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Grenfell: who's to blame


Parorama have done a year review investigation I remember being scared for my mum as she lives in the tallest tower block in Bristol and remember bcc publishing a statement saying all buildings are regulated and now they are building a new tower block and it is covered in think about Grenfell graffiti

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See if I were to post something like this, I would probably get ear ache from some folk saying “This has nothing to do with health/brain health”.

But in fact it is to do with health in some way or another. I have heard dodgy things about Grenfell tower as well and how it was “supposed” to go up in flames.

And also comparing it to 9/11. Grenfell tower and other buildings across the globe that were engulfed in flames but never fell and the TWO towers were hit by planes and THREE buildings fell!? And WTC7 was reported on live tv of how it had fallen and in the background it was still standing for another 20-30 mins!

The reason why I say this stuff relates to health in some way is because our government and US government are psychos plus the mainstream media as well and there is so much information that the public do not know about that they should know about... including health.

You go look into Big Pharma and see for yourself how the pharmaceutical industry is one big business. It is all about money so they can control us.


And trauma if you watch it you see one of the guys that got out got another flat and a fire broken out in that also one of the other guys has developed mental issues and it's torn families apart


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