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keep off the grass!


Ok so you are probably thinking about either cannabis or signs in parks but I promise it is neither.

It may be the joy of getting a little older with a brain injury or not being able to filter what I see but what happened the other day was unsettling to say the least.

Part of my weekly trip for household shopping is in a shopping centre with a public square that gets used for all sorts of things.

I noticed that a substantial part of it was green. From where I stood it looked painted.

Taking the direct route to the shop I needed to visit I walked on to it.

Bambi on a trampoline springs to mind. It was artificial grass but not like any I've encountered before. It was only about an inch deep but it was so dense and springy.

Developing coping strategies in real time was a new experience too.

Easy and very tempting option being to avoid it and walk all the way round on the way back from the shop.


Feeling especially brave I stepped onto the "grass" by the equally artificial gate (it did give some support) found my balance and VERY slowly moved across the area.

It probably took longer than walking around but I did it and I was proud of that.

Just wanted to share.

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It's becoming really popular (sadly). I say 'sadly' as I'm a gardener and love all things green and natural. But I visited my God-daughter's new home recently and commented on the neatness of the large garden.

I'd never pictured either her or her husband as green fingered (and I hadn't noticed) but we were standing on artificial grass. It looked natural, and their reason for it was that, having a baby and a dog, any accidental poo can be removed and scrubbed with disinfectant.

Also, my great neice's nursery has a large play area with artificial grass........for hygeine ! So it does have it's uses. And in a public area where living grass might get worn & damaged, it can just be removed & replaced.......and probably as cost effective as paying someone to maintain it.

Enjoy your new 'green' space Shirl ! 🐝🌿 xx

randomphantoms in reply to cat3

I am hopeful that it is temporary.

They were creating a mini petting zoo for the young ones Easter holidays.

Where I am we are quite spoiled with natural green spaces and water too.

I hope you are feeling much better now.

cat3 in reply to randomphantoms

Oh I see. We occasionally have life-size zoo animals around the town on plinths, but it's because Sale was the home of the founder of Chester zoo.......but no real ones !

We're lucky too for green spaces, and the river, the marina and the Manchester ship canal (which has the pathways beautifully maintained). The Mersey valley nearby means we don't need to go far for some much appreciated countryside.

I'm doing ok thanks Shirl, apart from the disc issue which keeps flaring up. My elderly neighbour advised me yesterday to 'Take yerself off and lie on a board !' .......... 😳

Hope you're doing ok m'love. xx