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Happy 18th birthday !!!

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Happy 18th birthday to my frontal lobe and very much like how I would treat my actual 31st birthday a month and half ago rather than dwelling and looking back on all the negatively I'm going to be looking at reflecting on everything I pulled myself though to get where I am today and looking forward to the hurdles I need to overcome this year and like on my actual birthday I'm going to be getting chocolate cake and a mini spending spree after all it is pay day and peacocks have a new range :-p

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Hmm sounds like a ladies excuse for chocolate cake! LOL

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I never need a excuse just a reason lol

Gosh, 18 years . I’m not even a year and wanting my old self back .

👏👏👏 well done and congratulations .

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I cant remember what I was like when i was 12 so i don't have that "issue" so to speak

Happy birthday 🥂🥂

Happy 46th to my first TBI soon,never knew the old self! LOL

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I'm 2 weeks I will be celebrating my 8th year bcc work anniversary :-p

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That's great. :)

I lasted nearly 5 yrs in one job(2005-09)but the hours varied with a small break in middle. Best boss/job i ever done,was made redundant tho,would still be there now otherwise.

Was only between 10-20 hrs tho!

Oh also happy belated 31st! :)

I just had 48th!

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