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Help with finding system for managing paper

SInce TBI i STRUGGLE (caps to say) with finding a paper managing, so clutter , I need a system which is easy to to file no folders where i need to punch paper ,just some thing i need to drop paper into  COLOURS for each topic helps i think and  seem to be better ,I need to see things to remember so filing cabinets although great makes me forget i have the paper ,see through plastic is good  but now its getting too much overload wearing me down to see it all the time ..need advice for any suggestions with pictures  or links please i have word finding processing systoms but pleasse has any one solved this to help me get a system to tidy up before it gets more unmanageable pleasee !!!!!! :-) thanks 

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Colours sound like a good idea....plastic wallets for things you need to hand or to still be dealt with (latest bills to pay/latest forms to fill in). How about matching coloured box files for older stuff that needs to be kept but could potentially be put away out of sight ( until you might need to refer to it ?).

Could you ask a relative/friend/headway coordinator to help you to set it up initially??

I never waa much good at filing in the first place.....and know I struggled a bit early on after b I ......still have the big black folder stuffed with all sorts....but have chucked it in the cupboard for the time being :-)

Hope you find a system that works for you....

Oh...just thought....bulldog clips?? No need for hole punching etc but still flexible to swap paperwork around without much hassle? 

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Try a plastic display book? Amazon have them with 100 pockets, so enough for 100 double sided bits of paper. You can organise how you wish - date order, subject order, whatever, and 100 pockets is enough to cope with most 'current' bits of paper. With that and an A4 lined hardbacked book for notes, reminders and lists you should find you have your life at your fingertips.


thank you soooo much i know which you mean i can set them up and do them for archive stuff yes that would be great :-)


Hi Sange. I have a couple of concertina folders made of sturdy outer, and thick card inner, materials. Each compartment is labelled clearly so no problem in finding exactly what I'm looking for.

They close with a no fuss clasp & store away neatly  and have a carrying handle ; wouldn't be without them.

They're available from any stationers at about £12 and have about 20 good sized compartments each.

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cat i am thankful for your suggesions .Problem with tbi which has affected me is out of sight out of mind memory and cognitive issues so when i have tried this its forgotten lost information wiped out of my thoughts ..   :-)

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I have struggled all my life with this sort of stuff, dyslexic.

I'm worse now, surprisingly some bleeds on/in the brain hasn't improved this!

Any how if you can get help to set up a system that keeping a system going is much easier than starting a new.

Myself I'm married to a lovely woman who has a knack for this sort of stuff.


you are a lucky man ,i am not so lucky and it seems the "helpers" think I should find my own system then they can help .but if i could find it I wouldnt need their help .I just hate it when i hear people say i will help you but you should take responsibility ..Asking for help is i thought the beginning of taking responsibility .Yes since the TBI from the car accident i have developed dyslexia where organisation is concerned 

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Hi Sange,

I have a few sets of plastic drawers- They are lightweight, come in different sizes, draw combinations  and frame colours with semi clear drawers, you can label the drawers and use different  coloured plastic wallets, also labelled, to put stuff in. I use my top drawer for 'pending' paperwork/bills. Available at most DIY's and some larger stores. You will likely need  'A4 +'  paper size to fit wallets in comfortably.



I regularly drown in paperwork, then have a mad tidy up every so often ! : ) x


LOL iam dylescix i have my own chacotic system no one else understands! but good labelling and coulors sounds like a good plan 


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