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bust surgery


sorry if this sounds silly, I truly am. I don't mean to be vain, but I would really like to undergo some bust reduction surgery. I get shoulder pain and feel very down about my body. I don't wish to waist NHS money so would be happy to pay for this procedure. I have such shoulder pain from the weight of the bust and its become worse since having to take the medication following the Arnie. Does anyone know of a good cosmetic surgeon I could at least have an initial chat with, or should I talk to my GP which I really would prefer not to as I don't want to be brushed off that its in my mind. People I know will think Im being vain, but its getting me down and my back and neck are always in discomfort. I just want to get it sorted. Any advice, suggestions I would so appreciate. Any advice/suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks

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Hi, you really need to discuss tis with someone, it is not to be undertaken lightly. Will a surgeon be willing to do it given your medical history. And i understand the scars to be quite cosiderable.

I am a 36 GG and would not consider it under any circumstances, i do have trouble findibg clothes to fit but have never suffered from back pain.

It is for you to decide of course.



My granddaughter had the same problem with back and shoulder aches and her reduction was done on the NHS. Ask your doctor, it is not vain to want to be comfortable.

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Thank you for your reply. Is your granddaughter happy with the results. I am anxious about surgery after what I have been through, but not sure how much more discomfort I can take. I think I just need to pluck up courage and go to my GP!! Thanks for your reply much appreciated.

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Hi Lann62, Yes my granddaughter was very happy with the results and looks much more in proportion now. Funnily enough, a grandson's girlfriend went and had hers made bigger as she wasn't happy with them! Difficult to get it right?

hey this is a medical condition not a cosmetic one.

i had a friend of mine had hers reduced because of back pain due to bad posture due to the size of her boobs. she was a much happier person afterwards.

as i said, this is a medical condition, so go and see your gp, explain the problem and ask for a referal to a consultant.

good luck

steve x

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Thanks Steve55, will ponder on it a bit longer, but your right probably best to speak to GP about it. I think Im just scared he will say no thinking its all in my head. Its starting to get me down now. Think it always had but Ive been too busy with work, family etc to think anymore. Now at home have more time to dwell on the issue I guess. Thank you

Hello Lann

I would Google cosmetic surgeons in your area and contact directly. If not ask GP to refer you. Write notes about how it affects your physical health and activity to show GP it's not all 'in your head'. If you sure your GP won't accept what you say then research other local surgeries and consider transferring before you approach them about this. Best wishes.

Many thanks good idea, will do this also.

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