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Positive vibes!

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Good morning Saturday and what a lovely quote by @dalailama . My ethos is to never do anything that is going to hurt someone and always treat others the way you want to be treated. So let’s share some love this Saturday and appreciate those close to you. Thank you @manifestedminds for sharing and reminding us of this beautiful message.

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be the help you wish to see in the world .|• #manifestedminds

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What wise and powerful words.

Love and thanks Liz xx

Hi Kavib. You are positive. You should training the group which I attended. One year after I complain about my group after my treatment. I still waiting for reasons why these people think that they right to treatment with the people with brain injury. 😕😕

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Kavib in reply to Cj-195

Hi Cj-195, thank you ! I have been speaking at hospitals and schools around the country to help others so when I have the next one and if it’s near you then would be great for you to come along if you can. X

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Cj-195 in reply to Kavib

I love to do that with you. I used to worked in school. I been trained for adults and children. I know how to run a chairty because my family work with different chairty. I love to open a Headway group but they want me do open another one. 😕😕😕

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