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Letter this morning

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This morning a brown envelope arrived in the post.

I was reluctant to open it and phoned my Mum.

It was the results from the mandatory reconsideration to my ESA.

Id gone from being awarded 0 points to 15 points so i was successful. Never mind the stress they have put me under.

Now for November 15th and the tribunal for my PIP.


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I agree but they do it on purpose 🙄

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It certainly is.

I agree its so wrong . So glad you won the esa.....one down one to go.you got this xx

Good news, VERY well done!

Good morning good news on ESA I also got my ESA letter yesterday and have been given £73 per week and a work capability questionnaire to complete! My poor non functioning brain is so variable on one day I can walk the next I cling to walls and furniture so might need some advice on filling it in... Saw the neurosurgeon yesterday and he changed my shunt settings so I will no doubt improve a bit over the next few weeks just in time for my pip and ESA assess! Life is a bitch but we keep smiling through!

I'm in the support group with limited capability.

Does that mean you still have to go to the interviews to get you back to work?

Well done :)

Despite the unnecessary stress it caused, I am glad to hear you finally got this part sorted.

Hello and I'm so sorry to hear what you've been through I was told that I would always be eligible only to be told some months later that I would need to be reassessed I too had zero points I was devastated and totally ashamed of myself it took me ages to recover my sense of self worth I never reapplied Who do these people think they are and what gives them the right to play "mind" games with such vulnerable people ?

Ive only got my PIP tribunal to go but ive got my ESA back and id tell everyone else to have a go. Its very stressful but worth it in the end

I agree but i think they try to weed out the true BI in need from those who aren't, sadly, I don’t think they realize how stressful this is for the true “BI” person who is just trying to keep it together. Cindy

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