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For £&@& Sake

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I have too share this . I was in the local shop this morning to get a envelope, I wasn’t excatly sure on the size , but bigger than regular ones . I am at the counter when a guy walks in grabbing this and that in a rush I guess . Anyway I’m asking the lady about envelope sizes.thats when I hear the guy behind me say ffs under his breath,behind me. Ok I turned around and politely said pardon me. He blanks me.ok I go back to the counter and I tell the lady I shall go look for a bigger envelope. I find one straight away. Guess who is in front of me . That guy . I see a opportunity I take it .

For f**k sake under my breath. Nothing

This time I say it louder ffs . He turns around I blank him .

The point of this ramble is people are horrible

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I find, more & more nowadays, that most people are utterly self absorbed and have no concern for anything outside their own personal 'bubble'. Get in their way when they're on a mission (mostly to nowhere that important) at your peril ! Whatever happened to engaging with others in a considerate manner and 'seeing' beyond one's own interests.

This was never so apparent to me as it was last week when my sister-in-law & I were shopping for Xmas presents and spotted a beautiful, solitary little bird scratting around on the ground looking for tit-bits. It was so exotic and quite tame, so I took a photo of it to show to my pal, a bird enthusiast.

Everyone else, without exception, walked past ; some almost kicking it out of their way, and it was saddening to see how, within their self-important bubble, no one had a few seconds to spare to appreciate a little bit of nature in such an unlikely place !

It's coming up to the 'Season of goodwill to others' but what we mostly see is self-centredness and ignorance.

……………………..Phew ! Rant complete. 🙄 Take care Pat, love Cat x

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swedishblue in reply to cat3

Ditto! We are a pair. I would have honed in on that bird too. So many scratching around for food in winter and we selfish humans should be doing more for them. I don't shop at this time of year unless I'm with someone. I increase my time away from the masses, immersed in nature, walking dogs and noticing birds and wildlife. It's the perfect panacea for coping at christmas.

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Hello you, I totally agree! 😀 xx

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Cat good manners seem to be a disappearing value. I find myself saying that the world is going to hell in hand cart.

Don't worry about others behaviour, just be the polite chilled one in these sorts of moments. Believe me he will come a cropper because of it. You got a BI now that is total poo so nothing is as bad as that and some twit is of no significance 😁

Good for you. I agree with you. 👍👍😂

I try and be nice at least once a day, letting some one move up the queue at Aldi if they have a light shopping load. Not much but if feels good when they smile and say "Thank you", karma all round for the day.

Now if someone in a queue goes off , I think letting them back before you would be a nice gesture.

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