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What to expect in the coming weeks

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Hi All,

Though am not 100% positive that what I got is a TBI or brain injury since:

1. this wasn't mentioned on my discharge letter and they only said the following: fractured left frontal bone, left orbit and maxillary sinus + a small amount of extra axial blood found on CT 3 weeks ago on the date of the accident.

2. I don't experience any mental fatigue, double or blurry vision, don't have problem walking, remembering phone numbers and passwords (having said that I don't remember the moment of the impact but remember accurately everything else)

Wanted to ask whether it's likely in the next weeks or even months to experience any other side effects such as : vision to deteriorate, lose vision, memory loss, massive migraines and headaches, balance and movement problems or ending up in a wheel chair.

As mentioned on quite a few occasions, I suffer from anxiety and am deeply concerned about any complexities that may arise in the 4th or 6th week down the line. The doctors said the bones ill heal on their own within 6-8 weeks time but some opinions may help

Thanks and apologies for being a pain!

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I think you should be ok, normally you get some symptoms like a massive hangover straight away and it lasts for weeks,

Sometimes symptoms develop over time but these are there at the start but normally masked by other ones.

One of the things you have to be careful of is that some people do a lot of research and adopt the symptoms they are reading about.

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AlexLu in reply to sospan

So 3 weeks have passed and I can read without my glasses on and no longer experiencing headaches/migraines, just a mild burning sensation where the fracture is. I am afraid of developing any impairments going forward

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sospan in reply to AlexLu

Had so many fractures before, never get used to those random pains burning feeling ,sudden episodes of pins or needles or "growing pains" as it knits together.

Hopefully as well you no longer look like a panda

I don't know what age you are but quite often us older types get post concussion symptoms just at the time when we naturally get more forgetful or absent minded. Whilst it would be tempting for us to put these down to our injury quite often it is just nature.

The only thing I would be careful is to avoid another bump or shake over the next few months

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AlexLu in reply to sospan

I am 28 years of age and had the head trauma 3 weeks ago. I suffer from anxiety so am deeply worried about the situation getting worse over the next weeks/months...

Am worried I will need to deal with the mild lightheadedness for months and that it won't go away and am wondering if the doctors will confirm it was a mild TBI...what shall I do next.

Like I said never had vision problems, walking impairments or memory loss before however am scared of what the future may hold

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sospan in reply to AlexLu

I played contact support for many years, been blown up, been in car crashes, motor cycle crashes, fallen from heights even one where I broke a bone in my neck. all with the inevitable bumps on the head.

One I had the actual head injury the difference from what I had before was immediately noticeable - when you have a head injury really know it.

By what you are saying with my "amateur" knowledge you sound like you will be fine. If you want some more reassurance I would give the Headway helpline a call. They are great and will put your mind at ease.

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AlexLu in reply to sospan

I just called QMC and spoke to one of the major trauma doctors who checked my diagnosis and been told I haven't been diagnosed with TBI or brain injury.

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sospan in reply to AlexLu

That is good hopefully that will put your mind to rest

All the best with your recovery

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AlexLu in reply to sospan

I'm hoping so too!

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angelite in reply to sospan

Sospan, could I recommend a lucky horseshoe or clover for you ? : )) ( Blown up ? ! ? ) x

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sospan in reply to angelite

:-) :-)

I know I broke my nose a few weeks ago - was thinking about one of those sumo fat suits, you know the ones when you fall down you can almost bounce back up again :-)

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One thing that puts medics in a tricky position is that every brain injury is unique and they really have no way of predicting how it will pan out - just overall stats. So there really is no point on spending energy worrying! You clearly recognise this and realise that anxiety/depression is a whole issue that can be addressed far more usefully than trying to second-guess TBI. I found psycho-therapy and 'happy pills' useful at different stages but they are only aids - the real work has to be done by oneself - the brain does the repairing and compensating and mindfulness practise helps one to take charge of the emotional side. It is not easy but it really helps to be clear about who does what so that you are not also coping with unreasonable expectations of the various parties trying to help you!

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AlexLu in reply to Hidden

Hi, just to be clear. As per my discharge letters and todays confirmation from the hospital I have not been diagnosed with BI.

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