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8 months post anoxic BI and Russ is coming home for 8 nights! He is still improving...i hope our story gives hope and courage

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So im bringing him home for 8 nights this time. I have him doing outpatient PT and its amazing so far. He is strong and just needs people to believe in him. He walks well with his walker, talks up a storm with only a small slur at times, long term memory is great, short term is too and still improving, he has goals and dreams. At 6 wks i was asked to end his life...now hes texting me, calling me, we hang out, talk about our future..he is 90% back. The drs cant tell us exactly whats in store, maybe in some cases. I just hope our story gives even 1 person strength and hope when its needed because thats what has kept me going. A lot of crying, a lil xanax, but i always turned to this site !

Merry Christmas everyone, let's keep proving miracles happen.

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That is a true Christmas story . Enjoy 🎄🤗🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

Lovely story Angelia. It's always uplifting to hear how folk with brain injury can beat a bleak prognosis and regain a good measure of normality. Russ is quite a champion & obviously determined not to be beaten.

Hope you both enjoy a really special Christmastime...……… 🎄🙂

Cat xx

That is so lovely to hear. I am sure that your belief and support has played a huge part in his progress. Have a lovely Christmas.

What wonderful news have an amazing Christmas and thank you for sharing with us. This is a true miracle for Christmas, Blessings to both of you and your family. Enjoy your time together. Love Liz x🎄🙏

Thank you for sharing! Your story is exactly what I needed to hear right now. Happy holidays !

That's brilliant news and shows that at times, they get it wrong x

Merry Christmas x

Such a lovely story. Thank you for sharing. Well done for getting through and being so optimistic...that’s true strength at these challenging times xx

Have a wonderful holiday. I hope he continues to improve. It sounds wonderful that he is doing so well. Onward and upward, cheers, Cndy

Your story gives me hope so thanks for updates . This site is my night time companion. I hope and pray your husband gets stronger and better each day .

I spent many many nights finding strength from this site !!! Im glad to be a part of it.

Yes miracles do happen so pleased for us both

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