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Hi, I hit my head hard just over a month ago - somehow headbutted a door! I was fine for a few days except for an increasingly sore neck (whiplash?), then exactly a week after I woke up in shock and felt like I was going to pass out. I somehow manged to get to the docs and then down to A&E for an MRI which came up ok. From then on I've not been able to walk far and find it impossible to sleep despite being tired. I was prescribed Temazapam for 10 days which basically knocked me out for 4 hours but turned my legs to jelly and gave me the shakes. Now I'm on Nytol (diphenhydramine) which sends me sleep but only for a couple of hours. I was wondering if this is just a phase, I'm feeling better in myself, the early symptoms of nausea and anxiety have gone but desperately need my sleep. I wondered how others have dealt with sleep issues?

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  • Sounds like a return visit to the GP would be a good idea?

  • Well you should go to the GP

  • From the sounds of it goinfmg to just any old gp may not be a good idea bcuz they may diagnose you with a conversion disorder seeing as how ur mri is normal and it took a week for the symptoms to show

  • I suffered with insomnia for over a year after my op sleeping pills worked but my gp would not prescribe them long term due to their addictive nature. I was eventually given the antidepressant mirtazipine and gabapentin which work well although I am tired most of the time which is annoying! So go back to your gp and if he/she is of no help go to another one! Don't be fobbed off!

  • Thanks for the replies. I did go back to my GP who prescribed anti depressant amitriptyline which didn't do anything apart from make me feel sick, so he changed it to zopiclone which worked, but had bad side effects like making me feel morbidly depressed! I tried some herbal Dormeasan which has velarien in it last night. It worked but I had some vivid dreams and woke up after a couple of hours red hot and a racing pulse, maybe the dose was too high, so I used some Nytol and got a few more hours. Just finding what suits me I guess.

    @nageen what's a conversion disorder? I had a sore neck a couple of days after my accident but didn't realise it was the onset of concussion.

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