my brain thinks and prosesses and makes decisions very slowly yet my my brain to a body part like brain to hand is to fast! so I am always having accidents. no sooner have a I put an object down my hand goes to next thing without putting the object down properly. if that makes sence?? does any one else have this?/

the other thing is when I am asked to to make a desition or complete a task then ask to hurry and I am under the slightest bit of pressure I panick and get brain block. cant think .get upset with my self to a point where I want to cry. anyone else have anything similar?

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  • Yes this is how I am too. I am very clumsy, like you I don't put things down carefully, I have to take my time when I'm doing things. I don't think of the consequences, so I have to consciously slow myself down to minimise minor incidents, I'm finding it's becoming second nature now, it's a learning exercise xxx Janet

  • Yes get's frustrating does'nt it. especially when you clean around then drop a jar of coffee all over the floor ect ect.

  • Hi Zainey. This is an issue for me also. I can't always remember that I need to concentrate before doing anything & everything. I think after a lifetime of multi-tasking that most women do, it comes as second nature to have several things 'on the go' at once..............not allowed any more !

    Just one activity is likely to end up with a swear word (or two) when I'm rushing and panicking and things get tangled up or dropped. But slowing down and doing things methodically is a difficult habit to learn.

    It's a discipline I think I might struggle with for quite a while longer so, honestly, welcome to the club ! :o

  • if its one side injury.the other has to work twicw as hard to make up for it,

  • You are definitely not alone in this...

  • I too am like this

  • "Yes' is the answer to your question. I suspect attentional problems play a part in this, so that is necessarily a question of the brain thinking to slowly as it is getting distracted, at least in part. I can find that I've simply stopped thinking about or noting something as I go to put it down. It does require a bit of effort to remain focused on putting it down. The fact that you've moved to the next object might suggest something similar; you've actually been thinking about and made your decision fairly quickly about what to do next and you've "moved on" mentally to this next phase. I also think that there is an element of worry that I will forget what I was going to do next if I concentrate too much on the "now" and not enough on the "next".

    OTOH, I was a bit suprised by a couple of the tests I did. One of them was a eye-hand reaction timer, which were unusually fast - "rarely found outside of Olympic-level athletes" - which explains why my cat rarely managed to a scratch me. :-) Does me little good, though, as the second was a visual attentional test, which was at the other end of the scale - "rarely found outside of comatose-level drinkers" - which explains why I always got wiped on the first level Space Invaders. :-( Which tends to suggest not so much a slow brain but one which can only deal with one thing.


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