original post?


Sin is the doorway in which Satan tries to enter. Learn spiritual warfare. You do not get free gifts in this world. Nothing is free. Test the spirits. Read the KJV and make some real progress in your life. Keep away from spiritism. The devil is real. The electric charge is an attack on your cns. That is how he enters. He who breaketh a hedge a serpent shall bite him... Do not sin!

Hosea 4:6

Leaving the UK is the best medicine you can give your body, as Atheism and unbelief is causing the country to go into a massive recession. I've ever known any other country that hides the truth of God from its people like the UK. It seems all Bibles have now been removed from public Libraries and replaced with occultism ( body, mind and spirit), promoting abortion where fully formed babies are left on a clinic bench whimping while the mother makes her absolute decision. Where cancer is promoted via medical toxins that cure nothing and treats the symptoms, A truly UNGODLY NATION under paganism and the occult. Where Demons manifest in minions hovering above the future mentally ill. Masquerading as add, adhd, schizo, bipolar and all demonic attachments of the children of disobedience.... And the clowns of psychiatry who claim to know everything.... and yet can't find God.

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Lynd in reply to Fierydarts

Oh do get a grip....... Such nonsense

I Just woke up 20 minutes ago I Have had this since a little kid I am 18 now still happens Sleep paralysis Out of body experience this time I was in distress Screaming crying ig going back into my body I spzzed my brain spaced it Hurts Hurts Sooo Bad Bad Its Sounded Like A Vibrating Phone I felt What I thought was electricity running though my spine my brain spazzed then it started going away when it I was in my body then I could hear the tv rn I'm having small shark Pain In my head I was Scared questioned my reality. I smoke i drink i dont sleep well stress and I've always thought so much about life this shit is scary..

I'm just replying to a thread I started four years ago.

There's something about the human resonance frequency which all humans have. I have just awoken from a lucid dream which wasn't unpleasant, but had a quality of the supernatural about it. whether it was the dream I'm not sure, but the vibrational energy started in the crown chakra and travelled down my spine. I remember thinking, I'm not sure about this, I want it to stop, so I moved my thumbs and struggled to open my lips, and finally it did stop.

I had gone to bed (five hours earlier) with a slight headache - resisted taking any analgesic for it, but now its intense.

From what I've been told, and I have experienced this exact feeling three times. It's like a strong vibration, (except I also felt as if my legs were lifting upwards on their own).. I read up on it and talked with some friends. Could possibly that you are in the with your spiritual self and are experiencing astral projection. It's something that can be an amazing experience and you, yourself should look into it! Enjoy your day

Hello everyone and swedish blue! I know this has been a very old post and it was 4 yrs ago and the people who replied back on this thread dates back two years ago. I found this just today 10/12/2020 because I have tried searching for answers or similar experiences to mind and found this thread. Now I know I am not alone. I am only in my early 20s. I am asian but I am here in the UK now. The past few months been dreadful wit all the adjustments and homesickness I have been experiencing. Today is my day off and so I managed to nap. I slept about 11am and woke up at 12noon. I had a strange feeling. I know I was in a dream but it felt so real and I was conscious the whole time. I know I am in my room but I heard white noises seemed liked the wind and cold feeling though I was inside my thick blankets. I experienced three intense vibrations and it was so painful, I became aware that I am still lying in my bed. The more it came, the more painful it had become. I felt that I could hardly breathe and while I was asleep, I was thinking that it can be a sleep paralysis that I needed to overcome but this time it was not. I was so much in pain and thought that maybe this is the end of me. I will die in my sleep. So I prayed so much. I prayed the " Our father" ( The lord's prayer on the third vibration because that I could not bear that anymore. It stops and it comes back. Thank God it did. Then I managed to get up. Sit on the floor at the end of my bed. Took hold of my phone and turned it on and the video that I was watching before I slept then realized that the video is not even familiar to me. I then looked around and saw that it was not my room but I saw one thing I really believe that I know. It was a little Jesus statue that my mom bought when we were kids. I realized then that I am still dreaming so I did my best to get hold of Him. I tried to reach his hand but something else was pulling me back to bed but I knew I was able to touch his hand though I didn't feel it. Then I was aware again that I am still lying on my bed and the vibration came back again for the fourth time but it was less painful but the feeling as if you are being pulled and pushed by that breeze starting from your head down to your toes felt so real and the same. It was just the pain that varied. Then I managed to finally wake up for real. I knew that if I continued sleeping, I won't be able to come back anymore. Both of my grandparents died of old age and in their sleep. So it frightened me a lot. Then I just cried realized that I now in the UK. In my actual bed. I checked my phone right away because it was charging and was near my head. I thought it was an electric charge from my phone but it was not. So i tried googling for answers and saw this thread. Thanks for this. I may not have the answers yet but I realized that I am not alone. Even I feel so lonely now being far from home, I know that even in my sleep, God is with me in my journey. I am never really alone. If this is spiritual awakening through dreaming, I never felt so alive after feeling the pain and vibrations for they were so real. Thanks again.

