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What should I prepare for neuro-phycology appointment to be taken seriously

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I am a Mum of a 14 year old who had a head on collision with a car 18months ago- smashed the screen with his head, but was discharged without any scan. His personality has changed and we finally have an appointment with neuro-psychology in 10 days and I would like advice on what evidence to take to make the best use of this appointment.

The kind of behaviour we have seen is disengagement from the family, anger, violence ( in which he broke my husbands nose), stealing, cares about nothing except his Xbox, lack of concentration, has had suicidal thoughts, can't see implications of things (i.e started fire in his room), dangerous behaviour ( i.e climbing on apex of room, or planking through town in rush hour) and now his achievements and attitude at School are starting to slip.....I could go on with this list. We can see these episodes build over a period of time and then he seems to peak/blow and things are calm again for a period of time.

I am just wanting to ask advice on what evidence I should take to make the very best of this appointment. I want to make sure we are taken seriously, and he gets the very best help he can.

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Write down what you have told us with dates and evidence if possible to make sure the doctor's understand the severity of his symptoms. Ask the school for a summary of changes they have noticed too.

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Yes list everything you said here and a report from school would probably help. However I don't think they necessarily require evidence to believe these issues exist.

I was never asked for anything to confirm my personal 'difficulties'.

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hes showing all the traits of a frontal lobe injury, but youd need a neurologist to confirm that as they did with me.

im on medication for my behaviour but my doc referred me to a psychiatrist who is also able to prescribe medication and i was referred to a neuro psychiatrist.

it would have been just as quick for you to have arranged an appointment with a councillor.

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Hi and welcome.

You say that you could go on with the list. Do .

When you have written everything that concerns you about your son then split it into the different areas of concern.

Yes get the school involved and ask for a report.

Is your son aware that something is wrong?

If the assessment is anything like mine there will be a chat and the neuropsychologist will hone in on areas of concern.

The assessment itself can take weeks but I suggest that you request a scan at your first meeting as everyone is in the dark.

If you can work with your son then you might find some of the headway leaflets very helpful. You can find them on the headway.org.uk website.

Hoping life gets more positive for your family.

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I think a few examples of before and after for behaviour. Any feedback from school on his recent abilities, not based on his attainment.

I do not know if the approach is different for young adults, but there will be a set of tests that asserts in his mental state as well as cognitive abilities and these may well shine light on the effects you are experiencing.

These may not be undertaken in the first session.

He may well be asked what he wants out of the sessions.

This is just from my personal experience of myself without going through raging hormones and the pressure of schooling.

From the tests my results show an impact to my cognitive abilities especially in understanding spoken instructions and short term Memory issues. For me this is very frustrating and I know it is for those that I work with that do not understand the change.

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As I said before what they need is information and his abilities and behavior at school may be different than what you observe, his interaction with peers, concentration and attention for example.

For myself I've discovered 'new' symptoms from different tasks and environments, even after 5-6 years I would be surprised by a problem I didn't know I had.

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Hello, I had a very similar experience to your son, head on car accident and went through windscreen had severe lacerations and teeth knocked out. I was taken to hospital just stitched up and sent home. More than 30 years later I was given a brain MRI scan for family history of anuerisms - the scan showed I had loss of tissue on front lobe and old bleed scars.

My message is to push the authorities for an MRI scan as it is disgraceful in this day and age it wasn't done automatically.

I wouldnt be surprised given his emotional and behavioural changes that he has sustained some brain damage and as soon as it is diagnosed properly the better.

Just don't take no for an answer!!

Please let us know how you get on.

Best wishes


Can only say from a similar angle from childhood/teens.

Just don't let them fob u off with 'just MH' as it starts a spiral of no help in my area,MH is very temporary,sometimes unhelpful. It is probably gonna be a mood stabiliser angle(was with my fiance in teens!),if offered psychotherapy,especially neuro,please take it,as harder to get in future.

As for moods-isn't good to say don't stress him,or let him do what he wants-has to be a middle ground,as u have to care for urself aswell.

I was in fights nearly every day in school,in my case it wained eventually. If u find something he interested in(tho XBox not so good in big amounts),try & take an interest,but try & get him to do other things! Isn't easy,good luck. x

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