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He's coming home in a couple weeks. 9 months after BI

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Well Russ is coming home soon. Im excited, scared, nervous etc all at once. The nursing home says he needs 24 hr care but his other evaluations feel he does not. He will lose his medicaid and i will put him on my plan but no help again. However he has improved much more, stronger and will have life alert and some handicap home modifications. I bought a tablet and loaded it with speech therapy apps and brain games, got him the Fitmi rehab system (stroke rehab computer program), and many fine motor projects to do at home. I'll keep searching for help for him but i will work with him myself too ! We are getting our lives back. It wont be like before, but we can make it better.


Persistence, positivity, patience

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Fitme rehab system was not something I'd heard about. It looks great. Thanks for sharing! You have captured my approach to recovery in those last three words and I think Russ is very lucky to have someone like you, ready to be the catalyst for his next phase of recovery. His journey sounds like it has made you stronger as a person too so he is also the catalyst for your journey. A lot of love there.

Best wishes for the home coming.

I got those 3 words off an article i read in the beginning about ICU . they have really helped keep me going. 3 little words but truth in each one.

Thank you

Angelia, your story, and the news of Russ's homecoming, is so touching. Your attitude throughout this struggle, and now your realistic approach to Russ's care, shows how educated you've become in the many issues following brain injury.

You will be scared and apprehensive for a while without the safety net of the past 9 months, as will Russ, but once in a routine on home territory I'm sure your confidence will grow.

Take all the help you can m'dear during this transition, but with your love & commitment it seems Russ will be in safe hands. Look after yourself too whenever possible ! See you soon, Cat x

So pleased for you both. Hugs and prayers your way.

That's great news! My one tip for you? Don't rush, it's tempting, but will lead to frustration and disappointment. One big thing I have learned is how much of the brain is needed for single tasks. For example, walking and talking, too much to cope with. People way down the BI road can't do this. My son can't walk among people, but can wheelchair through when he's not concentrating on walking. The very very best to you both. X

What wonderful news, and always remember to be gentle with yourself as when Russ comes home and IF you feel that the situation is getting you down, go for a walk do something simple like having a hot bath and always remember you are always in our thoughts and prayers.

Loads of good wishes and Prayers for you BOTH Love Liz xx

are you british

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No. Why?

Bless your heart, As a caregiver just remember to take time out for yourself. I do therapy at home now with him, what I use is YouTube, Quizlet have some speech therapies. And Pinterest. Also there is home health too. I just got that going so that way he can go inpatient again at all rehab facility. Best wishes as well

What do you do for speech?? This is where i could use more tools!

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speech you could reinforce his attempt at speech with pictures, so he can use the pictures and attempt to ask at the same time or you could use makaton, which is a form of sign language, but simplified, its used to teach non communicative people with learning difficulties.you should be able to find it if you google it.


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He can talk. He slurs sometimes and it might take a couple tries to get his thought out. Kinda like his tongue is swollen at times. His speech is pretty good really, but its early in the journey to not keep trying to help him improve.

you can use both to help him form the words hes trying to say to avoid anger due to frustration.

i have a bi so i know what im talking about.

If you search speech therapy on quizlet and Pinterest there’s exercises for his tongue, thinking exercises, I even sing songs so that he can sing along something easy it all depends on his level.

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