Traumatic brain injury

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Hi guys am new to this

And dont want to be the bearer of bad news.i suffered a tbi 7 years ago they say time is a healer but a dont seem to be moving on.a know its selfish as there are others out there worse than me but sometimes a wish a jus wasnt life is not the same an a feel like a burden to my family.jus to let you know if u have theese feelings your not alone.a wish a could do better but after 7 years a cant see it being any better than good luck to ever1 there is others out there struggling like me

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  • Hello and welcome to the forum. I'm Katie, I suffered my tbi 18years ago. I can relate to some of the feelings you are sharing. You are not alone, we are here for you to talk. Please do talk to us. Are you able to tell us a little about your tbi? Maybe what happened?

    Katie x

  • Hi katie my names craig pleased to meet u. I used to be a boxer and was training for a fight we went out to celebrate my sisters birthday and i fell out a friends back garden on the pathan fractured my skull an got a blood clot on my brain.a thot it was because i wasnt eating to make my weighin my blood would have bn thinner but the surgeon said no i was lucky an the only reason i was alive was because i was young fit and healthy.that was 7yrs ago times went so fast since then

  • Hello, thank you for telling me what happened. I had a fractured skull and a bleed too. So can you remember what happened? How are things now for you, do you have side effects? x

  • I dont remember much of my accident a remember being in hospital and wondering why i was the begining thinkin thers nothing wrong with me but as time has passed im more aware of my problems like memory,concentration,making decisons the list goes on i also have an l5 vertebrae fracture of my spine so im in constant pain all the time.wot about yourself?do u remember your accident and have any problems still to this day,x

  • Sorry for delay. I don't remember my accident and about a year after. I have recovered physically well, I'm now having cognitive tests looking at my memory etc.. do you have any support around you, to talk about your accident and how your feeling? Xx I didn't, because I looked okay and thought I was okay.

  • Yes my doctors an surgeons have been great to me a feel as tho am letting everyone down and a cant see life any better than this a know that sounds selfish because thers others worse than me but a jus cant accept my injury.a used to have everything my own buisness,boxing a was on top of the world and a just cant see me getting that back or even close to being there.nothing feels the same x

  • I'm in the physio but will reply soon and I'm 6and half years on and I mainly feel the same. Some days I'm really really bad and on loads of medication to help. Speak soon Hun x

  • I'm so sorry you are feeling like this but I do understand. I suffered a stroke last April and it has ruined my life. I feel so angry and resentful that it happened to me. And many a time I wish I didn't wake up. I can't offer much in the way of support but I really do feel your pain. My best wishes to you x

  • Thanks and all the best to you aswellx

  • Hi Astley, welcome :) well I'm a year on my from brain injury. Lots of changes....lots of unexpected stuff.....and I also wondered why I was in hosptal at first, I thought I didn't belong there with all those sick people. I do understand how you feel - a mixture of emotions seems to follow brain injury. anger, upset, fed up, frustrated, low, lonely to name but a few. I've also recently entered a state of disbelief.......wondering if it reLly happened. Everyone around me is acting 'normal, but I don't feel like that anymore. So please be reassured that you are not in your own. There's a lot of us out there , take care, and drop by anytime, we're always open :)

  • Thanks for your a hope things go well for but its a hard struggle at times all the best

  • my grandaughters life has been totally wrecked by being hit on the head by an unsecured wooden panel 3.5 yrs ago instead of the headache getting better its got worse and worse into full blown 24/7 level 8 unremitting migraine with nausea that even sickness meds for chemo patients cannot control

    light and sound cause her hell and the worlds top neuro is clueless

    every medication thrown at her has caused such appalling side effects without touching the pain she is in day and night affecting sleep too

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