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Happy Easter All :-)


Hello everyone,

Just wanted to wish you all a lovely Easter. Thank you all for being so brave and writing such inspiring posts. You've all helped me so much to come to terms with my symptoms and grow so much stronger. I'm finally off to face my hospital appointment on Tuesday to understand more how my once squashed and then bounced head is wired these days and finally feel brave enough, thanks to each of you.

I only wish that you were all closer to give you an Easter egg so I'm sending you all virtual ones instead :-).


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Thank you ocean. Wishing you a happy easter too.

Thanks so much Strawberry Cream, wow your story is amazing. You've come through so much. Take care xx

Happy Easter to you too.Have a lovely day. Clare

oceanm in reply to CH56Twin

Thanks so much Clare xx

😁 thank you xxx

oceanm in reply to Kirk5w7

Thanks too Kirk xx

Thank you.

Especially for the very best kind of eggs: the non fat kind and still pretty to look at.

Happy Easter to you too.


:) that made me smile - thank you xx

Thank you for the wishes and being so kind. Happy Easter to you too.

oceanm in reply to sca2013

Thank you too for replying, it's lovely feeling the support on here xx

Happy Easter xxx

Thank you Gail xx

Glad Påsk - Happy Easter! xx

Thank you swedish blue xx

Thanks so much Maria ; hope yours was a lovely day too !

I fancied a walk today but it's sooooo cold out there, so sitting by the fire eating chocolate ! 😋 xx

oceanm in reply to cat3

Bless you Cat, so lovely to see your chirpy face pop up on my timeline again, what a lovely Easter treat. Great to hear that you are sitting by the fire eating chocolate, sounds totally lush. I'm working all bank holiday helping the homeless, loving it, just off for a quick power snooze before my next round tonight. Have a good sleep for me and thanks again for dropping in xx

cat3 in reply to oceanm

No surprises that you're spending Easter doing your good work m'love. I hope you've saved some little treat for yourself for later !

All best wishes Maria, Cat xx

oceanm in reply to cat3

Bless you Cat, so lovely you've dropped in after work's finished. Hope your day is going well and just loving all your support for everyone on here. Take care, maria xx

Hi Oceanm

Thankyou for the Happy Easter wishes. I wish you a Happy Easter too

Laura xxx

oceanm in reply to kerr28

Hey Laura, Thanks so much too, hope your week goes well. Maria xx

Hello Oceanm

Happy Easter to you as well and those eggs look yummy!!


oceanm in reply to Hodder1992

Hey Ben, thanks so much. They sure were, goodness only knows how much walking I'll have to do before they disappear!! Have a great day Maria

Thank you they look delicious and have such profound meanings Liz xx

oceanm in reply to 1949liz

Hey Liz, thanks so much. Hope that you are having a lovely day. Maria xx

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