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Sleep paralysis? Strange sleep experiences/ physical or spiritual? Conscious or subconscious?

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Hello, I see this origin post is from a couple years ago but it's clearly something that continues to occur in other peoples lives.

I've experienced sleep paralysis a few times in the past year, oddly enough each time has been after a music festival where I consumed drugs& alcohol (which I seldomly do). The first time I felt& seed some sort of entity grab onto my left arm and hold me down. I watched this entity paralyze me as I could not love or shake him off regardless of my efforts to try. It wasnt till I sent a prayer to a past loved one to assist me with their protection. The second time I was laying in bed with someone and this entity took the same position/ form as them (the big spoon behind me) my unconscious self (although I felt rather awake/aware in this state) was almost tricked into believing that the person I was laying with was paralyzing me and holding me down from behind. I again struggled to fight this thing off of me and remember yelling "WHAT ATE YOU DOING?! LET GO OF ME!" I shook free and almost felt frustrated with the person behind me as if it was them doing it to me but soon shared my experience with them as they were too sleeping and unaware of what was happening.

My most recent experience was tonight &it was by far the most unusual of them all. As I was lying on my bed in a meditation position holding my shamanic dream crystal, I began to feel this pressure, rushing type movement in my hands holding the crystal. Similar to a pulse or spinning feeling. I felt this same sensation in my throat, my heart& more intensely in my head. I assumed it was the connection I was making with my chakras/ spirit body and continued into my approaching dream type state. Next I began experiencing random twitches throughout different areas of my body. I found this unusual but accepted it as a part of my sleeping process and continued on. Then as I began to go deeper I suddenly heard my name clearly called out to me. This felt like a channel, as it did not come from me by any means but was heard in my own voice. All this things said to me was my own name. I started thinking if it was higher beings reaching me and the fearful side of me was curious if perhaps it was a warning or signal of harm. I continued in my dream type state till suddenly I felt like I was not alone or safe. I tried waking myself and after a few prayers and some struggle i woke up. I kept telling myself it was fine and i was safe but something was very insistent on cleansing my space with sage before I went back to sleep. I cleansed and for the next hour and a half these sensations, twitches, pulsing, sounds and the fear began to grow every time I approached a dream stage i would reach a sense of panicking and try very hard to wake my self up. Finally, around 3:40AM I woke myself up springing up and calling out my past loved ones name desperately. This last experience had me so confused and shook I ended up turning my light on& avoiding sleep for the rest of the night. I'm extremely tired, exhausted and feel strange to have such an experience allow so much impact on me in an unusual way. I can relate a lot with certain degrees of each experince but I just cant seem to make sense of it. I feel like if I succumb and dont qake myself up, something terrifying is going to get hold of me and I won't be able to wake myself up again. But part of is also curious to let go of the resistence.

Sorry for such a long post... any comments are appreciated. Thank you.

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Maybe you need to stop taking the drugs, especially with alcohol. If you have a bi, drugs can have long-term nasty effects, long after you have taken them.

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Conscious_mystic, are you aware you are writing on a brain injury website? We are not 'mystic megs' here and I don't think you'll receive replies related to your post, but I could be proven wrong. Good luck in your endeavours to find any answers.

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