Hooray for filters!!!!!!!!!

What more can I say? Phenomenal and is this what it's like to nearly feel normal?

Using them as prescribed I was actually able to go to the cinema and survive a whole film.

And, on top of that, having both filters in place got me through the dentistry under sedation today .

Please please please anyone with hyperaucusis/sensitive hearing get to ENT and audiology.

The miracle is that they have given me an extra hour a day when I can do things.



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  • Sounds like a real boon random, there is nothing quite like finding something that is going to make life a little easier. Glad it has given you a boost, and hope you enjoyed the film!

  • Thanks Mal

    I did enjoy the film The Martian but laughed out loud at the idea of what seemed like an endless supply of duct tape and the closeness of the relationship between the USA and China.

    Hubby's laugh out loud moment was the ear plugs up the nostrils.

    It felt so good to do something normal and survive it with no I'll effects.



  • great news RP, long may it last. S xx

  • Hi RP,

    What are filters?

    I too have problems with noise especially in places like the cinemas. I wrote a thread on this a few months back here talking about problems with noise. Can filters help?? XX N

  • Hi MX

    All I can say is that they are really helping me. The audiologist said that they are rarely prescribed.

    Get a referral to ENT and then to audiology. There are many options available to the audiologist.

    Basically it is a moulded earpiece with a tiny piece of mechanical magic inside that attenuates specific frequencies. It reduces overall volume and stops the problem sounds being like sledgehammer blows.

    Hope this helps.



  • I had a similar item, items made for my ears from Amplifon where they took a mould of my ears then made special ear plugs to fit my ears perfectly. Had them for riding on the rode and they were brilliant. Ill have a chat with them there. Thank for the advice. XX N

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