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Drs note needed for 10 mile hill walk?


The BI group I go to is organising hill walks for people who can manage them as I have said I’d like to walk the 3 Yorkshire peaks. The man who runs the group does not think at all that I would manage them. He’s not being nasty or anything he’s just cautious and having not seen me do much walking he doesn’t know how much I could manage.

So when I first mentioned to him I’d like to do the 3 peaks he said he would plan shorter walks to build up to them. He has heard a lot about this from me but at minute I’ve agreed as long as he sticks to planning the walks I’ll not keep mentioning it.

We did the first walk last week for my birthday. A 5 mile one which didn’t exactly go to plan. 2 women took ill and had to go back luckily there was enough staff for some to stay with the two who went back and for some to continue the walk with no further troubles.

Through 2 taking Ill tho the staff now understandably want to cover themselves so they can’t be in trouble if anyone takes ill on another walk. They want everyone to get a doctors note confirming they are fit to do a 10 mile hill walk. Is this even possible? Would a doctor write a note saying someone is fit to do anything like this? In my case my doctor doesn’t even know me I moved area 2 years back and not seen a doctor here. Even the doctor I had before moving hardly knows me as I never had to go to them. Doctors I saw after my BI probably have seen me more but how does seeing someone in hospital and in appointments show if they could manage any amount of walking?

I’m not sure if any doctor would give me or anyone a note saying they are fit to do 10 mile hill walk. I understand the bi group not wanting to risk being in trouble for anything going wrong with anyone. They do take appropriate measures to make sure everyone is ok. But right now I’m ready to do anything to ensure I can do this walk and I think the man organising them knows full well I will be making sure there is some way so we can do the walk. I have just had to pull out of a marathon relay so he has been focusing on me doing these walks so I am not about to not do them.

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I’m with you on that one, I don’t understand how a doctor’s signature (a person at the end of the day) will make a difference really.

If I want to use the gym with my Headway, I would have to get my doctor’s consent firt.


I know other people would say things like “It is so your Headway would know that you able to use the gym” or something like that but the thing is, I know my body better than anybody on the planet. If I feel I can climb some stairs, then Ikll go and climb some stairs.

As I was saying to someone else, I do not understand at all why you need some other person’s signature so you can go play on the swings... so to speak :).

I agree everyone knows themselves better than anyone else. Unfortunately some people can push themselves too far which was the case on the first walk. Also the man planning the walks expects me to push myself too much which is really how we got to doing these walks. He knows I want to walk 3 Yorkshire peaks and he doesn’t think at all that I’d manage them so he’s compromised by offering to do walks to build up to them which in long run will be better as it means more days out. Thing is with me I’ve never struggled with any walking so would give anything a go.

I think I’ve got through to him tho making it clear I’m prepared to do anything they want for me to be able to do the walk. Will try to get drs note but if I can’t there has to be another way I can show I am fit to do a 10 mile walk even if it means me doing one on my own and recording it or something.

Any reputable gym will insist on a GP letter, for a new member, if they are aware you have any condition which may mean you should't be doing strenuous exercise. I was asked and provided a GP letter to my local Leisure Center, although your GP can make a charge if they so wish.

Of course this is all about them and indemnity insurance, which I hope they have.

Going to speak to staff at group on phone tomorrow about this as I think I’m going to struggle to get a doctor to confirm anything I would be able to do as I haven’t even seen them as only lived in area 2 years.

I’ve even thought of saying I would do a 10 mile hill walk myself to show I will be ok with it.

Well just had another example today why staff have got to be over cautious with everyone today. Had day at a park which had a splash boat which is basically a boat that goes down a slope into water and you get bit wet. A few of us wanted to go on that as there was only limited number of spaces it was decided so no one had to miss out only 1 member of staff would come on with us and another would be at bottom where we got on and off. The ride was really nothing to be scared of at all. Few had help getting on and off but one woman was nervous (no idea why she agreed to go on) all got on boat was being a boat the normal swaying side to side and this woman ended up crying and getting off. So shows how some things most people would see as minor can upset others. As it happened it was me who encouraged her to get off as it wasn’t fair on her or anyone else having her so upset and I know the man who was on boat with us would likely of blamed himself for her being upset even tho it wasn’t his fault at all.

Seems that staff are now reconsidering the need for drs note. There are people on benefits for not being able to work and having drs note saying they are fit to do 10 mile hill walk could effect that. Also the staff have admitted no one really knows what anyone is capable of so it’s not reasonable to expect a dr to sign saying someone could manage something when really they have no idea. So looking likely there will be something else that is more reliable to say if people are fit. I think the best way would be get everyone to sign something saying they are aware of any risks there is and won’t blame the staff for injuries or whatever.

I think the staff are fully aware there needs to be some way I can do this or they won’t hear end to it 😂. It’s been me pushing for this walk to build up to 3 Yorkshire peaks.

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