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Could this be the hope for FND to be cured?

Hi everyone!

I've just watched an article on the BBC 1 news which you will find interesting.

It involved a gentleman who by trade is a Painter and decorator and has started to be affected in his right hand by involuntarily tremors which is greatly affecting his profession as you can all greatly identify with.

He didn't have invasive surgery to try and correct this but this is what they did.

He had his head shaved and had this square looking device that was clamped to his head to keep it still and he was then slowly put through what looked like a typical scanner machine whilst lying down.

The Neurologist explained that sound waves were directed and focused into a specific part of the brain that was causing the shaking in his hand.

When he came out of the machine that he was put into he held his hand out and it was still with no tremor.

This kind of treatment is going on trial next year and hopefully will go nationwide but they did say the demand could be enormous and that people with Parkinsons and MS and other Neurological conditions will greatly benefit.

At the beginning of the story the reporter described the mans symptoms and it was exactly the same as FND in that the signals are not going from the brain to the muscles correctly and are misfiring.

I actually thought he was going to say FND but the amazing thing here is that the treatment he received can have a permanent affect in that it corrects the brain signals that are causing the problems.

This could be the light at the end of the tunnel and lets pray that this is the answer to you all and also my wife.

Google it and you can see the report for yourself and it will offer you all some hope.

I've always said one day they're will be a cure and lets hope that this is it and it will not be a ' Post Code Lottery ' as they're is with some treatments.

Best Wishes everyone!

Tony & Kim 👌😎

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Yes, saw the item on the news and it looked as though it will be excellent for many people. However, these things always take so long to become available to the general public what with the length of time for trials, etc, that it could be quite a while before most people could benefit from it. One for the future, I think.


Hi Tony and Kim,

I'm wondering if you meant to post this on the FND site, as it has landed here on 'Headway' site but I can't see it on 'FND' ? Angela x


You're right.

My foggy brain again.

How do I paste it to that site as I've done this from my phone?

Thank you



I'm sorry I've no idea Tony - technology is not my forte, I don't even own a mobile phone ! x


You're not on your own there!

I'll write it out again.

Thank you all the same.

Have a lovely Christmas.

Angelite - what a lovely name.

Blends in with Chrismas.

Tony & Kim xx

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Thankyou, hope you have a good one too : ) x


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