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Well tomorrow is the next step of my bf's journey as he will be out of neuro rehab (officially discharged on Monday but got weekend leave also) currently nervously anticipating this as it is the next huge step. Just wanted to thank everyone on here who has helped with my ramblings and musings and helped to keep me sane. I know I will still be about but still just wanted to say!

For all families dealing with brain injury I hope you too find your light at the end of the tunnel too x x

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Sounds great progress.

Hope you have put as much as possible in place wrt extra support you may need in advance..... Particularly as lots of places shut over the weekend.

Sorry have not been able to read all of your past messages but hope things go well.

Look after yourself too.

Solus_Spes in reply to moo196

Thanks yeah we have everything hopefully, he has made a remarkable recovery. He isn't officially discharged until Monday though so we still have a support line there until then.

The issue we believe is going to be fighting for the physio he needs for higher balance/cognitive challenges but I have a plan to get there.

As for me I have a hairdressers appointment booked... Seems small but its the one thing I haven't had time for so I can't wait haha x

moo196 in reply to Solus_Spes

Community neuro rehab team.... I didn't even know they existed but they were great once I got to see them.

Earplugs and eyemask good for sleeping. And quiet activities for a while.

Good luck

Solus_Spes in reply to moo196

Thanks... If I can get him to have quiet time... He's off doing everything at the moment my the one needing a nap haha! But so far all seems okay. We got our community rehab letter for a meeting next week so I'm daring to think we might be lucky x

How is it going for you both now he is home? I hope it's all going to plan.

So far so good! We actually got an community OT in the week he was discharged! (after hearing stories on here I feel like this is a win moment) had to do a fight for the physio but just waiting on the letter now after a good chat with the OT one, this week has really been chaotic with doing all the boring bits like dentist and Dr's but we are getting there! Thanks for asking x x

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