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Post Traumatic Amnesia with Anoxic Brain Injuries

Does anyone have any experience with this? My boyfriend is still in PTA after one month at inpatient rehab but I know anoxic brain injuries take a longer amount of time too

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My bf has a hypoxic brain injury and he cannot remember any of the week leading up to the incident and nothing really until about a month after he was admitted to hospital. These things happen with bi, x x

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Did he ever go through a phase where he wasn’t oriented or aware? Meaning he wasn’t aware of the date, where he was, that he has a brain injury, etc.


Not as such but it took him a month since coming out of a coma to really understand what was going on and to come online in terms of memories and really understanding who we were. During that time he didn't really have a concept of time or where he was (got confused which hospital he was in as he moved in this time) once he got past this he has been okay... Saying that though we have been lucky he recovered as well as he did xx


Could I message you for more details?


Sure I have already replied hope it helps x


Hi just came across this post , hope you don't mind if I may ask ; How is his progress now post 6 months injury ? And when did he communicate post injury?


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