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It definitely was sleep paralysis. It happens to me all the time

I just woke up from a nap about a half an hour ago from writing this and experienced the exact same thing. I've been in this state many times before where it feels like you are awake and conscious while you're sleeping, almost like your body is forcing you to see something important. Like I said, have experienced this many times, not to the point of a crazy out of body experience or anything but this last time came VERY close. I was laying on my stomach taking a nap but it felt like I was sleeping on my back for some apparent reason, and my sight was pointed upwards even though it wasn't which is super weird, the Intense vibrations started out of nowhere and I took the liberty not to fear it but to accept the pain (Because admit it, it's not a very comfortable feeling tbh lol) and the more I accepted the discomfort the closer it felt like I was being pulled out of my body. At first it felt like someone had a grip on my both my feet and they felt suspended in the air, like I was being pulled, then it stopped and felt like I was willingly reaching my hand out to something and being pulled that way. Then for a moment, it sounds kinda crazy and probably a dream but I was in a field or somewhere with the sun shining in the back of a dark grey pickup truck about to take a nap in the bed of the truck to do the exact same thing. I dont know if that makes any sense but almost like a dream of myself somewhere else leaving my body and not in my room where I currently am. It felt like someone was pulling my body upwards and that my body was being pulled through some extremely fast sensation, like rising at the speed of a rocketship lol. I awoke not because I was afraid though and more because it felt like someone was pulling me up by my feet and throwing my whole body around like a ragdoll and my feet being tickled too! I'm super ticklish so no wonder I woke up startled haha. Either way, some crazy stuff, I try and research this stuff with an open mind and dont like to cling to terms like astral projection or out of body experiences, and try to find any scientific reasoning behind it before I go with my religious beliefs, but I honestly can't say that i can find any science to support why the fact the vibrations are unbelievably intense, like my whole face mainly and body are being electrocuted with some weird pulsating pressure, can definitely feel it through my ears too. It's amazing either way that our body's as humans are even capable of putting itself through this weird state of mind, if this obe stuff is true or not, its hard to argue from firsthand experience and when it's so intense. Why are we consciously able to make decisions like we are awake the whole time watching it happen when in fact were sound asleep? I know a lot of people said that they get too scared, I did too a few times in the past but like I said before I found it's best to accept that you're outmatched to whatever power this is and to watch and listen. God bless everyone, hope my experience and story relates to other people's. We are a strange and special species regardless of what religion or spirituality you believe in.

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There are things that make this experience the same for most of us.

1. Intense uncomfortable/painful vibrations or a feeling of being electrocuted

2. Starts from the head particularly the ears

3. We are conscious while asleep/dreaming

4. We feel like we are being pulled or there is a strong energy that feels like dragging us into somewhere

5. We tried reaching onto something

6. We wake up startled, shocked or a little disoriented about what just happened.

7. We do not know what this is and searched for answers and came across this post and learned that it is not just us but quite a lot experienced it already, no matter where you live and what race you belong to.

8. This all boils down to that there are things unknown to us, bigger than who and what we are. We are here for a reason and we did not come here to live just to die. We are one and of course, created by what our souls recognize, the higher power and that is God.


Yes I just experienced this same thing. My whole head and up and down my spine felt like it was plugging into an electricity source. I see visions and things and start feeling anxiety and wake myself up. No idea what it is. 🤷‍♀️

I got the same feeling but two times i heard music in my ears. like relaxing music then the feeling of electricity. last night I tried not to get nervous to see what happens next and u felt my body lifting but suddenly I woke up.


There are things that make this experience the same for most of us.

1. Intense uncomfortable/painful vibrations or a feeling of being electrocuted

2. Starts from the head particularly the ears

3. We are conscious while asleep/dreaming

4. We feel like we are being pulled or there is a strong energy that feels like dragging us into somewhere

5. We tried reaching onto something

6. We wake up startled, shocked or a little disoriented about what just happened.

7. We do not know what this is and searched for answers and came across this post and learned that it is not just us but quite a lot experienced it already, no matter where you live and what race you belong to.

8. This all boils down to that there are things unknown to us, bigger than who and what we are. We are here for a reason and we did not come here to live just to die. We are one and of course, created by what our souls recognize, the higher power and that is God.

Did u also feel like u couldn’t move your body? Like your brain was awake but couldn’t move your hands or open your eyes?

