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Need a lil reassurance

Hi there.

I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder & Borderline Personality Disorder early in the year. I have been suffering from Anxiety, Mood Swings, Depression, Mania, Memory Loss, Restless Legs, Hallucinations, just to name and started when i was 12/13.

Because One of my hallucinations is a burning smell my Neurologist has decided to send me for a MRI to test for temporal lobe epilepsy.

As you can probably imagine my head is all over the place with taking antipsychotic's & depakote and was just wondering if anyone else has been down this path!! I would like to think that maybe i do not have Bipolar & BPD.


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Hi Mi5

I too suffer with personality problems due to my Bi in May but I'm learning to accept them and look for the signs of Brain fatigue which brings them on. It sounds like you have a diagnosis but that doesn't make it any easer as you have other problems too. Take one day at a time and don't worry to much, your in the right place for good advice and a good chat. N

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It is all very confusing for me and i have trouble finding the right words to explan my symptoms to family and friends without sounding "crazy" or worrying them. Thankyou for such a quick response Its such a relief to find others that understand what am trying to say x

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Have these conditions happened to you as a result of a brain injury?

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Hi strawberrycream (great name) 😋. Thankyou for your reply. No i have never had a brain injury. X


Headway is the charity organisation for brain injury which is what we all have suffered whether caused by traumatic injury, haemorrhage, tumour, infection etc, or care for someone how has a BI. So you be better to find a bipolar, personality disorder or depression group on HealthUnlocked because although some of us as a consequence of our brain injury do experience some mental health problems we are not very knowledgeable about your difficulties. Best wishes


Thankyou and Best wishes



Hi Mi5deeds,

If you click on the green bar at top of page, on 'my communities', click browse communities and then All communities, A to Z, you can find/join other communities that may also be relevant.

I know there is a restless legs one, action on depression, anxiety etc.

Myself, I was suspected Encephalitis ( brain infection ) but never got a proper diagnosis and was put down as FND ( also another Healthunlocked site I belong to ) as they thought it was neurological in nature but could not be sure of the exact cause. Many types of brain dysfunction, organic and psychiatric, can alter chemical balance and cause similar symptoms.

More recently, due to a relapse in neuro symptoms following an infection, I am now under investigation for MS. Sadly there is no UK Healthunlocked site for MS - ( maybe one to think about for the future, Healthunlocked ? Hint ! )

So strictly speaking, without a definite diagnosis, I do not belong here either ! : )


Could be as simple as a sinus problem. MRI is being done to rule out other organic causes. You may never get a definite answer and have to learn to live with it, unfortunately. I assume they have ruled out side effects of your meds.

Best of luck,

Kind regards,

Angela x


If you would like to talk with someone with regard to the possibility of your epilepsy symptoms you describe after you go through your testing please do not hesitate to contact me. I have had what you describe when I have had my seizures. I have a very big seizure disorder with many triggers one of which you describe (the burning sensation). I have a vagus nerve stimulator implant to counteract feelings like that along with a host of medicines all for seizures. I would talk with you if you like about anything regarding what you are experiencing.


Hi. Sorry you are going through all this. I have anxiety and depression myself so I know

what it is like.

Hugs from trainlady


mi5deeds i get a lot of those but mine is due to a frontal lobe brain injury after a stroke. they wanted to put me on anti depressants but i refused.....i could get anxious yes......but it was the mood swings and aggression that really needed to be addressed which it has been im a lot more chilled but still noise intollerant.

my wife has learnt to " see " possible flash points and has learnt to " distract " me.

have several friends of mine on facebook who suffer from ptsd who can go into really deep bouts of depression and you wont hear from them for months........i do hope you dont suffer like this.

wishing you all the and a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New year.



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