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Update and concern

So today Tony’s half brother and cousin came to see him and I’m glad they did because they got to see him move. He even turned his head in my direction when I was whispering in his ear. He has made many movements today that he’s never done before. I will remain positive that maybe he’s fighting to get out of the coma. He also opens his eyes when I call his name also which he didn’t do before. I really feel he is trying, I also don’t want to tire him.

As of now I’m a bit concerned about his care because his estranged daughter has now come in the picture and seemingly is concerned about who’s paying for everything. It’s a hard position to be in when you don’t know the motives of other people. So I hope the family comes to the conclusion that I am the best person and the daughters negative views of her father as expressed through her mother don’t hinder his care. She has already lied and said I gave her a hard time on the phone and that’s not true because she authoritatively questioned me I answered, and then she hung up on me.My main concern is my fiancé not her dislike of him or I. Just very tough position to be in.

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As much as there is a tricky situation that seems to be shivering a bit, I hear no bitterness from you and your integrity to Tony comes through. I am pleased to hear he is progressing with the moves and he is responding to you. Lots of love 🤗🌺


Hang in there Armani ; you're doing everything right so anyone wanting to cause disharmony

needs to butt-out !! Take care m'love........

Cat x


So pleased that Tony is making improvements. Family can be very frustrating at these times.

I'm sorry to say this but i bet when you need their help they are nowhere to be seen.

Remain strong love xx


Hello HopeforTony

I'm so pleased to hear that your fiance is making improvements.

I'm still praying for you, Tony and family and send you all my love including hugs.




That's fantastic!! Keep fighting Tony!!

We're still thinking of you, Tony and his family in our prayers and thoughts 24/7 and send you all of our love and hugs as well.

Laura and Amanda's familyxxxx

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Thanks guys happy to hear Amanda doing well also weaned off vent!

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