I get this exact same feeling on the verge of falling asleep. It's weirdly uncomfortable and it feels like an extremely course or abrasive feeling throughout the whole entire body. I'm glad I'm not the only one. I've had odd sleep patterns and insomnia problems for a while. This is a weird phenomenon it happens to me every so often. Good luck.

Ya, it happens in the middle of my sleep. I'm always dreaming something that I relate to a nightmare before it happens. It's not necessarily a nightmare since they are more like random dreams, but something always scares me in the dream and makes me wake up vibrating. It's as intense as if I was being electrocuted. I read a few responses down here, but none quoted about the "nightmares" before it happening. And I wonder if anyone else experiences those "nightmares". A feeling of fear takes my body and then the intense vibrating starts. I've been experiencing it very often and last time I felt two hands pulling my feet and dragging me at the speed of light, it's weird.Someone told me it has something to do with astral projection, which I believe is true, but I never got to the part where I actually leave my body.

Some time ago, I woke up after a "nightmare" again, but I wasn't vibrating, I felt like I fell, something pushed me down really hard then started floating and couldn't move at all, I searched a little about it and concluded it could be sleep paralysis. However, I believe it has something to do with astral projection as well.

It’s probably hypnagogia - an experience of the transitional state from wakefulness to sleep. Transition to and from sleep may be attended by a wide variety of sensory experiences. These can occur in any modality, individually or combined, and range from the vague and barely perceptible to vivid hallucinations. Gustatory, olfactory and thermal sensations in hypnagogia have all been reported, as well as tactile sensations.

Hi Swedish blue, I relate to your story. It started last Monday, with me, for the 1st time, I was like you, in a dream like, & feeling awake state.

My experience was very frightening, I felt like I had an electric shock wave, go through my chest, deep inside. I also felt a burning sensation. It was very painful. I also felt a sinking feeling,

All of a sudden a light bulb exploded in my chest, the worst possible feeling I have ever experienced . Then everything went black. I honestly thought I had died. it was that bad. Then I opened my eyes I was alive,thank goodness, & back in my bedroom feeling shocked & overwhelmed.

I told my husband straight away, I thought he would laugh & thought I had made it up, but he didn't he just gave me a big hug & held me. He said do you want to see a Dr. Me being me, said no It won't happen again I am sure. Well I was wrong it happened again yesterday morning upon waking, exactly the same. It was terrifying.

I went straight to my GP, she was very sympathetic, she checked my heart with the stethoscope, then told me did you know you had a heart murmur, I was so surprised.

She sent me to the nurse for a check, Then gave me a referral for an ECG.

I am booked to go this thursday. I must say I am more than a little nervous for what else they may find.

So I still don't know what to make of it all. Was it a warning.? Will I go through the frightening experience again, I will have to take one day at a time, & hope for the best.

I bet I know what it is... a ghost/spirit is draining energy off of you. It has been happening to me for the past 2 months. I have a physics background, I used to be an electrical engineer in a previous career, and some kind of spirit has been “haunting me” . It started with feeling static electricity type touches on my back and sides, as well as a vibrational feeling in my body that comes and goes. When I go to bed at night I feel something with a. electromagnetic field getting close to me. I literally feel it closing in on me, and the closer it gets the harder I vibrate, to the point that it seems a little difficult to move sometimes. The thing “swims” in my memory foam mattress, and gets right up against me, or it stands at the end of the bed and touches my feet and legs. Bizarre. Others have observed, with wide eyed looks of disbelief I might add, my shirt “dancing” around, from all the static electrical charge when it touches me. I grounded myself with a grounding strap and felt the current flowing through the wire when it touched me...

Yes when I’m tired (mentally tired)I get electric shocks.

Most ppl say they get tired but it’s only physically tired. Mentally tired is much much worse

I feel a bit late to the party, but I literally just experienced this buzzing sensation on waking from a nap. I was half in a dream state where I thought a number of things. Was it my phone that was vibrating, was I laid on an extension lead? My final dream thought that catapulted me awake was that it was a tornado or earthquake.

The buzzing was so intense and throughout my whole body. I think someone earlier in the chat compared it to like swallowing and electric razor, that’s exactly what it felt like. When I finally woke up I was laid on my front and my hand was squashed underneath me and felt numb.

After coming round and feeling a bit disoriented, I immediately googled and found this thread which has reassured me. I am firmly in the spiritual camp in terms of what this sensation is.

I’m in my early 40’s and I have read the Seth material on and off for years. I recently just got back into it and have been recording my dreams for the past few nights. It seems strangely coincidental that I have been working hard on my dream recall and spiritual growth, (like many people on this thread) and so many of us are having a similar experience.

Thanks everyone for sharing your thoughts on what this is. I never really considered astral projection before but I am going to research it now.

