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recurring bladder infections


It seems that my daughter has a traumatic brain injury from an accident that is still being investigated, previously diagnosed as chronic fatigue syndrome/psychological. I have only recently discovered the term autonomic neuropathy that seems to help explain a number of her symptoms. Does anyone here know if recurrent cystitis or bladder infections can be caused by AN? Or is this only when someone has severe bladder problems? She doesn't seem to have problems with emptying her bladder, as far as I know, but takes cystitis remedies.

Thank you

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Hi Susie. I have a CFS label too, although in my case there was no accident, but a viral infection (preceded as it happens by a treatment resistant UTI).

I have heard of problems with the autonomic nervous system causing recurrent cystitis without there being a detectable underlying infection. However as someone posted on here recently false negatives are not unknown in UTI tests so it can all get a bit complicated.

There are lots of versions of neuropathies/encephalopathies with a similar set of symptoms and CFS is widely acknowledged, including by the more enlightened medics, as being an abbreviation for 'Sorry I Haven't A Clue' -not a diagnosis as such, more a descriptive label. So I hope that with the help of some good neuro support you are able to get to the bottom of it all and get a firm diagnosis for your daughter. For many of us this has proved somewhat elusive but, in the end it seems that it isn't so much about what it is called as how much help and info you can get to manage it all and make your way through life without it weighing you down. I hope you are getting that kind of support too. Certainly there is plenty of it here.


Thank you Malalatete for your good advice as I seem to go round and round in circles looking for answers!


Interesting reading folks - I too had a diagnosis of CFS about a year before my CVST .... Hmmmm - wondering if this is all somehow connected ( frequent UTIs too) .

But for now my poorly head needs my yoga session .....

May revisit this conversation when I see my consultant in a week or so ....

thanks for bringing the subject up :-)


Bathing or washing with Dettol or other strong disinfectant that can be an ongoing cause.

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I'm far from being an expert...but after I had a brain haemorrhage 25 yrs ago, I found that continence was a major issue...which caused bladder infections from time to time. Does your daughter have any problems with making it to the loo on time? Sometimes, the message doesn't get from the brain to the bladder as quickly as it ought ! You need to check with your daughter's surgeon or GP.


No, luckily! But it is interesting to hear other people's experiences - thank you. It helps to know there could be a link when we speak to medical professionals.


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