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Feeling down 😢

Hi All,

Just wanted to know if there is anyone else out there who suffers from severe mood swings (depression) since their TBI-I am getting VERY down mood swings. I was a pretty strong and a very focused person before my accident and coped well with the various challenges of life. But, that was four years ago!

I have tried everything with respect to managing these moods (and medications) and I am still being monitored and receiving clinical psychology imput for PTSD and although I am making progress very slowly, is this what I am stuck with-is this the new me!

On top of all the other issues (migraines/headaches/muscle and bone pain and lack of sleep etc), I am feeling less than positive at present, which I know is understandable.

I was thinking of trying a more holistic approach, as I feel everyone is seeing me in bits - homeopathy -anyone tried it?


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Not tried homeopathy but i indulge in reflexology and acupuncture. My reflexologist joined all the dots, made me feel like a whole functioning person again and i still see her once a month.

The acupuncturist i also see once a month and she will treat me holistically as well as headaches, nerve pain whatever i need on the day.

I self medicate with vits D3, a multi B vitamin and co enzyme Q10. I also add in Alpha- lipoic acid and L- carnitine every couple of moths for 2-3 months.

These all suit me and ive not felt this well since my illness, i ensure i walk at least 7,500 steps a day and swim 30+ lengths once a week. Im in training for the Barons’ marathon in July and completed 10 miles on Sunday.

Please do your research on the above and choose someone reputable to see holistically, what have you got to lose? and you just may have a lot to gain.

Best Wishes

Janet x

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Thank you so much Janet-will start researching. I have nothing to lose-you are quite right!



Hi Annie-2

I've experienced much the same including parnoia and have actually attempted to take my own life at one of my lowest points.

I haven't tried holistic approaches but have undertaken talking therapies and spent a short time in a psychiactric hospital.

The support I had after that drastic period was great, given a care co-ordinator who could access or help me access medical help immediatly including top up medications and a support worker who came to visit me once a week and helped me find my self worth, finding my way through this.

I now do some voluntary work at local hospital, only a couple hours once a week when feeling well enough and taking part in a disabled artists group for couple hours learning to paint as a way of relieving tention and mood.

I don't think there is a magic wand to fix things but there are ways that help and I think its a very individual thing that you need proper help in finding. I was lucky in that my care co-ordinator used to be a senior nurse in head injuries ward and so had a much etter understanding of what the effects can be.

The psychiatrist that I saw also gave me some mood stabilisers as well as the anti-depressants along with and emergency only anxiety suppressant but due to my bad spell my wife has to take control of all my medications but also she was given the correct information by my care co-ordinator as to why I behaved or felt the way I do from time to time.

A lot depends I think on the location and severity of what ever the brain injury is no matter what the cause.

Kind regards and wishing you well



Thank you very much-good to know I am not alone-particularly with the paranoia -was apprehensive to mention it, but I often get that as well since the accident. I am seeing a neurology psychiatrist and clinical psychologist and they are both very supportive. It’s just so hard sometimes when coupled with chronic pain.


Yes, ive been getting really angry since discovering my heart problems. Anger at having yet another serious health problem.


Hope you're feeling better! ox

Vitamin D

Fish oils - good quality

Good diet

Water, fresh air

You probably already know lol

If they're ok for you to take of course.

Dont know much about homeopathy, sorry.

You could find some good answers, no doubt.

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Many thanks -It’s good to be reminded. I am on fish oil, but my diet does most properly need looking at again. Vitamin D is interesting as lots of people have mentioned this to me.


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