Do you have to be brain damaged talk goes international!

Do you have to be brain damaged talk goes international!

My talk about severe head trauma and developing open source software has gone international. Last weekend I gave a talk at FOSDEM in Brussels, a massive conference with geeks from every little part of the free software world. The video of me giving Do You Have to be Brain Damaged to Care About desktop Linux is now up on their website. It had drama, it had emotion, it had technical excellent, but most of all it had lots of geeks learning about ABI.

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  • Good on you

  • Well done!

  • Nice one! Taking mine to new Zealand in the summer. Am in Edinburgh early April let me now of you fancy an eye patch meet up!

  • Excellent news jridell. only just seen this post as computer and phone down since early Tuesday. I'm in living in France with my BI, can you explain how 'going international' will be of assistance to people with BI, living abroad please. Thanks.

  • Not too sure what you mean. My talk went international by me giving it in Belgium.

  • Just watched the video this afternoon, long one but worth watching to hear about it all. Tried to PM you on a new conversaton but coudn't, so sent to HW instead.

  • Do e-mail me if you want, google my username to find my e-mail adddress.

  • Hi did that, but couldn't find one with an email address, send it in a conversation to me can you pls.

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