Hi! Omgosh this just happened to me at 5:25 am this morning. Same identical symptoms. Wondering if it is an alter reality? I mean does anyone have any idea???

I’ve had that but nobody believes me. When I’m tired I can get electric shocks

I just experienced the same thing can anyone tell me what that was

My first experience was about 12 years ago when an intense vibration inside my entire body from head to toe. It was like an energy recharge. I was coming into consciousness from sleep in the early hours of morning. I felt really alive not scared and wanted the feeling to continue. It felt like a pneumatic drill vibration (no pain) which after about 20 seconds paused and restarted (like a pneumatic drill). I wanted to wake my partner to see if he could feel/hear it but was concerned the sensation might stop. It eventually stopped when I became fully conscious. These intense experiences when coming into consciousness in the early hours happened on a few occasions. I wanted to return to sleep to complete the energy recharge. I still sometimes experience vibrations but to a mild degree. I either return to sleep or wake up fully. It is fascinating. I wonder what is causing it.

When i be little i hear someone calling my by my name when i play alone i see leters and pictures in the sky when i be little too remember some things what hapen when i be little about 6months ask about them my mom she ask how i know what not long ago i start hearing this vibrations too before what i film some orbs and nso very low too ground with couple my friends always believe in mithical things not long ago start hearing this sou da again as you say its sleep paralysis wich u can use too go lucid dream but i be scary and just sounds stop when i say too stop in my mind now started meditating and kundalini yoga maybe thats helps my get some answers for what i am in this earth cuz i feel now more when any before my spirit guides try speak with my but i a liitle scary and dont know how maybe some recomendation sorry for my bad english i not very good on english language.

I literally just woke from sleep paralysis which felt like this. I felt I was being electrocuted, I heard a crackling sound and could see the Sun going down out the top of my curtains but looked like it was pulsing with electricity. I was terrified. I suffer severe migraines and insomnia. I had a head injury I never really got checked out as the where to busy fixing my broken nose and arm.. I'm scared to find out what's wrong in my brain as symptoms are getting worse.

Hi Lucy, you need to seek urgent medical advice abt your brain injury. I have a brain injury but these electrical sensations are not connected. What are you symptoms? Why don't you start a thread so that others here can advise and reassure you?

This happens to me during sleep if someone in my home doesn't shut their phone off or on airplane mode. Even if the sound is off, I can feel the frequency of notifications and then BOOM, Im wide awake.

I've had an out-of-body experience once as a teenager. While laying down in my bed at home in the basement. Funny peaceful day it seemed as if while laying down I was meditating on Peaceful thoughts and with a clear mind, all of a sudden I was floating above my body instantly. As I look down at my body I felt an electrical sensation. I could hear the intense sound of electricity to the point that it would feel as if that is what I was. What what surprised me most of all was my movement. I moved like a bee on steroids. Moving back and forth from one end of the basement to another with speed that of lightning I tried to see who and what was I, yet focusing on not getting too far away from my body keeping it in sight. The only way out of my basement was do the kitchen which was up the stairs leading out of the basement into the kitchen. Past the kitchen out of the back door of the kitchen. I thought to myself it would be a bad idea to go that route because of the movement and the speed and which I was traveling. I knew or at least I thought I would never see my body again so I stayed within the proximity of my body. After two or three minutes out of my body I decided to go back to it. The sound and the movement continued even while hovering back over my body. The movement of a hummingbird would be more precise of how I felt while hovering over my body along with the intense sound of an electrical surge. I must also say that the feeling was like nothing I've ever felt before. A Feeling a piece cuz if nothing mattered anymore whether my worries or my cares. Within a split second while hovering over myself I instantly Zapped literally back into my body

Yes, many people are experiencing it. My suggestion is to pray and ask for an answer from the source, the father, or Jesus - whichever best fits your heart. I wrote a lengthy answer but I realized that this platform may not be the best to communicate such deep aspects of life. Wishing you all the best in your journey.

I have had this exact thing happen to me it’s only recently it stopped, i was very scared for years because of this and never found out what it was. I also believe I am haunted sounds stupid but my first house when this started happening loads happened, I woke up to a growl in my ear, something like I have never heard before in my life, it was terrifying, had my hair pulled numerous times, no one liked the feeling in the house always felt like someone was behind you! Things would disappear and re appear, loud running noises up stairs when I was up there, once seen a shadow figure, heard a little girl scream, moved to my second house and my sister stayed had the cover pulled off her when she was sleeping on the sofa, smelt horrible smells in my room, toys would go off, moved again had someone run up my stairs when no one was in or no one was there, ‘light brown’ shadows move across my room, moved again and a glass shattered on its own, had had my pillow tugged from under me. I thought something was trying to posses me. But looks like I was trying to asterial protect? It’s all stopped now, the wierd things happening and this!

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